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 February 17, 2015


MASCUSA Award Programs!


   MASCUSA is in need of members who are willing to work on the award programs for our club.  These need to be in place and ready to launch immediately after full recognition. There is a wonderful group of volunteers already on the Special Programs Committee and several have volunteered to take on this project.  Some of the suggested programs would be for Herding, Obedience, Agility, Juniors, Top Ten, Hall of Fame Kennels, Hall of Fame Breeders and Hall of Fame Dogs, to name a few.  

 Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you can be a part of the history of the club by assisting in the development of these programs.  It was suggested that we take a look at the USASA programs and see how those could work for our club. If we were to mirror their programs and make changes to suit our club, the brunt of the work would already be accomplished. Please consider helping to further the work of this committee and put together an awesome program for our members and dogs.

 Take a look at these programs and see if you would like to be a part in the development of these programs.  Use the programs tab to see everything that USASA offers.

MASCUSA Board of Directors

puppy on herding ducks
Is there Herding at Nationals!

YES, two trials and both on the same day, first trial is Open to All Breeds, second trial is only for Miniature American Shepherds.   

If your dog is at least six months old you can enter the Instinct Testing!  You DO NOT have to have any experience or exposure to stock to enter Instinct Testing.  Give it a try, your dog will love you for it!

Dogs over  9 months old can enter the other test classes and trial.
 Herding is on Monday Sept 14th, 2015
 Judges are Debbie George and Tracy Parciak


 List of classes that can be sponsored for the Nationals!

1st:  Email Patti Cutler at with your request as to what you want to sponsor.


2nd: Request a paypal or send check to Patricia Davis, MASCUSA Treasurer


You will have two weeks to get payment to Mascusa 


 Click the link below to see all the classes available for sponsorship

Class Sponsorship List 



Patchworks Heart of A Hero 
Won BIS, Reserve BIS and 3 Herding Group 1st at the UKC show in Haughton LA this past weekend. Hero is owned by Linda Perry and Leann Fenton.

On 1/24 and 1/25/2015 the Houston Area Hound Association "HAHA" held a AKC CAT test ( Coursing Ability Test ) in Magnolia, Texas. I entered my Miniature American Shepherd, I B Buffalo Girl "Scout" It was her first trial and she "Q'd" in all 4 runs, giving her a CA title. If I am not mistaken I believe she is the first MAS to title in this event.

Tuggie Arnold

Love abounds!
Send me your favorite photos showing the love and bond between 
you and your dogs, for the lovely month of February!

The Beautiful Faces of the Miniature American Shepherd

A weekly photo series!


Keepsake's Ringo Star

 bred, owned, and loved and adored by Edie Raymond of Hilmar, Ca

  Please send me your most stunning head shots of your dogs and I will post one each week!

 Send to  

Comix by Coleen   
Just for grins a new comic every week in the Tuesday Talk!   
            Coleen Swift is our comic graphic designer for this series and she will be treating us to a
new comic every week for the Tuesday Talk Funnies! 
   You can also send a photo to be considered in one of Coleens designs! 
She said, I don't want peoples' perfect pics, just the accidental ones :-)
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Everyone's Win photos have been gorgeous so keep them coming and I will post them! Send those brags and a photo to me. 

Alta Brave Heart Blue Warrior
Took two best opposites to his sister Alta Blue Silver Charm At the
Ridgefield Washington show Handler Lori Phelps Breeder owner Valerie Nilsson    

Move over Love That Jimmy Fallon CM
( AKA Jimmy) your brother Too Mini's Once In A Blue Moon (AKA Dallas) is in town.
Our sweet boy Dallas brought home 2 BOB'S at the Golden Gate Kennel Club in Calf.
 in January on his first day out as a young man.
A big thanks to our judges Mr. Dana P. Cline and Mrs. Janet Lobb.
Most of all we would like to give our Co-Breeder, Mrs Jeanie McAdams, a big thumbs up for allowing us the honor of breeding our girl Too Minis Duchess of Akings Castle (Kate) to Love That Red White And Blue CM15 (Merlie) and producing such an outstanding litter

For those looking for AKC shows to enter, please check the AKC superintendent for your region and ideally, get on their mailing list for show premiums to be sent to your address.

This is a list of all the AKC superintendents:


Perry's puppy herding 

A Patchwork Farms pup being tested for instinct at 8 weeks old a few years ago

Bred By Linda Perry

 If you are on Facebook you are familiar with the TBT- Throw Back Thursday photos!
I would like to feature a few weeks of those right here on the Tuesday Talk!  So if you have a picture from way back when of your dogs please send to me. Anything from when he was a mere pup to your first event!  Whatever you want to share!

Send to





If you want a successful business people say location, location, location is very important and if you want a successful business, advertise advertise, advertise!

