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October 08, 2013  

Gentlefire's Delila Moema
photo by Doreen Tinius

A member of our dog community has recently suffered a great loss!

Lyndsi Guillien's husband passed away after sustaining a traumatic head injury in an accident. She has two very young boys, 4 yrs old and 2 months old, and I know there are things they can use in the upcoming months. Mid America Miniature American Shepherd Club has set up a way for people to donate to Lyndsi's family. We would like to let her know that her community of dog friends wants to reach out to her family in an act of love. We are accepting donations thru the Mid America paypal account, which will be supervised by two individuals for accounting purposes. Just login to your paypal and use the send money button, if you need help please let us know and if you want to send a check let us know and we can give you Mid America's address.
Send as a gift for "Lyndsi Guillien". The MAMASC paypal address is: We will be accepting donations today thru November 5th and will send the funds to Lyndsi on Nov 8th, you are welcome to include a note to Lyndsi and we will be sure she gets all of them along with the funds!
Thank you in advance for anything you can contribute.
Mid America Miniature American Shepherd Board

AKC Tidbits & News!

From the Sept AKC Board Meeting Minutes

Canine Health

There was a lengthy discussion on Canine Health, which is specifically listed among the Objects of the American Kennel Club. There was a consensus that the public obviously wanted healthy dogs, and while AKC could never guarantee that, it was agreed that AKC should do everything possible to encourage breeders to take advantage of breed-specific health screening tests that are both available and recommended by veterinarians or Parent Clubs.

It was suggested that AKC develop a program to encourage all breeders who utilize the breedspecific screening tests recommended by the Parent Club for the breed, even though they were not involved in the Sport, and to help connect the public with such breeders. AKC Staff will be reporting its recommendations back to the Board.

Other ideas discussed were including all approved screening tests on registration forms, which would enable breeders to obtain a health pedigree, strengthening the relationship between AKC and the AKC Canine Health Foundation, explaining the vet outreach initiative, suggesting AKC CHF use Social Media to publicize their successes and to encourage Parent Club participation in health data bases. Basically it was agreed that AKC should continue doing everything possible to encourage the breeding of healthy dogs.






If you want to play in a fun venue with your smaller dogs, Teacup Agility is a blast. At Flagtree's Dynamite's first trial, she earned her TBAD title (Teacup Beginner's Agility Dog) and started her TG1 title. Cooper's Bailey Gal earned her TG1 (Teacup Games 1) title at her first show in Tulsa a few weeks ago, and in Norman, OK this last weekend finished her TBAD and TG2 titles. Most of the trials let you pay a flat amount for the whole trial, then we had add-on classes giving additional chances to play more games and run more standard courses. It is a real trip watching some of the tiny little ones run those courses. Don't let the smaller equipment and shorter courses fool you - the tight turns make for exciting courses and you have to have a PERFECT score to Q. My dogs actually have to run higher jump heights in Teacup then they do in AKC. I can't wait for the next trial in November.


****** UPDATE******** 

Hi everyone,

We now have the classes that AKC is allowing us to have at our Specialty at Eukenuba. We will not be allowed to do the full set of classes that we we were told we could do at first. These classes are listed on the premium so it is official.

00300. Puppy Dogs, 10350. 4 & Under 6 Months - only non regular class (we were not going to have this one but they have it listed so we will)

00300. Puppy Dogs, 10900. 6 & Under 9 Months - Debra Blanchard

00300. Puppy Dogs, 11000. 9 & Under 12 Months - Gloria Cross

00700. Open Dogs,14000. Merle

00700. Open Dogs, 18200. Tri-Color

Winners Dog - Shirley Shannon

Winners Bitch - Lisa Gross

(Same Classes for Bitches)

BOS - Kim Gardner

BOB - Fran Withers/Kim Johnson


If you previously sponsored a class and would like a refund please contact Alice Kenyon in regards to that or if you would like to change to a different class please let us know as soon as possible.

These classes we will not be having. Please consider moving your sponsorship to another class.


Movement - Jeannie McAdams

Head Type Dog - Patti Cutler

Head Type Bitch - Ellen Friedman

Stud Dog - Dynasty

Brood Bitch

Best of Winners - Linda Dubois


Classes that are still available are as follows:

Open Tri color

Open Merle color

4-6 month

We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused but this is a new venue for Misc Breeds during Eukanuba and there was some confusion. We have some wonderful prizes and this is a great opportunity to have our dogs showcased at this event. The premium is currently at the printers and MBF will be opening the show for entries shortly.

Thank you for your time and patience while we got this organized.

