It's a National's Shout Out!

Wow! There are only 20 more days until the National Specialty in Minnesota

And just 6 days until all entries close! That's August 8th at 6pm central time.


Just a reminder to all of you who are coming and don't have your AKC/FSS number yet.....Get those in to Mindy ASAP and put on the envelope ASAP Nationals. She will get your info out in a jiffy so that you can participate in the whole weeks' worth of events.

Highlight of the week:Therapy Dog Seminar and Test

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 Friday, August 24 1:00-3:00

Therapy Dog Preparation presented by Pat Kinch


 If you have a dog that just loves people or it seems people are just drawn to your dog this may be the route for you. Do you like helping others or making them feel better? Therapy dogs and their handlers visit nursing homes, hospitals and visit schools. Whether it's just visiting an elderly person or teaching kids about dog safety or how to read you and your dog can make a difference.  Many of the TDI tests are similar to the Canine Good Citizen testing. You'll also be introduced to medical equipment like walkers and wheel chairs and teach your dog to leave food or other items people may drop on the floor. Our Canine Good Citizen training class puts you on the right path to successfully training your dog for therapy work.


In addition to the seminar, there will be 10 spots available for either CGC or TDI evaluations.  You can sign up on the Registration Form for the evaluations.



MAS Keepsake Catalog pre-orders are due August 8!

Follow this link, print off your premium and send it in.


This will be the only First AKC Miniature American Shepherd National Specialty catalog so if you have MAS you will want one for your piece of MAS history.

We will be printing only a few additional catalogs so if you want you're 2012 MAS National Specialty keepsake catalog you must get your order in soon


Volunteers needed for Judges Education Seminar:  

We are looking for dogs and handlers for the Judges Education seminar on Friday evening from 6 - 8 pm, August 25, 2012. Please respond to this by contacting Kellie Barry at and include your name, cell number and email address and your dog's age, sex, approximate height, color and 3 of its best attributes. We have limited space so depending on the response we may or may not use you and your dog. Please don't take offence we are looking for a good cross section representation of our diverse dogs. Your participation in our seminar will be greatly appreciated and a lot of fun


Follow this link:


Volunteers needed for agility trial


We need at least 2 more people to volunteer for the agility trial on Saturday, August 25. If we cover all the different positions our club, MASCUSA, will get credit for hosting a Match. Please go to the Volunteer page on the Nationals web site and sign up.


Nationals Website

National's web site is at:


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That's it for this week's edition of the Nationals Shout Out.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Nationals!


The North Star Miniature American Shepherd Club