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August 28, 2012

Kenny Smith 
Ready to read the news about Nationals!

photo by Kenny Smith    


AKC Tidbits and News

                 Confirmed AKC Titles for July 2012 - CONGRATS!

Dog Title

Dog Name

Certificate of Merit

Taycins Always A Gentleman CM

Certificate of Merit

Timeless Trilogy CM

Beginner Novice

Little Miss Nike Love BN RA

Beginner Novice

Sandy Creek The Adventure Begins BN RN

Rally Novice

Linderland Tacoda Of Moki-Way RN

Rally Novice

Sandy Creek The Adventure Begins BN RN

Rally Excellent

Cooper's Bailey Gal BN RE

Rally Excellent

Shelley RE

Open Agility

Jax Lee OA NAJ

Open Agility Jumper

Lovin Lil Whispering Jesse Jade OA OAJ

Excellent Agility Jumper

Timeless Black Ice PT OA AXJ

Master Agility Champion 4

MACH4 Puttin' On The Ritz Riley RN MXC MJB2 OF

Therapy Dog

Willow Rock's Legolas Greenleaf THD

Flyball Dog Champion

Boot Top Tasmania FDCH

Flyball Master

Boot Top Brisbane FM

Flyball Master

Lil' Nubbins Melbourne FM

Flyball Master

Lil' Nubbins Sydney FM



Nationals Results, videos, photos and more are already posted on the Nationals website. The Committee did an outstanding job before, during and now after nationals!!


I will post more news and photos on the Tuesday Talk as they come in throughout the next few weeks. Congrats to all who attended! Send me your brags and pictures! Email them to  


Therese Stoebner wrote !


"I'd like to brag that all the committee members survived!
Actually, I now have all the results posted on the website and some pictures started. We don't have BOW or BOS or Agility HIT pics yet as they are still being reviewed and edited. We are still cropping and uploading photos to a site where people can purchase them at a reasonable cost. We would like to make the video available as well but are still figuring out the best way to do that. Hopefully we can have that done by the end of the week. There are over 4,000 photos to go through so it'll take a bit! Special thanks to Mike Stoebner and Joan Koskeniemi for taking all the great pics.

Thanks to everyone who came for a great specialty. It was wonderful to see old friends and make some new ones, too. Congratulations to all the winners. We had a tough go on the Specialty days of Rally, Obedience, and Agility but performances got better as the weekend went on.

Special congratulations to Icy & Donna Crary-Johnson who had 3 QQ over the weekend (almost unheard of!!) and to Sheila and Pam Richards for finishing their MACH 3 on Sunday! Deb Dulaney and Tank got a 197 in Beginner Novice Obedience on Sunday as well. My conformation records are in a notebook somewhere, but all the weekend's results can be found at Onofrio's website."





Icy and awards 

Here is a picture of Icy with her Awards from the Nationals

 She won High in Trial Agility Dog

High scoring QQ

Tied for High Scoring EX B Jumpers


A note from Donna


"I thought I would give my perspective of the Mini Nationals...