Fran Withers CENMAS affiliate President

Kim Johnson Events Committee



My daughter, Madi competed Sept 9, in Monroe WA. She only competed on Sat. in Open Standard and Excellent Jumpers. She qualified and got a 1st place in Open. This was after not competing with her dog Happitail's Tazz-manian Devil 'Tazz' since 2007. In excellent Tazz ran an almost perfect course, only missing the first weave pole.
My dog Danlyn's Miss Congeniality 'Gracie' came back to compete last spring after not trialing since 2007 and finished her last 2 legs in Novice Standard and Jumpers title in one weekend. Now with limited trialing, Gracie qualified in Open, both Friday and Saturday Sept 9, in Monroe WA, getting a 2nd and 3rd place.
Lori Langton
Windance Mini American Shepherds






My girls and I competed at the World CynoSport Rally Trial in Urbana, IL during the weekend of Oct. 5-6. We qualified all 8 runs on Saturday and all 7 on Sunday. Miss Piper (red merle) earned her Level 3 title with an Award of Excellence. Alstars Centerfold/Paige (red tri) earned her Level 2 title with an Award of Excellence. Alstars Cover Girl/Brooke (black tri) is now one QQ away from her ARCHX title and earned High in Trial for Level 1 on Sunday and High Scoring Dog in Level 1 for the weekend. Submitted by Jan Sears




Please check your AKC and your NAMASCUSA registrations papers when they arrive, if there are any errors contact ASAP.  It is much easier to correct papers now then a year or two down the road, and typos are unavoidable so read your papers carefully. 

Thank you! 

   Gardner bus card
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KIM GARDNER 602 377-8972

The Beautiful Faces of the Miniature American Shepherd

A weekly photo series!


Ashland's Mandy; From Ashland kennel. Hoxie Arkansas.

On her first birthday. Owners CV & Brenda Wood Mobile Al.


  Please send me your most stunning head shots of your dogs and I will post one or two each week, in the order they are received

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A Weekly Article!

Author Judy Nordmeyer


QUESTION: What do you look for in a stud dog & explain why?

ANSWER: It all depends on your idea how that stud dog should
potentially improve your breeding program. The "breeding of dogs"
and seeing the results in a litter can be a fun and exciting process.
Breeders should breed their dogs to IMPROVE this breed of dog by
producing structurally sound, a good temperament, overall healthy,
with herding instincts, and as close to the breed standard "in Type"
as possible.

 Do the DNA health testing on the breeding stock. If your female
is AFFECTED or a CARRIER of any mutant genes, then breed to a
dog that is DNA tested CLEAR.
 If you choose to line-breed, then be very careful as hidden
problems in the parent dogs will be multiplied. To line-breed is to
cross dogs that have similar lineage to the parents &/or
grandparents. If you choose to outcross, then look for dogs with
bloodlines that aren't related to your dog in the first 3 - 4
 Are you looking to improve the movement of your dogs for the
show ring? Then take the time to study many videos to learn
more about the best movement for that breed & choose
 No dogs are perfect, but look for the best specimen you can
find. Things to check: is the dog slab sided? weak hocked?
roached back? low prostrenum? not correct head shape?
bad bite? unbalanced? not a clean movement?
incorrect coloring? or any other structure weakness or fault?
Does the stud dog look appealing to the eye and the ideal breed
type to you?
 What are your goals & what do you intend to do with your dogs?
Do you want a quick moving dog with strong herding instincts &
frisbee skills? As not all dogs have the natural coordination to
easily catch a frisbee "on the fly"!! Or d
o you want a dog that
makes a great house dog that isn't so quick reacting and would
make a better couch potatoe &/or house dog?
Compare the breeders: Some breeders raise quiet house dogs,
some breeders raise show dogs, and some breeders raise stock
dogs & herding dogs with strong herding instincts. There are also
breeders that feel it is best to cross the house dogs, with the show
dogs, & with the herding stock dogs to keep all of our breeds
natural characteristics.
Compare the breeders & find out what they expect from you.
Is the breeder easy to talk with? Do they have a stud contract
you can read ahead of time? Do they have the same goals as you
do? Know your terms as far as payment or does the stud owner
want a pick puppy for the stud fee? Does the stud owner require
permission to sell any of the puppies with show/breed rights to
other parties? Will your female be staying with the stud dog while
in heat & how much are all costs & boarding? What happens if
the dam has only 1 or 2 pups? What happens if she doesn't
"take" the first time & needs to be re-bred at a later date? Has
the stud dog been DNA profiled with the AKC if you need the
semen shipped to your vet? What is the cost for collection &
shipping? What does your vet charge for insemination? Has the
stud dog been recently brucellosis tested negative? If do live cover,
has your female been recently brucellosis test negative?


