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May 30, 2013- Vol 5, Issue 14
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Congratulations, DARE Graduates
Big Heart for Hygiene
Get Ready for Music Off Main
How's the Water?
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Public Notices
Thank you to the Sumner VFW, the 593rd Sustainment Brigade, the Rainbow Girls, and everyone who helped honor Memorial Day at the Sumner City Cemetery.
Mayor's Update: About Our Bridges
Mayor Enslow with one of Sumner's bridges which will be replaced with grant money.

Last week's incident on the Skagit River likely gave most of us pause as we thought about the bridges we cross every day and how we take these structures for granted.  It also made me thankful for our own planning the last several years as now two of Sumner's bridges are well on their way to being replaced.


In Sumner's downtown, our 80 plus year-old Bridge Street bridge is being replaced.  We have already secured the funding from Federal grants and hired BergerABAM to design a new bridge.  Because this bridge is such a centerpiece in our town, there will be a public design process coming soon for the artistic aspects of the bridge.  Right now, the engineers are working on the bridge's bones to figure out what will best serve us  (including large trucks) structurally for the next 80 years.  BergerABAM is also working on a plan to keep that vital link open during construction of a new bridge.


On the northern end of our City, we just won a regional grant to design a replacement for the 8th Street/Stewart Road bridge.  That bridge was built in the '50s and is structurally sound but too narrow for modern demands and susceptible to flood damage.  Although our funding so far is just for design, having a bridge designed and ready to be built makes us much more competitive in getting future grant money to actually build it. 


Please join me in thanking our engineers and Public Works team for being so diligent in getting funding to replace our bridges before they land in the water and on national news.  We have obtained more grant funding per capita than any other jurisdiction in this region for bridges, roads and trails, and that's important for us to get quality, safe infrastructure without sending our taxes sky high. 


The other lesson from Skagit County is a good reminder to all drivers to watch those height and weight restrictions.  Just a reminder that if your vehicle is over 12 tons, you can no longer use the Bridge Street bridge until the new one is constructed.

Congratulations, DARE Graduates!
Students at Maple Lawn Elementary receive their DARE certificates.


Over 150 Fifth Grade students in Sumner have completed a very important "dare" this spring. 


Standing for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, the DARE Program is a 10-week curriculum that arms students with information and resources to help them stay away from drugs and alcohol. 


During this program, Sumner Police Officer Kaylor worked with the Fifth Grade students of Maple Lawn Elementary and Daffodil Valley Elementary, providing information and answering their questions.  


Thank you to Chief Moericke, Officer Kaylor and all the parents and teachers who work together to dare to keep kids off drugs and alcohol. 


Sumner's Big Heart for Hygiene


The Leadership Institute class of the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce announced the final weigh-in for the Hearts for Hygiene drive.  A total of 1,583 pounds went to the Puyallup Food Bank and 1,896 pounds went to the Sumner Food Bank.  Yes, once again, Sumner outcollected Puyallup!  This is a small community with a big heart.  The best news is that a total of 3,479 pounds went to help local neighbors in need.  When donating to the Food Bank, remember that they'll continue to need hygiene items as well as food.


To keep in touch with the Sumner Community Food Bank and its needs, you can now use Facebook!  Check out their page.


Get Ready for Music Off Main


Music Off MainThe Sumner Arts Commission has lined up a great variety of performers to fill your summer Friday evenings with music.  This year's lineup ranges from Sumner's own Andy Shofner Band to the toe-tapping favorites of The Funaddicts and The Coats. 


Check out the full line-up 


Print your own poster


Find other events of the Sumner Rhubarb Pie Festival


How's the Water?

 The latest report for Sumner's water quality is now out.  The report is being mailed in your utility bills and attached as a PDF to electronic utility bills.  You can also take a look at the report online.  The summary is that we are proud to report that Sumner's water is clean and safe. Our water is in full compliance with the standards of both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Dept of Health.


Take a look at the full report

Exploring Sumner Online

Did you know...

that you can pay your Sumner utility bill online?  Not only can you pay your bill, but you can also track your usage over time and watch for patterns to help you reduce your water use.  Take a look
Examples of information you can track online for your utility bill.
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