Dear MASCUSA Member,

The Board of Directors is considering changes to registry policies. At this time we would like to collect feedback from the membership as to which registries we should accept for hardship registrations (not  including MASCA and ASDR as these will be addressed in a future survey). Please keep in mind the following guiding principles and information.

  • Our primary goal is to bring Miniature Australian Shepherd and Australian Shepherd bloodlines into AKC/FSS as Miniature American Shepherds. 
  • As part of this primary goal, we register litters that result from crossing AKC Miniature American Shepherds, Miniature Australian Shepherds, and Australian Shepherds so that the resulting puppies can be brought into AKC/FSS as Miniature American Shepherds.
  • Our Hardship process, as it is currently defined, requires the applicant to provide three pictures of the dog. The dog must meet the phenotype of the Miniature American Shepherd or Australian Shepherd in order to be accepted. If the dog is not already registered, the signatures of both the sire owner and dam owner are required.
  • We respect the right of the owner of a litter to put a limited registration on a puppy so that it may not be used for breeding.

At the current time, any dog with NAMASCUSA or NSDR registration may enroll in AKC/FSS. Any ASCA or Canadian Kennel Club dog may register with NAMASCUSA via the Dual or Individual application and then enroll in AKC/FSS.  MASCUSA verifies the pedigrees before sending these dogs to AKC. Any AKC Australian Shepherd may transfer directly into the Miniature American Shepherd stud book via AKC. AKC also provides the ILP/PAL program ( for those dogs that can't be registered but want to compete in AKC performance and companion events.


This survey will close on August 22, 2013.  More surveys will be sent out in the future regarding other registry policies/issues.




Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your opinions.
MASCUSA Board of Directors