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April 08, 2014 

Breed History Status Survey 
The Board sincerely desires your input, whether you are a breeder, show in conformation, compete in companion or performance events, or
simply enjoy this breed as a beloved family pet.
Please take the survey. It closes on April 10th
If you did not receive the survey, please contact the board  ASAP!!
Conference Call Membership Meeting
April 17, 2014
6:00 pm PST 
Call in information will be posted in the next TT along with the slate of Nominees

Call to Order

 Rules of Conference Calls Roll Call Treasury Report-Traci Phillips Registry Report-Traci Phillips Committee Reports Affiliate Report MARS Report  Old



1) Approval of Minutes

2) Other Old Business

New Business

1) Elections-Present the Slate of Nominees/Open the floor for additional nominees as prescribed by the Bylaws

2) AKC Update

3) Any Other New Business

4) Member Input


5) Registry Rules (moved to the last order of Business)


Adjourn Meeting




 How many of you are involved in Therapy dog work, or work in the  R.E.A.D dog program or something similar to all of the above!
 Please send me an email about your involvement and a few photos!


The Beautiful Faces of the Miniature American Shepherd

A weekly photo series!


   Mockingbirds Cash or Crash

 Owned & Loved by Constance Schwertner
Wutha Germany


 Please send me your most stunning head shots of your

dogs and I will post one each week!

 Send to  

Stay connected!

In todays age of technology there are many ways to share the joy of owning a Miniature American Shepherd!  Simply do a search on facebook and you can find many pages and groups that follow our breed. Some of the pages even help you stay informed about AKC/FSS.  I will list a few below but these are only a few of the groups you can join.  (MASCUSA Page)


Https://  (AKC/FSS)





   Gardner bus card
Check out Life's Abundance Breeder Program
KIM GARDNER 602 377-8972
ASHGI News: Podcast Cryopreservation of Canine Semen

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and our corporate alliance, Zoetis,

are pleased to bring you the third installment in a podcast series devoted
to canine reproduction education for pet owners, breeders, and

In this podcast Dr. Kit Kampschmidt of Brittmoore Animal Hospital in Houston
Texas, discusses cryopreservation of canine semen. Dr. Kampschmidt received
his DVM from Oklahoma State University in 1983. He has developed a special
interest in canine reproduction and semen cryopreservation. He is a
nationally recognized authority in these areas and serves as a consultant to
other veterinarians through the Veterinary Information Network. He has been
an invited speaker for national veterinary meetings, state and local
veterinary associations, and many breed clubs. He has trained veterinarians
from all over the United States and the world in canine semen freezing and
artificial insemination techniques. He is a member of the Harris County
Veterinary Medical Association, Texas Veterinary Medical Association,
American Veterinary Medical Association, and American Animal Hospital
Association, and currently serves on the board of directors for the Society
for Theriogenology.

Throughout 2014, CHF and Zoetis will be releasing podcasts on topics such as
pregnancy diagnosis, pyometra, infertility, breeding method choices, semen
storage, and more. Podcasts are free to download, will average 15 minutes
in length, and can be accessed through the CHF website at

podcast listen button


Podcast Listen Button

Other podcasts in the series feature Dr. Matthew Krecic discussing
and Dr. William Schultz discussing Tips for Fresh, Chilled Semen Breedings

Sign up to receive CHF podcasts delivered via email by visiting our website

Visit the Zoetis canine reproduction
webpage for additional information and resources.

 Gardner 2013

Comix by Coleen   
Just for grins a new comic every week in the Tuesday Talk!
Coleen Swift is our comic graphic designer for this series and she will be treating us to a new comic every week for the Tuesday Talk Funnies!  You can also send a photo to be considered in one of Coleens designs!  She said, I don't want peoples' perfect pics, just the accidental ones :-)
 Send to



MASCUSA Facebook Page!

Don't forget to "like" our Facebook Page


Everyone's Win photos have been gorgeous so keep them coming and I will post them! Send those brags and a photo to me.



MASCUSA Grand CH Dynasty's Triple Crown, CM3

in Jackson Tennessee, all dressed up with no place to go....Remi was ready to show on a day he wasn't entered but he looked so nice we had to get a photo!

He went on the next three days to win Best of Breed and MISC BIS each day.


Kim Johnson



Sizzln Hot Motion in Red
 Sizzln Hot Motion in Red (Stormy) at the show in Las Vegas
Juliene Laughy

For those looking for AKC shows to enter, please check the AKC superintendent for your region and ideally, get on their mailing list for show premiums to be sent to your address.

This is a list of all the AKC superintendents:

Gardner 2013   

Visit our CAFEPRESS Store


MASCUSA Cafepress Store has some fun items with the MASCUSA Logo!

Check them out, when you have a moment!


Happy Shopping!

 Herding and Conformation!!!
April 26th and 27th
2 AKC Herding Trials and 2 Open Shows   
Broken Arrow, OK
 Pre Entries Close April 16th
Mid America will be hosting these events for MASCUSA
See all the premiums at or

I think that the Working Aussie Source is one of the best locations on the net to find herding trials and clinics!

