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May 13, 2014- Vol 6, Issue 20
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New Bridge Direction
Urban Forestry
Police Blotter
Bass-ic Reminder
Public Notices
REMINDER: Sound Transit is holding an Open House tonight, Tuesday, May 13, 4-7 pm in City Hall.  This is the chance to give your input on how they should improve access to Sumner's station.  Do you want a garage?  Where?  Come tell them.  
Mayor's Update: Tickled "Blue"


Mayor Enslow helps welcome the new Blue boutique to Sumner.

On Thursday, I was just tickled "blue" to welcome a new business in Downtown Sumner. Goodwill opened their Blue boutique right on Main and Cherry.  For us old timers, that's the renovated building that used to hold the old Ford dealership.  It was quite an event!  There were shoppers lined up down the block, the Chamber was serving rhubarb pie and coffee, and lots of people were smiling.  


This is great stuff for Sumner.  Blue is a perfect fit with our existing stores.  People from Seattle would call it "upcycling"; we in Sumner simply call it a great deal.  Either way, clothes and household items are getting a new home instead of thrown away, shoppers get to find a new treasure, and Sumner gets an addition to an  active and vibrant downtown.


I think all our businesses and shoppers deserve the fanfare that Blue received.  Visitors, and sometimes even residents, are surprised by the things you can find Downtown--everything from a fancy new mixing bowl to handmade earrings.  Then, there's also legal services, housing, doctors, lawyers and of course, rhubarb pie.  People always say the heart of a community is its downtown, and Sumner's is beating strong!


Mayor Dave Enslow 

New Bridge Directon


Last night, the City Council reviewed three distinct bridge designs for the replacement of the Bridge Street bridge. Each design did something very different, from signature artistic to traditional open concept. The Council asked the staff and designers to further develop the design called "traditional." With no structure that goes up and over the bridge, the Traditional Bridge features decorative railing along the side, lampposts that continue the downtown "feel," and a dramatic art element at the entrance, similar the Lions Gate Bridge, that designates crossing the water. The Council liked this option's ability to open up river views and better connect the side with The Old Cannery to the rest of the downtown without presenting a visual "obstacle." They also liked that this option posed the least cost and the least amount of maintenance costs into the future. There will be more details about the new bridge and its designs coming soon. See initial concept renderings


Urban Forestry in Sumner


The DNR crew cleaning out invasive species in Sumner. 

The Urban Forestry Restoration Project, administered by the Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) Urban and Community Forestry Program, is working in Sumner through the Month of May.  The Puget SoundCorps team is improving Sumner's tree planting sites along the White River.  They are removing invasive weed species (blackberries, reed canary grass, etc.) to help the trees have room for growth and establishment.  The trees, in turn, will eventually shade the river to aid the return of healthy salmon runs and also provide habitat for local birds and other fauna.  Maintaining the trees in this area is a very important part of what we do both in protecting our quality of life and helping us win grants that keep our taxes low.  Last week, the crew cleared sections along the Sumner Link Trail at Two Rivers Point and along West Main.  This week, they are working along the 24th Street section of the Trail.


DNR's Urban and Community Forestry Program is made possible through a partnership with the USDA Forest Service. Puget SoundCorps is part of the broader Washington Conservation Corps program administered by Washington Dept. of Ecology. PSC crews work on projects that help restore and protect water quality in Puget Sound. The Washington Conservation Corps is supported through grant funding and Education Awards provided by AmeriCorps.  Thank you to everyone for helping Sumner stay healthy for native flora and fauna. 


Police Blotter


On April 25, an officer on routine patrol heard an engine revving and saw smoking tires. When the light turned green the vehicle started squealing its tires as it passed through the intersection jeopardizing the safety of others if the vehicle had lost control. The driver told the officer he had no idea why he was being pulled over though he later admitted to knowing. The subject was issued a citation for Reckless Driving.


On April 26, an officer responded to a local residence for a report of a father being assaulted by his son. The son had already left on foot. Upon arrival, officers were told by mom and dad that their son had mental illness and was likely self-medicating with street drugs. The son was located down the street and told officers his parents lied and that officers could "look into his soul" and see.  He claimed to be the son of Jesus and called himself the "great creator." He was then transported to see a mental health provider for evaluation.

 Bass-ic Reminder


The country band Alabama proclaimed "Roll the windows down, turn the radio up, let the wind blow through our hair."  Everyone loves to do this, especially as the weather gets nicer, but just make sure you're not over-sharing your music with neighbors, parks and others.  If your music can be heard more than 50 feet from your vehicle, it is actually a civil infraction, which could involve a fine.  Ear doctors may have different definitions, but for a city, that's the technical definition of too loud.  


Public Notices
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