I arrived on Thur afternoon, just in time to see the Best of Breed class for the Mini's....AWESOME wow so many beautiful dogs in one place!! I was impressed with way everyone cheered for everyone, such a friendly group!! Congrats to the winners!!
Received my new shirt, and a welcome bag, with the Mini logo on it!! got a crate tag with her name on it and the National logo. All kinds of goodies in the welcome bag!! Thanks who ever did that, it was a nice surprise! Met lots of new people, and dogs.
Agility started on Friday was just EX only....Oh my was in the 90;s and humid..I'm from NM where it is Icy and I had to wet down several times during the day. Icy earned qualifying runs in both Standard, and Jumpers...placing in a class of 28 with a 3rd, and a 4th.
Saturday, National agility day, weather was overcast and cool...70's..much better for running. Made a new friend, Cammy and her 3 dogs. I welcomed them to share our tent, so we helped each other with sharing thoughts on the courses. Met most of the 11 or 12 mini dogs entered and their handlers. Such awesome people we have, all friendly and welcoming! We made our quota for workers, and I worked when I could. Thanks all that helped and pitched in to work!!
Maya and Cammy earned the High Scoring EX B Standard dog and won a beautiful leash. Maya placed 3rd, and Icy was 4th in Standard. Then we had the jumpers run...Icy came through with a 3rd place, followed by Dylan, and Jan's dog (I can't remember the cute red dog's name)also had a nice jumper's run. SOOOO there was a 3 way tie for High scoring EX B jumpers. They used the speed points to determine that they were all tied. SOOO guess what, we all got a nice leash!! Thanks for doing that!!
Icy earned the High in Trial Agility dog, and the High scoring QQ award!! So we received a beautiful leather leash, and a beautiful Mini Pin!! I did take some pictures of our awards, when I get home will send them.
Oh can't forget to say how wonderful the vendors were, especially the vender who was printing all the beautiful shirts with our colorful Miniature American Shepherds on them!! I bought 4 and a sweatshirt!!
Sorry for being so long, but wanted to share :)
Thank you for all the hard work that was done putting on the first Successful Miniature American Nationals!!


                                                         Comix By Coleen
Just for grins a new comic every week in the Tuesday Talk!
Coleen Swift is our comic graphic designer for this series and she will be treating us to a new comic every week for the Tuesday Talk Funnies!  You can also send a photo to us to be considered in one of Coleens designs! Send to

Shambaugh April 2012 


That's My Dog!


Photos and stories showcasing activities with your dogs. They can be graduating from a training class, earning a leg in a trial, winning a fun contest, or sking down the Aspen slopes on doggie skies!
Whatever it is you want to share that highlights your activities with your dog!
Send those stories and a photo to me


This week I want to feature the amazing dog that won the

2012 Goodwill Ambassador Award! 



Below is Shasta's Story

How my service dog changed my life
By Pam Clark


On the way home in her kennel we didnąt hear a peep from her. I still
wasnąt sure I could handle a puppy so Deb sent her home with us on a trial
basis. I had to take her out every two hours to go potty. The first time I
picked her up and she nuzzled me, licking my face, she stole my heart and
there was no giving her back. She was family.

A short time later, I asked my psychologist if I could bring Shasta to my
session. She said I could if Shasta didnąt cause a disturbance. Even as
young as she was, she just laid at my feet and didnąt make a sound. My
psychologist noticed how calm it made me to have Shasta there, and suggested
writing a prescription for her as my service dog. She did and we enrolled
Shasta in the Good Citizen Canine program, which she passed with flying
colors, and we finished her training. She was very sensitive to me. If I
got nervous or began to cry, she jumped up into my lap and licked my face to
calm me down. It was natural for her. Unless she is being groomed, she
goes with me everywhere I go. She is so well behaved. These dogs need a
job, and she definitely sees me as her job. When wearing her vest, she
knows it is time to work and behaves accordingly. People constantly stop
me, and comment on how beautiful and well behaved she is. Our main problem
is that people always want to pet her while she is working and it is hard to
tell them łno˛. Shasta will be five years old on September 13th. Time is
going by so fast, and I worry about what I would ever do without her.

Now, how has she helped me? For one, I no longer take anxiety medication
because with Shasta along with me I no longer need it. With her along, I
have not had one attack. If I become overwhelmed, which sometimes is easy
to do with all the things going on around me, she is there to comfort me and
lick my face, which will always calm me down and make me smile. She flies
at my feet whenever we fly, and sleeps the entire time. She has cured my
OCD. Whenever I used to go into stores without Shasta, I would have to buy
things. Many time I bought them with the idea of returning them later on if
I didnąt want them. Instead, I would forget about them and they would just
stack up in the house, many still with the original tags on them. With
Shasta by my side, that no longer is a problem. My mind is focused on her
instead of all the stuff around me. It has made a tremendous difference in
my obsessive buying habits. I canąt express enough the change Shasta has
made in my life. I love her more than any pet I have ever had. Iąd write
more, but it is time to get my faced licked.