                ACTUAL AGE OF DOG IN YEARS

WEIGHT     1    2   5   7  10 12 15
90+             12 20 42 56 78 93 115
51 - 90        14 22 40 50 66 77 93
21 - 50        15 24 38 47 60 69 83
1 - 20          15 24 36 44 56 64 76
                   Human Age Equivalent Above
"The opinions and information offered in the FYI section are those of the contributing authors"


Molly recently won her RN (rally novice)

with scores of 95, 95 and 92 out of a possible 100.

Submitted by Mary Riley 


Everyone's Win photos have been gorgeous so keep them coming and I will post them! Send those brags and a photo to me.


Here is Matrix's win photo. He won Best of Breed and Best in Misc. at the Longshore Southport Kennel Club show on Sept. 20th.
Handled by Sara Gregware.
Deanna Mooney
Comix by Coleen   
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Mid America will be supporting another MASCUSA AKC Herding Trial in November!

Entries now Open! See the premium at

CENMAS is holding a Specialty in December at Eukanuba!

and SEMASC is a forming a new club!


I'd like to submit the attached picture of my puppy for the Tuesday Talk . His (pending with AKC) registered name is FHF Bluegrass Breakdown and we call him "Bogan". He's a 15- month-old, dilute blue tri who recently did his very first photo shoot for Hallmark. He had to take not one, not two, not three, but FOUR baths with four different little kids for Father's Day cards next year and he was a pro! He also just got his CGC and we are starting agility training (and pursuing our BN in obedience) this fall. He's our first "mini" (more like a big toy) and we absolutely adore him!


Alyssa Guertin


The Miniature American Shepherd has been accepted into CDHPR (UKC!!)

The Miniature American Shepherd has been accepted into the Canine Developmental Health and Performance Registry (CDHPR) with UKC. This is the first step in seeking full recognition with UKC! In order to receive full recognition, our breed will need to show growth and have litters registered with CDHPR. There is not a time frame on when we will receive full recognition, but I am hoping that we can show them what a strong breed we are as we move forward!

At this time, we are to begin registering our dogs with them. I will be submitting the initial electronic database as well as a written one to CDHPR. This is your chance to get your dogs registered at an affordable price!! Cost is $5.00 per dog being registered with the initial database. After that time, you will submit all applications to CDHPR directly and the fee will be $35 per dog.



Any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Thank you,

Deanna Mooney



Owner/Handler: Keira Nguyen with Triple R's Dances On All Of Kalani CGC Title
Westfild Fairgrounds AKC New England Chow Club 9-8=2013
Thank you Camille Gagnon for running a great CGC Test!

For those looking for AKC shows to enter, please check the AKC superintendent for your region and ideally, get on their mailing list for show premiums to be sent to your address.

This is a list of all the AKC superintendents:


I think that the Working Aussie Source is one of the best locations on the net to find herding trials and clinics!

The opening page is for ASCA Trials but be sure and click on the Other Calendars and the Regional Calendars and other Events of Interest!



The Miniature American Shepherd is eligible to compete immediately in AKC Herding Trials!  As soon as you receive your AKC/FSS number you can enter an AKC Herding Trial.


Find AKC Herding Trials here!


If you have earned an AKC Herding Title please let me know,
Now that we are eligible to compete in AKC Herding Trials, we want to acknowledge those dogs who are out there earning titles and legs towards titles.
Let's have some fun and gather several photos and videos of our dogs herding!!


Send to me and I will place them in a future Tuesday Talk and maybe we can start a photo gallery of minis herding!


Let's do it right away!!


 sheep gif 


Welcome New Members for October! 


The following applicants have applied for membership in MASCUSA. Any current member may protest the acceptance of an applicant by emailing, and providing the reason for the protest and the full name of the member that is protesting acceptance of the applicant.  
  1. Jenny Pettersson

  2. Karin Pettersson

  3. Sabrina Schoetschel

  4. Kristy Bowen

  5. Madison Bowen

  6. Cindy Burden

  7. Sharon Wheeler

  8. Jenny Zink

  9. Manuela Haydn

                     ATTENTION PHOTOS NEEDED!

clip art dog

Looking for photos, photos with family, performance photos, training photos and any fun photo you want to share with us! Send the photos to Mindy


Dont miss the 10th year K9 College cruise!! Lots of fun, great seminars and a super nice time.  Visit the website for details and pricing.

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Vice President

Patricia Davis, Secretary

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Linda Perry, Past President

Denise Albright,  many of the photos for TT


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