Board Bulletin


For Immediate Release


Dear Members,

We recently met with AKC regarding DNA issues involving multi-sired litters and wanted to share the following information with you.

Multi-Sired Litters whelped prior to AKC Recognition - May, 2011. Owners of dogs that are being processed for AKC/FSS enrollment that were part of a multi-sired litter whelped prior to May, 2011, should contact the NAMASCUSA Registrar at for information on required documentation. AKC will work with our Registrar on a case-by-case basis to determine if the documentation is sufficient to accept the dog for registration.

Multi-Sired Litters whelped after AKC Recognition - May, 2011.

  • Individuals having multi-sired litters between two Miniature American Shepherd parents must use the AKC Multiple-Sired Litter application and the AKC DNA process.
  • Individuals having multi-sired litters involving any other crosses, including those involving Miniature American Shepherds and AKC Australian Shepherds, should contact the NAMASCUSA Registrar at  for information.
  • All offspring of multi-sired litters must have either a microchip number or a tattoo which must be listed on the DNA paperwork. If you don't want to microchip a puppy before it leaves for its' new home, you can purchase the microchip and send it with the new owner but the microchip number must be listed on the DNA paperwork. All DNA must be obtained through the lab used by AKC.
  • All potential sires, the dam, and all puppies will be required to have DNA tests. You can read more about the AKC Multiple-Sired Litter registration process at 


MASCUSA Board of Directors