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September 23, 2014

Suki ponders a good book she just finished reading on her Kindle.

 Terry Hargraves


Sixty Four!!!

64 AKC titles earned in August 2014 



Dog Title
Dog Name
Certificate of MeritIrresistible Angel's Kerry Ann CM
Certificate of MeritMockingbirds Worth The Wait At Coaldust CM
Certificate of Merit 2Silvermist Rise And Shine CM2 CGC
Certificate of Merit 3Sizzln Hot Hard To Resist Of Applewood CM3
Certificate of Merit 8Abington's Da Vinci CM8
Certificate of Merit 13Love That American Red White And Blue CM13
Companion DogMACH Jeep CD MXS MJB2 MXF MFS T2B3
Companion Dog ExcellentFhf Emma Dilemma Peterson CDX
Beginner NoviceFlagtree's Piece Of Cake BN RN CGC
Beginner NoviceKnee High Simbah Of Bridalvale BN TD CGC
Rally NoviceFlagtree's Piece Of Cake BN RN CGC
Rally NoviceToo Mini's Shasta Over The Top RN
Rally NoviceWalkabout Shiloh At Elray RN THD
Rally AdvancedGordonview Diamond Rio RA AX AXJ NAP NJP CGC
Rally ExcellentTango Dickerson CD RE
Tracking DogHagan's Charm RN TD NA CGC
Herding Started Course A DucksHeartlands Wallace Icy Overpass HSAds OA NAJ CGC
Novice AgilityBar-Kl Mia Bellini NA
Novice AgilityBlitzen's Wink BN RA NA OAJ
Novice AgilityCircle 5 Jesse Jet NA
Novice AgilityCrystal Blue's Amazing Gaze-Annie NA NAJ CGCA
Novice AgilityPippen The Short NA
Novice AgilityTimeless Cute As A Bug NA NAJ
Open AgilityBlitzen's Steele Blue Blaze OA OAJ NF CGC
Open AgilityWindance's Simply Irresistible OA NAJ
Open Agility PreferredCooper's Bailey Gal CD BN RE PT OAP NJP CGCA
Agility ExcellentFinn Lee AX AXJ
Agility ExcellentGordonview Diamond Rio RN AX OAJ NAP NJP CGC
Agility ExcellentMocha AX AXJ
Agility ExcellentSheza Mega Pixel AX AXJ
Agility ExcellentSouthen Star Holly Hi-Socks AX AXJ OF
Agility ExcellentTimeless Highly Ambitious Harper AX MXJ XF T2B
Agility ExcellentTimeless Tigger AX AXJ
Master Agility ExcellentTimeless Pipen Red Hot RN PT MX MXJ
Master Silver AgilityMACH Schultz's Macy MXS MJS
Master Bronze Agility PreferredMACH PACH Darlin' Darby Winters MXB MJB MXPB MJPB PAX MXF
Novice Agility JumperBleu NA NAJ
Novice Agility JumperCircle 5 Jesse Jet NA NAJ
Novice Agility JumperStanley NAJ
Open Agility JumperBlitzen's Steele Blue Blaze NA OAJ NF CGC
Excellent Agility JumperGordonview Diamond Rio RN AX AXJ NAP NJP CGC
Excellent Agility JumperHenry-Beauchamp's Whirlpool AX AXJ
Excellent Agility JumperLeura's Flying Kiwi OA AXJ
Excellent Agility JumperLindsey's Frankielee OA AXJ
Excellent Agility JumperMocha AX AXJ
Excellent Agility JumperTimeless Tigger OA AXJ
Master Bronze JumperDwelly's Outlaw RE MX MXJ MJB OF T2B
Master Bronze JumperMooncreeks I Wear The Pants AX MXJ MJB
Master Silver JumperDoc's Little Red Masurati MX MXB MXJ MJS XF T2B2
Master Century JumperMACH2 If You Ain't First You're Last MXS MJC T2B
Master Excellent Jumper Preferred 3MACH PACH Darlin' Darby Winters MXB MJB MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MXF
Agility FAST NoviceBlitzen's Wink BN RA NA OAJ NF
Agility FAST NoviceHigh Caliber Bullet AX AXJ NF
Agility FAST NoviceLeura's Flying Kiwi OA AXJ NF
Agility FAST NoviceSheza Mega Pixel AX AXJ NF
Agility FAST ExcellentTimeless Highly Ambitious Harper OA MXJ XF T2B
Master Agility ChampionMACH Araqua True Colors CD RE MXB MJS OF T2B
Master Agility Champion 2MACH2 If You Ain't First You're Last MXS MJC T2B
Canine Good CitizenBar D Right On Target CGC
Canine Good CitizenKnee High Simbah Of Bridalvale TD CGC
Canine Good CitizenPhoebe CGC
Advanced Canine Good CitizenSouthern Stars Ima Wiseacher CGCA
Advanced Canine Good CitizenWigglebutt I Love Lucy CGCA
Therapy Dog AdvancedCheyenne Autumn Of JF THDA


Southern Star Ruby Roux RN, CGC
and owner Stefanie Matak scored big this past weekend (97 & 100) earning her Advanced Rally Title. Ruby needs just 1 more Q to complete her Beg Novice OB title as well. In her spare time Ruby also competes in conformation but really thinks its a little too slow paced for her. Ruby is the 18m old daughter of Rimfire Ty and out of Linderlands Flying High aka "Raven".
-Leslie Peckham/Breeder


The Cooper kids did their mom proud again. In Norman, OK Teacup Dog Agility Assn trial, Cupcake earned titles in Teacup Games (TG1) and in beginner standard (TBAD). Mia earned the final legs needed for her TG3 title (takes 5 legs), and Bailey earned 3 legs towards her TSAD (superior standard) and games legs toward her advanced games title. Our special surprise was to have cousins Kirk and Spice attend with their mom, Cheryl Warren, driving all the way from Louisiana. One especially fun game we played was a tag team game involving 1 dog and 2 handlers. We found out that with the right incentive (food in a closed container) that our dogs would run agility with someone else. 

