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December 24, 2013  

  photo by Denise Albright

54 AKC Tiltes Earned in November 2013!

Congrats !!!


Dog TitleDog Name
Certificate of MeritBattlefield's Mason Dixon CM
Certificate of MeritDynasty's Triple Crown CM
Companion DogKaren's I Wear The Pants CD
Companion DogPleasant Woods Sunshine Through The Rain CD BN RA CGC
Beginner NoviceKaiden's Blue Blaize BN RN CGC
Beginner NovicePainted Meadow Red Hot Vegas CM BN CGC
Rally NoviceCabalina's Morning Star Danica RN
Rally NoviceGordonview Diamond Rio RN OA OAJ NAP NJP CGC
Rally NoviceHeckman's Little Isis RN CGC
Rally AdvancedSnake Rivers Stir It Up With Chandrea RA CGC
Tracking DogKnee High Simbah Of Bridalvale TD
Novice AgilityFinn Lee NA NAJ
Novice AgilitySheza Mega Pixel NA OAJ
Novice AgilityTimeless Tigger NA NAJ
Novice Agility PreferredJoseph Lil Joey" Hawkins NAJ NAP"
Open AgilityMooncreeks I Wear The Pants OA OAJ
Open AgilityPepper OA NAJ
Open AgilityTreo OA OAJ
Agility ExcellentBlue MTN Echo Doodle Lu AX NAJ
Master Agility ExcellentCoat Tails Lariat UD RAE MX AXJ
Master Agility ExcellentDingy MX MXJ XF T2B
Master Bronze Agility PreferredBoot Scoot'n Jozee Blue MXP2 MXPB MJP3 MJPB NFP
Novice Agility JumperFinn Lee NA NAJ
Novice Agility JumperPleasant Woods Sunshine Through The Rain CD BN RA NAJ CGC
Novice Agility JumperTimeless Tigger NA NAJ
Open Agility JumperBlue MTN Echo Doodle Lu AX OAJ
Open Agility JumperDesert Sun's Pull That Trigger RN OA OAJ NF
Open Agility JumperMac's Little Blue Pan On Wiggle Patrol OA OAJ
Open Agility JumperOliver Krug NA OAJ
Open Agility JumperRose Acres I Can Fly NA OAJ
Open Agility JumperSheza Mega Pixel OAJ
Open Agility JumperSouthen Star Holly Hi-Socks NA OAJ NF
Open Agility JumperSouthern Star Off My Rocker OA OAJ
Open Agility JumperTreo OA OAJ
Open Agility JumperWigglebutt Zenyatta OA OAJ
Excellent Agility JumperHigh Caliber Bullet AX AXJ
Excellent Agility JumperSouthern Star Off My Rocker OA AXJ
Master Excellent JumperBrown's Torque'em Up RN MX MXJ NF CA CGC
Master Excellent JumperCoat Tails Lariat UD RAE MX MXJ
Master Gold Jumper 2MACH4 Wiseachers Sheila MXB2 MJG2 OF T2B
Agility FAST NoviceSouthen Star Holly Hi-Socks NA OAJ NF
Agility FAST OpenBrown's Torque'em Up RN MX MXJ OF CA CGC
Time 2 Beat 2Doc's Little Red Masurati MX MXJ MJB XF T2B2
Time 2 Beat 2Gottabe's Doin' The Hustle MX MXJ MJB T2B2
Canine Good CitizenChulla CGC
Canine Good CitizenDouble U Tucker CGC
Canine Good CitizenLucky J Kessie Kat CGC
Canine Good CitizenPatchworks Just Whistlin Dixie CGC
Canine Good CitizenSouthern Star Ruby Roux CGC
Canine Good CitizenTimeless Pandamonium NAP NJP CGC
Canine Good CitizenWigglebutt Out Of The Park CGC
Advanced Canine Good CitizenLinderland N Triple R's Black Ice CM CGCA
ONYXLil' Nubbins Melbourne ONYX CGC
ONYXLil' Nubbins Sydney ONYX CGC


Many thanks to Linda!
Donna Crary Johnson shared a picture of her

 beautiful ornament made by Linda Dubois for the Eukanuba competitors!

Fun Eukanuba Events Video!

produced by Donna Crary Johnson


Thank you Donna for the memories!



AKC has been busy in 2013 with more to do in 2014!


*Scheduled the inaugural AKC National Owner-Handled Series Finals in Orlando in December

* Expanded the AKC National Owner-Handled Series to specialty and group shows

* Evaluating testing all-breed and group clubs meeting certain criteria to hold two shows in one day

* Added to both the number of Executive Field Representatives as well as staff in the Event Department to better serve exhibitors, clubs and judges

* Offered the option for clubs to award a three-point major to the Reserve Winners at National Specialties

* Created levels of the Certificate of Merit to encourage dogs to continue to compete

* Evaluating adding the Bred-by-Exhibitor Class to Miscellaneous

* Added CGC as a title program

* Launched advanced CGC Community Canine program

* Added new "Pre" classes for Obedience (Pre-Novice, Pre-Open, and Pre-Utility)

* Approved AKC Rally National Championship launching in Pennsylvania in April 2014

* Removed restrictions on Rally to allow any club to hold Rally whenever they desired

* Permitted clubs to hold Rally events without also having to offer Obedience

* Approved the offering of two Agility Trials in a day by Specialty clubs

* Modified mileage restrictions to allow Agility events within 100 miles of each other with the agreement of both clubs

