Regarding the new Show Rules & Special Programs & Awards

Dear Members,


The new MASCUSA Show Rules and Special Programs and Awards has been approved and is available at  We are excited about this new program which not only allows points to be rolled forward from the old program, but also allows points to be earned through AKC licensed conformation shows and MASCUSA sanctioned non-AKC shows and/or show venues.  We are hoping that this program will help ease our members into the AKC conformation world!  Any questions regarding these new rules should be submitted to


Responsibility for calculating points has been transferred to Patricia Davis, MASCUSA Secretary.  Patricia will notify each individual directly of all points that will roll forward into the new program and what section of the new show rules your dog(s) fall under.   


IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  All winsheets accumulated from AKC and MASCUSA sanctioned non-AKC venues from June 27, 2012 through the current date must be postmarked within 30 days of this notice.  The old winsheets will be accepted for these initial submissions from non-AKC venues.  However, from this point forward, all submissions must be on the new winsheet as shown in the new show rules.  Additionally, winsheets must be submitted for AKC shows and the print-out of points earned (which can be obtained on the AKC website) must be attached.  ALL WINSHEETS FROM THIS POINT FORWARD MUST BE POSTMARKED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE SHOW IN WHICH THE POINTS WERE EARNED.  ALL WINSHEETS MUST BE COMPLETELY AND ACCURATELY FILLED OUT AND HAVE REQUIRED SIGNATURES OR THE POINTS WILL NOT BE COUNTED.  


At this time, the following venues are the only non-AKC show venues sanctioned by MASCUSA:





The Miniature American Shepherd is already making a significant impact on the AKC world.  This is an exciting time for our breed and we wish you all much success!



MASCUSA Board of Directors