The Tuesday Talk reaches more than 600 members per week, and is a wonderful place to advertise!  It can be for your kennel, your dog related products, training or more.
 Click the link below to find out how to send in an Ad!

Go to Public Relations and click on the Tuesday Talk Advertising form! 



                     ATTENTION PHOTOS NEEDED!

clip art dog

Looking for photos, photos with family, performance photos, training photos and any fun photo you want to share with us! Send the photos to Mindy

Find info about Nationals Here!
Check out this virtual tour of Purina Farms, 
our home for Nationals 2015!


 2015 MASCUSA Nationals - Save the Date!!!

First MASCUSA Nationals with full AKC Recognition

We will have Jr. Showmanship

Click below to reserve a room

Lodging That will Accept Dogs

Purina Farms - 200 Checkerboard Drive, Gray Summit, Missouri 63039

Hosted by: MASCUSA, MASCUSA Members and Affiliates


MASCUSA Nationals (September 14th-17th, 2015)

  • Conformation Regular/Non Regular/Sweeps/Juniors

  • Most Versatile - Miniature American Shepherd

  • 2 AKC Herding Trials

  • 2 AKC Agility Trials

  • 2 AKC Rally

  • 2 AKC Obedience Trials

  • 2 Barn Hunt Inc. Trials

  • NADD Dock Diving

  • Skyhoundz Disc Dog Local

  • Seminars

  • Banquet

Three Rivers Cluster Supported Entries (September 11th-13th, 2015)

All Breed Conformation Gateway Cluster Supported Entries (September 18th-20th, 2015)


Requesting submissions for the Goodwill Ambassador!!!
The award will be presented at Nationals

Dogs are many different things to many different people, but once in a while a very extraordinary dog passes through our lives.  He may have been the one dog that made an Alzheimer patient smile for the first time in years or a dog that lay at the feet of several shy preschoolers as one by one they gained the courage to read to the wonderful sweet dog. Maybe he is owned by a family member or a friend but if this special mini has touched the life of one person or a thousand people, we want to hear your story!
   There is no act of kindness too small to submit, because the lives touched by our precious minis are all worth sharing.  We will present every one of the stories at Nationals.  The winning dog will be voted on by a team of volunteers, and will be honored during the Nationals events with a very special award.  Mid America Miniature American Shepherd Club will be sponsoring this award for 2015. Eligible dogs must be registered as a Miniature American Shepherd.

  Send your stories and if possible include a few photos to 

Mindy Stevenson


Here is a list of the things we hope to see but not limited to:


Helps someone who is deaf hear the phone, door etc

Companion for an elderly person

Companion for a child with emotional challenges

A dog that has helped to fill the void of a lost family member

Therapy dog who visits abused children's homes

Therapy dog who visits nursing homes

a R.E.A.D certified dog

A TDI certified dog  

A dog that has done a heroic deed that included a service to a person or community

A dog whose friendship and presence gave an autistic child the courage to speak

A dog who found a lost alzheimers family member who had wandered away

A dog who alerted someone to an impeding danger

A dog who brings smiles and laughter to a classroom full of children with disabilities

A dog who is mascot of a team of special olympic athletes


 And more.......

Pictured below is the Award for our 2013 Goodwill Ambassador winner


Welcome New Members for February! 


The following applicants have applied for membership in MASCUSA. Any current member may protest the acceptance of an applicant by emailing, and providing the reason for the protest and the full name of the member that is protesting acceptance of the applicant.  


  1. Susanna Dedecek, Germany

  2. Noah Dedecek, Germany

  3. Jenny Pettersson, Sweden

  4. Katy Elder, IA

  5. Aeris Elder, IA

  6. Sonia Krupicka, NE

  7. Gloria Kury, TX

  8. Shaela Tate, UT

  9. Fabien Francois, France

  10. Anna Marie Beltrame, MN

  11. Alayna Sartwell, MN

  12. Janice C. Pykiet, MO

  13. Merry Zakrzewski, AR

  14. Celeste Crisman, VA

  15. Janet Goliger, CA




 Throw Back Thursday Photos!
Collecting photos for the lovely month of February

Nationals Updates

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 Search for AKC Conformation Shows, Herding Trials, Agility and other performance events. Click Here

Two popular Licensed Superintendents, who have information about upcoming shows and you can enter online thru their sites






Click here



Karen Keller,

Judy Challinger,
Vice President

Linda DuBois, Secretary

Patricia Davis, Treasurer

Board Members

Sue Ritter

Sue Fontaine

Ellen Friedman-Smith


Denise Albright,many of the photos for TT

Send in those favorite  photos so we can post them on the Tuesday Talk!

Thank you for letting us share our wonderful dogs

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