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October 16, 2013- Vol 5, Issue 34
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Mayor, Chief Walk to School
Scare Up Fun
Car Safety
Homecoming Coming Up
Take the Plunge
Public Notices

On the evening of October 15, an Advisory Committee including Mayor Enslow and other professionals met with students and teachers at Sumner Middle School for the Career and Technical Education program.  After a meal catered by students, teachers reviewed classes with advisors for input and guidance. 


Mayor Enslow was very excited to meet the teachers who offer classes in finance, business and accounting to Sumner students.  Why is this progam so important?  As Mayor Enslow put it, preparing our students for tomorrow is a critical part of what we need to be doing as leaders.  

Mayor's Update: Approval for Sumner

 Something pretty important happened last week: we finished our annual audit with the State Auditor's office.  While maybe not as dramatic or exciting as some things we do, behind all the numbers and rules, this is the unbiased report that tells you how your city is doing.  They don't just check finances.  They check things like whether or not Sumner is complying with laws such as the Open Public Meetings Act and following our own rules and policies.  (We are, by the way!) 


In past years, we received audit findings for the unpaid interfund loans for the golf course.  This year, our audit is completely clean, thanks in part to the recent steps we have taken in selling the golf course.  In fact, the auditor praised Sumner and its staff for a very smooth, streamlined audit.  This is praise that not all cities enjoy.  She added that once the sale of the course is closed and all the debts repaid, she anticipates even smoother audits for Sumner.  A smoother audit means a cheaper audit.  


There are lots of jokes about auditors.  Some cities even make sure they can recognize her car to be "on alert."  Jokes aside, the auditors do wonderful work to make sure your money is used well and your government is transparent and compliant with law.  That's quite a stamp of approval, and its one we earn by our staff doing excellent work every day, not just when the auditor is watching. 


Take a look at the auditor's notes from the exit conference, and if you get a chance, thank your city employees for a job well done.   As always, feel free to email me or give me a call if you have questions about how Sumner is doing.


Mayor Dave Enslow 

Mayor, Chief Walk to School


 Mayor Dave Enslow and Police Chief Brad Moericke joined parents, teachers, firefighters and students in celebrating International Walk to School Day on October 9.


Participants walked from the School District headquartes to Daffodil Valley Elementary.
Check online for tips to Keep Going and walk to school all year long. 


Scarecrows Scare Up Fun

Visitors were delighted to "scare" up some fun with scarecrows at Autumn Evening.  Shops put out their own scarecrows and Act 1 Theatre Productions made scarecrows come to life and even dance.  The fall fun is not done yet--next up is Street of Treats on Halloween, 5-7 pm in Downtown Sumner.

 Car Safety


 A few weeks ago, a truck full of expensive equipment was stolen in Pacific.  Thanks to quick action by Sumner, Bonney Lake and Puyallup officers, the truck was recovered thirty minutes later, abandoned at 159th and Bowman-Hilton and traced from its beacon signal.  While Sumner Police can sometimes pull off great feats of recovery, there are things vehicle owners can do to help keep their car from being stolen in the first place.


1.  Lock your car (yes, some people still don't!) 

2.  Don't leave valuable equipment, packages, or bags in plain sight. 

3.  Park in well lit areas if at night. 

4.  Don't leave traces of electronics such as charge chords in view.


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Homecoming Coming Up
Friday, October 18
4:30 pm
Downtown Sumner
If you want to help volunteer with the parade, please click here to fill out the volunteer form.  Otherwise, be on Main Street to cheer! 
Homecoming Game

vs Washington High School

7 pm Kick-Off

Sunset Chev Stadium

Halftime show & fireworks

More info


Ready to Take the Plunge?
Are you ready to Take the Plunge against domestic violence?  On October 26, City Administrator John Galle, Police Chief Brad Moericke, Public Works Director Bill Pugh and other city leaders will be jumping into frigid Lake Tapps.  The shock of the cold water mimics the shock that domestic violence has on local families and the entire community.
The City of Sumner declared October as Domestic Violence Prevention month.  This event raises awareness and funds in the fight against domestic violence.  Sumner's own Exodus Housing is at the forefront, providing assistance to families who are homeless due to domestic violence. 
Take the Plunge or support someone who is, and help everyone know that violence has no place in Sumner. 
Public Notices update
Do you want to receive by email all land-use public notices that the City of Sumner sends out?  If yes, send your email to to add your name to the list!

In addition, the City will make every effort to also post notices online.  Browse notices online