The opening page is for ASCA Trials but be sure and click on the Other Calendars and the Regional Calendars and other Events of Interest!



The Miniature American Shepherd is eligible to compete immediately in AKC Herding Trials!  As soon as you receive your AKC/FSS number you can enter an AKC Herding Trial.


Find AKC Herding Trials here!


If you have earned an AKC Herding Title please let me know,
Now that we are eligible to compete in AKC Herding Trials, we want to acknowledge those dogs who are out there earning titles and legs towards titles.
Let's have some fun and gather several photos and videos of our dogs herding!!


Send to me and I will place them in a future Tuesday Talk and maybe we can start a photo gallery of minis herding!


Let's do it right away!!


 sheep gif 


MASCUSA has updated our registry rules and forms.
They are located at

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these rules.

Thank you,
MASCUSA Board of Directors 

Welcome New Members for April! 


The following applicants have applied for membership in MASCUSA. Any current member may protest the acceptance of an applicant by emailing, and providing the reason for the protest and the full name of the member that is protesting acceptance of the applicant.  
  1. Vanessa Morato, France

  2. Diana Curl, AZ

  3. Shelley English, Canada

  4. Katie English, Canada

  5. Erec Lindberg, NY

  6. Sue McCoury, WA

  7. Karine Mielczarek, IL

  8. Dina Patterson, ID

  9. Rhyse Potts, GA

  10. Cacey Tubbs, OK

  11. Kathleen Yaw, OR

  12. Sophie Richard, France

  13. Debby J. Deckard, IN

  14. Krissy Garner, UT

  15. Felice Hibbard, MT

  16. Linda Medina, GA

  17. Kristina Montgomery, IN

  18. Ben Preston, CA

  19. Steve Luzzadder, CA

  20. Edie Raymond, CA

Top Ten Merit for 2013


Congratulations to the Top Ten Miniature American Shepherds of 2013!


(Please send one favorite win picture for the website to

 If you wish to have handler information listed, please send that as well.) 

1. Gr CH Love That American Red White and Blue, CM8

176 pts (113 AKC, 63 Other)

Breeder: Jeanie McAdams & Karen Keller

Owner: Jeanie McAdams

2. Gr CH Mercyme Dressed For Success, CM6

102 pts (97 AKC, 5 Other)

Breeder: Pam Bender

Owner: Pam Bender


3. Gr CH Alta Stylin In My Jaguar, CM5

53 pts (53 AKC)

Breeder: Valerie Nilsson

Owner: Valerie Nilsson

4. Gr CH Timeless Zero Gravity, CM4

46 pts (34 AKC, 12 Other)

Breeder: Karen Keller

Owner: Debra Shambaugh & Karen Keller

5. Gr CH Timeless 4 On The Floor, CM2

43 pts (25 AKC, 18 Other)

Breeder: Karen Keller

Owner: Kim Gardner & Karen Keller

6. CH Abington's Da Vinci, CM2

40 pts (11 AKC, 29 Other)

Breeder: Patti Cutler & Kim Gardner

Owner: Patti Cutler

7. Gr CH Timeless Trilogy, CM6

36 pts (31 AKC, 5 Other)

Breeder: Karen Keller

Owner: Karen Keller

8. CH Dynasty's Triple Crown, CM3

35 pts (35 AKC)

Breeder: Fran Withers

Owner: Kimberly Johnson & Fran Withers

9. CH Battlefield's Mason Dixon, CM2

29 pts (29 AKC)

Breeder: Karen Kollmer

Owner: Karen Kollmer

10. Gr CH Great Companions Fancy Pants, CM3

26 pts (26 AKC)

Breeder: Linda DuBois

Owner: Linda DuBois

                     ATTENTION PHOTOS NEEDED!

clip art dog

Looking for photos, photos with family, performance photos, training photos and any fun photo you want to share with us! Send the photos to Mindy

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Karen Keller,

Judy Challinger,
Vice President

Patricia Davis, Secretary

Traci Phillips, Treasurer

 Board Members

Sharon Sloper

Sue Fontaine

Ellen Friedman-Smith


Linda Perry, Past President

Denise Albright,  many of the photos for TT



It is receiving a makeover and new designs will be uploaded over the next few weeks! 


Click here



 Search for AKC Conformation Shows, Herding Trials, Agility and other performance events. Click Here

Two popular Licensed Superintendents, who have information about upcoming shows and you can enter online thru their sites





Remember to send in your winsheets within 30 days of the show for your points to count!!!
Send in those favorite  photos so we can post them on the Tuesday Talk!

Thank you for letting us share our wonderful dogs

Contact the Board

Visit the new MASCUSA website for forms and info about entering the newest AKC Breed, and also for all of our registration forms, including Breeders Listing, Litter Applications and more
Visit MARS (Mini Aussie Rescue) .
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