Board Bulletin


For Immediate Release

Registry Update

Dear MASCUSA Members,
The Registry is currently experiencing an extremely heavy workload. This is partly due to the recent transition in the Registry, and partly due to the popularity of this wonderful breed we love. The Mail Center and Registry need time to streamline some of the forms and processes in use. The Board of MASCUSA will be implementing a temporary moratorium on new processes during the month of December. Any process received postmarked12/1/13-12/31/13 will not be logged into the process system until January 2, 2014. During the month of December, the Mail Center and Registry will work to clear up the backlog and streamline the systems in use.

Processes received are addressed in the order they are received. The estimated turnaround time is currently two to three months. Please plan accordingly, as we have no way to put a rush on any process. A large part of the problem is applications that are filled out incorrectly, missing signature, missing documentation, etc. We are working on a policy whereby incomplete or incorrect processes will be returned to the sender for correction.

PLEASE NOTE: The RUMOR currently floating around that the Registry will be closing permanently is NOT TRUE. There is NO PLAN in place to close the Registry. The NAMASCUSA Registry will continue registering dogs and litters from foreign dogs and outcrosses for the purpose of bringing these bloodlines into our stud book in AKC.


MASCUSA Board of Directors