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July 3, 2013- Vol 5, Issue 19
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Fireworks Reminder
Music Off Main Goes Local
Exodus Housing, Beyond the Plunge
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Public Notices
This picture, hanging in City Hall, shows an early 4th of July celebration in downtown Sumner.  Have a safe holiday!
Mayor's Update: The Beauty of America
Judge Jenkins swears in all officials including Mayor Enslow and city councilmembers.


Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day. While it was quite a feat for our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) to declare independence knowing it would lead to war, I think their real brilliance was at the Constitutional Convention when they established a form of government that is balanced and effective in preserving our voice and freedom.


Sumner's government is built on the same principles of checks and balances as our federal government. We don't have separate buildings like they do in D.C., so it's a concept that's harder to see at our level. Allow me to explain a bit.  We have three distinct branches of government: judicial, legislative and executive. Judicial is our Municipal Court, headed by Judge Tim Jenkins. The court meets here in City Hall every Wednesday, and if you've never seen it in person, I invite you to come sometime and observe--no ticket necessary, literally.


The second branch is the legislative branch, which is the seven members of City Council. They set the policy direction by voting as a body, just like the U.S. Congress but quite a bit more efficient. They look at the big picture, setting priorities and establishing the City's general direction through the budget.


The third branch is the executive branch, which is where I fit in. Like the President, I lead the executive branch and am privileged to represent the City at everything from regional meetings to citizens' 100-year birthdays. With the assistance of a City Administrator and staff, we take care of the day-to-day business, serving citizens and carrying out the priorities and direction given to us by the Council.


The best part of this system is that it spreads authority out. No one can come to me or the Council to argue a speeding ticket (although a few try). I can't vote at Council meetings except in very rare cases. The Council doesn't come into City Hall and tell staff how to pave streets. It's a way to assign each of us roles and responsibilities to move the community forward in a meaningful  and thoughtful manner, ensuring that everyone has a voice. While we may not always agree with decisions, it's a beautiful system that has served Sumner well for over 120 years and America well for over 200 years.   Who knew there could be beauty in government?


Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July,


Mayor Dave Enslow 

Fireworks Reminder


Just a reminder to have a Sumner-safe holiday this 4th of July.

Fireworks are allowed only on July 4 from noon to midnight.  

No one under the age of 16 years may possess or discharge any fireworks unless directly supervised by a responsible adult. Discharge only legal fireworks (listed at link below). Always have a water bucket present, never relight "duds," and never alter fireworks.  Fines for violations can go up to $257, but worse than that, misuse can endanger yourself and those around you. 


Learn more about what's allowed or not for a safe holiday. 


Music Off Main: Andy Shofner Band


Friday, July 5, 6:30 pm

Heritage Park


Not convinced he's really from Sumner?  One of his songs is called "Ryan Avenue"!  Come enjoy this truly home-town artist as he performs

alternative/modern rock, country, and southern rock.  

See the full 2013 Season

More about the Andy Shofner Band 


Exodus Housing-Beyond the Plunge
Sumner officials helped Take the Plunge for Exodus Housing.


Last October, many City leaders including John Galle, Brad Moericke and Bill Pugh were crazy enough to jump into Lake Tapps for Exodus Housing's Take the Plunge against Domestic Violence.  It's a great attention-getter, but this Sumner organization recently published their annual report, which highlights what they really do, perhaps less visibly. 


In 2012, they served 64 families including 65 adults and 130 children.  All of these families had been homeless due to domestic violence.  Exodus Housing got 81% of them employed or enrolled in education, 90% into permanent housing and 74% who resolved significant barriers to self-sufficency.  Exodus Housing also works to prevent domestic violence, holding the Expect Respect series at the Sumner Library last month to help teens learn about dating and healthy relationships.  While the City of Sumner is happy to participate in things like the Plunge to raise awareness, we also want to make sure the hard work being done to help our citizens is also part of the awareness.  Thank you, Exodus Housing!  More about Exodus Housing and their work. 

Exploring Sumner Online

 Did you know...

that you can figure out how to cook and bake with rhubarb from our own website?  The City of Sumner has a second, more fun, website to help welcome visitors to Sumner.  It also includes all of the Washington Rhubarb Growers' recipes plus some others that have been shared with us over the years.  Rhubarb is almost done for the year, so take a look and figure out how to celebrate those stalks

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