It's a National's Shout Out!

Entries have closed for all events BUT you can still order catalogs, t-shirts, travel mugs, grooming space, meals and sign up for seminars!

Highlight of the week:

And now a word from our president, Karen Keller


Time for a shout out from me.
Cindy Taylor will not be assisting me with the seminar.  She is not going to make it to this year's Nationals.
Reminder to bring your dogs clean!  Bring a grooming table.  I will be going over some basic show grooming to include proper drying techniques, trimming of the hocks, pastures, tuck up, feet, throat latch, crest and ears.  I will also be going over basic handling suggestions and ring etiquette in AKC and how to present your dog in the best light. This seminar is informal so bring your questions and a fun attitude. 

Also, "Calling all of you crazy auction individuals, you secretly know who you are."  And those that haven't experienced my auction techniques.  Come have fun and plan to support worthwhile charities.  Forms of payment include... change, paper (the green kind), checks, first born children and pick of the litters.  If you have something that you want to donate, bring it...I will gladly try my hand at auctioning it off. If you can't make this hilarious event, you can still participate by donating to one of the charities this will be benefiting.  I am sure Therese can add a link or two the Nationals web site in order for you to participate this way.

Fun Disclaimer Note:  On the forms of payment, regarding pick puppies for payment (LOL) they do not take puppies that are in the puppy uglies, these pups must be well mannered, completely house trained and leash broke.  Preferably with a few wins under its belt and has been herding tested.  They need to
have the perfect bite, not be short in loin or have straight stifles.  They must come when you call them (every single time) and have a perfect free stack. 
Oh, they can't be trash diggers or counter surfers. 

First born children must be adults, be potty trained, never ask for money, never lie, must like to eat more than just PB &J sandwiches and mac and cheese.  They must come with full degrees, preferably be a Veterinarian or Ophthalmologist.  They must be willing to pack a car for a dog show and remember to pack everything including duct tape, dog food, the dogs, maybe a cooler full of snackums and be ready to take phone calls that go on for hours listening to everything dog while being a cheerleader with excitement.  When you arrive back home from a show they need to tell you how nice the packing job was when they open the door of the car as everything falls out all over the place.  After they unload the car and remove the bait from your pockets, hopefully they will cheerfully listen to more hours of boring dog talk.

Sign up for the dinner and fun...

Karen Keller
President of MASCUSA



Wednesday Herding Entry Numbers

We have:

Intermediate - (3)

Started - (6)

Trial Class Total:  9 


Pre-Trial - (5)

Herding Tested - (1)

Total for Test: 6 


Instinct Test: 16 


Total Herding Entries 31

MAS - 25

Other - 6


Thursday Conformation Entry Numbers


Best of Breed  10

Class Dogs  18

Class Bitches  18

Junior Showmanship  7

MV-MAS Conformation Evaluation 12

Non-Regular Classes  68

Puppy Sweeps  39

Veteran Sweeps 3

Total Entries 175

Volunteers needed for agility trial


We need at least 2 more people to volunteer for the agility trial on Saturday, August 25. If we cover all the different positions our club, MASCUSA, will get credit for hosting a Match. Please go to the Volunteer page on the Nationals web site and sign up.


Nationals Website

National's web site is at:


Logo #2 


That's it for this week's edition of the Nationals Shout Out.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Nationals!


The North Star Miniature American Shepherd Club