The Beautiful Faces of the Miniature American Shepherd

A weekly photo series!



Zetta, my miniature American Shepherd from the UK. Her full name is Dunnellon's Cinnamon Girl Zetta.
Paul Doran
 Please send me your most stunning head shots of your dogs and I will post one each week!

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Three AKC Events this Fall/Winter 2014 in Oklahoma!


Hosted by MASCUSA and supported by Mid America, a MASCUSA Affliliate.


The Agility and the Obedience/Rally Trials will be the first of their kind hosted by our Breed Club, since we have just recently been licensed to host these events!!

Please help support all three of these events by submitting a small ad to be placed in the prospective catalogs!

If you are an Agility enthusiast you might prefer just the Agility Catalog, same goes for the other events.

However we would love to see numerous ads for and about our dogs in all three catalogs!!

Below is the timeline for each submission!


CatAlog Ads:

Ads are avaiLable for purchase for $15


ad must be emailed to Mindy at

before October 15th. for agility catalog

November 5th for the Herding Trial Catalog

December 5th, for the Obedience/Rally Catalog


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!!

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She said, I don't want peoples' perfect pics, just the accidental ones :-)
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Everyone's Win photos have been gorgeous so keep them coming and I will post them! Send those brags and a photo to me. 


Abingtons Close Encounter at Red Rock

BOB/ BIM Santa Ana Kennel Club
Breeder Patti Cutler

Loved, shown and co owned by Karen Raduziner/Patti Cutler

Coastal Meadows Remington Steele
takes 1st in her first AKC show at just 9 months in Brownsville, OR
Shown here with Owner/Breeder Anne Boehlje of Florence, OR
Linderland ,Timeless High Resolution At Triple R
AKA: Copy
3 Multi Best In Show, 1 Reserve Best In Show Puppy
at her first shows!
Owners Judy Linder & Mary Rutkowski
Bred by Judy Linder & Karen Keller

For those looking for AKC shows to enter, please check the AKC superintendent for your region and ideally, get on their mailing list for show premiums to be sent to your address.

This is a list of all the AKC superintendents:

Cooler and son waiting for a treat!! 

Calling all members who would like to see well written articles, brochures, and pamphlets with beautiful pictures for/about our dogs published



I need volunteers to assist with the Public Relations Committee. One of the first projects is to put together a feature article for the SHOWSIGHT Magazine. These are exciting times in the history of our club and your help and input is much needed. Please let me know through a private email if you would be willing to help with the all-important advertising for our club moving forward in full recognition in AKC. There are other very important items that need our attention as well. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to participate and help get the job done. Together we can have great information, beautiful pictures about our wonderful breed, information about their personalities and trait, along with their accomplishments all published for the public to see. It is my hope that we can form an outstanding PR Committee so we can share with the public how far we have come with our breed. Please consider this committee as your way to help get the information into print for our breed.


Linda DuBois

MASCUSA Secretary

I think that the Working Aussie Source is one of the best locations on the net to find herding trials and clinics!

The opening page is for ASCA Trials but be sure and click on the Other Calendars and the Regional Calendars and other Events of Interest!

Mia at a herding Clinic 

Premium for the upcoming AKC Herding Trials are online on the MASCUSA website!  Two days of trials under one of the country's most sought after judges! Please join us in Oklahoma on November 15th and 16th!

Hosted by MASCUSA and supported by Mid America

Let's have some fun and gather several photos and videos of our dogs herding!!


Send to me and I will place them in a future Tuesday Talk and maybe we can start a photo gallery of minis herding!


Let's do it right away!!


 sheep gif 


MASCUSA has updated our registry rules and forms.
They are located at

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these rules.

Thank you,
MASCUSA Board of Directors 

Welcome New Members for September! 


The following applicants have applied for membership in MASCUSA. Any current member may protest the acceptance of an applicant by emailing, and providing the reason for the protest and the full name of the member that is protesting acceptance of the applicant.  
  1. Horst Sollereder, Austria

  2. Sharon Ruppel, CT

  3. Laetitia Blumenroeder, France

  4. Christopher Marsh, Canada

  5. Barb Kelm, MN

  6. Gloria Knapp, AZ

  7. Bruce Klein, AZ

  8. Alan T. McDaniel, IA

  9. Katherine Morefield, MD

  10. Karyn E. Parker, LA

  11. Gordon Peterson, TX

  12. Sandra Starck, WI

  13. Doug Wright, OK

  14. Lezlie Wright, OK

                     ATTENTION PHOTOS NEEDED!

clip art dog

Looking for photos, photos with family, performance photos, training photos and any fun photo you want to share with us! Send the photos to Mindy


Check out Life's Abundance Breeder Program
KIM GARDNER 602 377-8972
 Search for AKC Conformation Shows, Herding Trials, Agility and other performance events. Click Here

Two popular Licensed Superintendents, who have information about upcoming shows and you can enter online thru their sites





Remember to send in your winsheets within 30 days of the show for your points to count!!!




Click here



Karen Keller,

Judy Challinger,
Vice President

Linda DuBois, Secretary

Patricia Davis, Treasurer

Board Members

Sue Ritter

Sue Fontaine

Ellen Friedman-Smith


Denise Albright,many of the photos for TT

Send in those favorite  photos so we can post them on the Tuesday Talk!

Thank you for letting us share our wonderful dogs

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