Board Bulletin


For Immediate Release

******** Studbook Modernization Project Update ******

Dear Members,

The purpose of this bulletin is to update the membership on the studbook modernization project. This project, which was supported by over 80% of members responding to a survey, consists of the digitization of thousands of pages of registry documents and auditing of the studbook database for accuracy. The goal is to ensure the studbook is accurate before the breed becomes fully recognized in AKC, and to preserve and safeguard our historical registry documents. We are making progress but there are several months of work left in getting all of the paper records scanned and electronically filed, as well as checking the related entries in the studbook database. We are aware that there are members that are concerned about the verification of their dogs' pedigrees. Many of these records will provide missing verification in multiple pedigrees. The project team is working diligently and we expect the project to be completed well in advance of full recognition, providing sufficient time to work with AKC on the conversion of our breed to the herding group. Once the studbook modernization project is finished, we intend to notify owners of dogs that have entered AKC through us that do not have a full 3-generation verified pedigree according to our updated studbook. We will work with these owners in an attempt to obtain further documentation and/or verification through alternate means. We thank you for your support and patience as we continue to move forward with this ambitious project.



MASCUSA Board of Directors