Dear Members,


The deadline is fast approaching for new or renewing kennel names. As of April 1, 2013, no more renewals or new kennel names will be issued. Any renewals or new applications must be postmarked no later than March 30, 2013.


Below is the list of new (pending) and current kennel names - if you believe you have a kennel name and it is not on this list, please contact Patricia Davis at  



AWAY TO ME                            DIAMOND LEGACY

DYNASTY                                   FLAT MOUNTAIN TX

JEMS                                           LITTLE MOON'S

MOUNTAINS                             PAWS ON HEAVEN



4PAWS                                        A KINGS CASTLE

A2Z                                              ABINGTON

AIM                                              ALPINE

ALSTAR                                       APPLEWOOD

ASPEN                                          B.A.'S

BADLAND                                    BIG ENOUGH

BIRCHVIEW                                BLUEGRASS

BOLD LEGEND                            BOLDHEART

BOOTSTRAP                               BRASSY ACRES

CADALLIE                                   CHANDREA

CHERRY TREE                            CHEASAPEAKE

COAL DUST                                COWDOG UP

COWGIRL                                   COWTOWN

CUDDLE BUG                              DODGE CITY

DRESDEN'S                                  DUSTY BOOTS

ELK LAKE                                     GLENCOVE


HAF2HAV                                    HERD OF US

INTEGRITY                                  JUNIPER

KARMA                                        KILKENNY FARMS

KLOCK                                        LINDERLAND

LOVE THAT                                 MCSTORMS

MERCYME                                   MINISODA

MY DREAM                                  MY MAGIC

NIRVANA                                     NORTH COUNTRY


OZZIE CHARMS                         PAINTED MEADOW

PICASSO                                     PRODIGY

RAIN DANCER                            REDLINE

ROCKIN B                                   ROCKING 2R

ROCK'N C                                   ROSE CREEK

SANTA FE                                     SHINING STAR


SIXGUN                                        SIZZLN HOT

SKYVIEW                                     SNAKE RIVER

SOUTHERN ROSE                      SOUTHERN STAR

SUN-UP                                        SWAGMAN

SWAMPY CREEK                       SWEET SPOT

TAMWORTH                               TEACUP


THISTLE CREEK                          TONKA'S     

TOO MINI                                    VIERRA 

WAG                                            WAKEFIELD

WEE WITTY                                 WIGGLEBUTT

WILLAMETTE                              WILLOW ROCK RANCH



After we have received all new applications, the new kennel names will be published in the Tuesday Talk bulletin so that members have the opportunity to submit objections and the reason for their objection regarding that application.  After 45 days from date of publication, the application will be forwarded to the Board for approval.  There is no guarantee that any name approved as a NAMASCUSA Registered Kennel Name will be accepted by AKC.


Kennel names that have been submitted and approved and renewed names will continue to be honored and no renewal fees will be required after March 31, 2013 as long as owners and co-owners maintain their MASCUSA membership. Kennel names with owners and/or co-owners that do not maintain their MASCUSA membership, will expire at their next expiration date or immediately after the membership is dropped, whichever is later.


If you have a kennel name approved by AKC for the Miniature American Shepherd breed, please send a copy of the certificate to  We are trying to gather information in order to send a proposal to AKC regarding Kennel Name applications for our breed.  Once we have more information from AKC regarding their requirements, we will notify the membership.


As always - questions/comments to are welcomed.



MASCUSA Board of Directors