* Upgraded Online Entries system to better serve Agility competitors and Trial Secretaries

* Held Agility Advisory Committee - first recommendations for administrative improvements will be effective 1/1/14 with others to follow

* Approved allowing Canine Partners to participate in Tracking at the club's option effective 1/1/14

* Added new Tracking test (Tracking Dog Urban) to Tracking program effective 1/1/14

* Implemented Online Plans and Results tool for clubs offering Coursing Ability Tests

* Added Retriever Hunting Test Lifetime Achievement title effective 1/1/14

* Added new Grand Field Champion titles earned in Pointing Breed field trials starting 1/1/14

* Added three new breeds participating in Performance events

* Increased the number of titles AKC displays on a dog's record and on printed documents (extended Dog Title Name)

* Recognized Barn Hunt titles

* Implemented program to recognize Wilderness Search & Rescue dogs

* Expanded number of clubs holding My Dog Can Do That

* Changed all sport Rules/Regulations to allow clubs to offer lower entry fees for Junior Handlers at the club's discretion

* Approved allowing premium lists and judging programs to be delivered solely by email

* Modified policy on combined catalogs to support national specialties and clusters

* Implemented Standing Board approval of common special attractions

* Added asterisk to designate Delegate Judges in the Online Judges Directory

* Expanded the type of clubs eligible to participate in the Club Outreach program

* Welcomed Agility clubs to apply to become member clubs


Puppy Love 

Submitted by Julie Duffney-Begalke 

 Pictures of our mini American Shepherds, Topaz and Annie. 
 Topaz the male is wearing the pink coat and Annie is wearing blue.
That's all I could find here that fit them when the weather turned bitter cold.
Topaz is co owned with my daughter Brandie Anderson and I.
Annie is owned by me, Julie Duffney-Begalke of Holcombe, Wisc.

The Beautiful Faces of the Miniature American Shepherd

A weekly photo series!


  Please send me your most stunning head shots of your dogs and I will post one or two each week, in the order they are received

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Everyone's Win photos have been gorgeous so keep them coming and I will post them! Send those brags and a photo to me.


 GR CH Love That American Red White and Blue CM

wins AKC Best in Open Show on 12/13/13, the day before the AKC Eukanuba show in Orlando, Florida! 'Merlie' won Best of Breed, Best in Misc., then rose to the top of apx. 120 entries to win Best in Open Show! Dr. Steve Keating judged this tough group of dogs. Breeder/owner/handler: Jeanie McAdams

'Merlie now has 117 AKC points, 41 AKC Best in Misc, Multiple Mascusa Specialty BOB, 2013 #1 Ickc Mini American adult,
2012 Mascusa Top Ten dog, 2012 #1 Ickc Jr. Pup & Hall of Fame, Multiple Best in Show AKC, Ickc & apx. 21 months old!


Timeless Zero Gravity received BOS in the MASCUSA speciality on Friday. Debi Shambaugh


For those looking for AKC shows to enter, please check the AKC superintendent for your region and ideally, get on their mailing list for show premiums to be sent to your address.

This is a list of all the AKC superintendents:

   Gardner bus card
Check out Life's Abundance Breeder Program
KIM GARDNER 602 377-8972


Click below to download a fun Smilebox video
of all the Christmas Cards sent to us
over the past couple of weeks!


Leslie Peckham

Gloria Cross 
Flagtree's Cleared for Takeoff (Capt'n Kirk) wishes MASCUSA members a blessed holiday season. From Cheryl Warren
Karen Cooper with Bailey, Cupcake and Mia!

I think that the Working Aussie Source is one of the best locations on the net to find herding trials and clinics!

The opening page is for ASCA Trials but be sure and click on the Other Calendars and the Regional Calendars and other Events of Interest!



The Miniature American Shepherd is eligible to compete immediately in AKC Herding Trials!  As soon as you receive your AKC/FSS number you can enter an AKC Herding Trial.


Find AKC Herding Trials here!


If you have earned an AKC Herding Title please let me know,
Now that we are eligible to compete in AKC Herding Trials, we want to acknowledge those dogs who are out there earning titles and legs towards titles.
Let's have some fun and gather several photos and videos of our dogs herding!!


Send to me and I will place them in a future Tuesday Talk and maybe we can start a photo gallery of minis herding!


Let's do it right away!!


 sheep gif 

Gardner 2013 

Welcome New Members for December! 


The following applicants have applied for membership in MASCUSA. Any current member may protest the acceptance of an applicant by emailing, and providing the reason for the protest and the full name of the member that is protesting acceptance of the applicant.  
  1. Chris Anctil
  2. Sharon L. Jonas
  3. Esther G. Minton
  4. David Peterson
  5. Judy Peterson
  6. Cora Lee Poff
  7. Bobbie M. Warehime
  8. Samantha Morrison
  9. Nancy N. Jenkins
  10. Lori Smith
  11. Tyler Smith
  12. Ellen Hartikainen
  13. Wendy Lamb
  14. Lexie Lofgren
  15. Mary Mokler
  16. Janie R. Pollard
  17. Allyson Senek
  18. Lynette VandeVenter

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clip art dog

Looking for photos, photos with family, performance photos, training photos and any fun photo you want to share with us! Send the photos to Mindy

Get to thinking about it!
Board Elections next year.
If you want to serve get involved.

Karen Keller
President of MASCUSA
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Linda Perry, Past President

Denise Albright,  many of the photos for TT



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