 The premium is out for the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club shows Sept. 15 and 16 at Lebanon, Indiana just off Interstate 65 northwest of Indianapolis.

There will be two conformation shows, 2 obedience trials, 2 Rally trials and a Puppy match. There will also be a CERF clinic. Come and have fun with us!


Who: The Greenwich Kennel Club, Inc.
What: AKC Sanctioned B, OB, Rally Match; Rain or Shine
Where: Bruce Park, Bruce Park Drive, Greenwich, CT
When: Saturday, September 15, 2012 
GKC invites you to attend our first AKC Sanctioned B, OB, Rally Match to be held in Bruce Park, Greenwich, CT. This is the home of our very first show held in 1930.


From Wright County Kennel Club:
Please note that on Friday October 5th the Wright County MN Kennel Club will have an Open Show - all MISC and FSS as well as regular breeds are eligible for CM points in the official AKC event. Information as it is available will be at


the American Boerboel Club has been approved to hold 2 open shows this Oct 6/7

2012 in Davidsonville MD, all Misc and FSS. Ms Pat Hess will judge 1 show and
Mr Jim Owens will judge the other. Right now we are asking that you spread the
word to your club members in the Washington DC area

Judy Challinger


Sharing My Life Series

Your Everyday Photos!


Send me your most endearing pictures, the ones that make you laugh, cry, pull your hair out, shed a happy tear, working on training, snuggling on the couch, whatever happens in the days of "Sharing My Life" with your best friend!

Send to

Tazz and Brooklyn on the Pacific Beach in WA

Tazz and Brooklyn     

Sharing life with Lori Langton

2012 Kim Gardner



  Lori and Fizzy

A picture of the Movement class from Nationals,

Lori McKusick and Fizzy

photo by Sarah Seefeldt

Dulaney 2011

Patti Cutler 

Patti Cutler and  Vera Wang at Nationals

2012 Cutler Mini Am 


I think that the Working Aussie Source is one of the best locations on the net to find herding trials and clinics!

The opening page is for ASCA Trials but be sure and click on the Other Calendars and the Regional Calendars and other Events of Interest!



The Miniature American Shepherd is eligible to compete immediately in AKC Herding Trials!  As soon as you receive your AKC/FSS number you can enter an AKC Herding Trial.


Find AKC Herding Trials here!


If you have earned an AKC Herding Title please let me know,
Now that we are eligible to compete in AKC Herding Trials, we want to acknowledge those dogs who are out there earning titles and legs towards titles.
Let's have some fun and gather several photos and videos of our dogs herding!!


Send to me and I will place them in a future Tuesday Talk and maybe we can start a photo gallery of minis herding!


Let's do it right away!!


 sheep gif 


Coyote Creek   


                     ATTENTION PHOTOS NEEDED!

clip art dog

The club needs good quality photographs of dogs in various settings, i.e., herding, agility, obedience, family/companionship, etc. These photographs will be used for a variety of things such as use in brochures, other forms of advertising, on the website, etc. If you have some great photographs, please send them in. You will need to submit a Photograph Release Form for any photographs you submit. This form can be found on our website under MASCUSA Forms. The higher the resolution, the better.

Send the photos to Mindy


Aussie line bar



Litter Announcements

MASCUSA members get one free announcement in the Tuesday Talk for litters with health clearances on both parents (OFA hips, current CERF).

MASCUSA members may purchase additional announcements for litters with health clearances for $20 per package of four announcements.

MASCUSA members may purchase announcements for litters without health clearances for $40 per package of four announcements.


All litter announcements will appear in a section called the "Puppy Pen" at the end of the Tuesday Talk in a standardized format as follows:

one photo, maximum size of 300 pixels wide x 200 pixels high

a maximum of 50 words of description

one web link or email address


Send your litter announcements to Mindy

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Remember to send in your winsheets within 45 days of the show for your points to count!!!
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Two popular Licensed Superintendents, who have information about upcoming shows and you can enter online thru their sites




Thank you for letting us share our wonderful dogs

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