Winsheets - All winsheets for the program ending 6-26-12 must be received no later than 8-10-12.  This is for Championships and Grand Championships only as the Merit portion of that program was cut off effective 7-15-12.  If you have any questions, please contact Patricia Davis at 


Tuesday Talk Bulletin Advertising - Effective immediately, all new advertising for the Tuesday Talk Bulletin, including those ads comprised of business cards, as well as all renewing advertising must reflect the new name of our breed, Miniature American Shepherd.


Committee Members Needed - We would like to invite motivated members to join one of our committees!  There are many projects going on that affect the various committees at different times and we expect more activity for the committees as we continue on our path into full recognition.  If you are interested, please fill out a committee application and forward to the Board at  You can find a list of committees and the committee application on our website at under Club Info and click on Committees.


Ramp vs Table vs Floor Survey -Survey results are in!  The Board will send a letter to AKC requesting that our breed be designated as a "table" breed.  Thank you to all who participated in this survey.  See results below.


 Constant Contact Survey Results

Survey Name: Ramp vs Table vs Floor

Response Status: Partial & Completed

Filter: None

7/25/2012 8:16 AM CDT

The Miniature American Shepherd (13 to 18 inches) is currently designated as a ramp breed for the purposes of showing in AKC conformation. The MASCUSA Board will instruct AKC to designate our breed according to the wishes of the majority of the membership responding to this survey. Please ensure you have carefully read the information provided in yesterday's bulletin before making your selection. SELECT

ONE ONLY. This survey will close Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

Answer 0% 100%                                                                Number of Response(s)        Response Ratio

TABLE - Table breeds are always examined on the

table, even in Group and Best in Show.                                         39                                           34.2 %

TABLE OPTIONAL - Table optional may be examined

on the table at the judge's discretion on the day of the

show. If the judge chooses to examine a breed on the

table, all entries are examined on the table. Otherwise

they will be examined on the floor.                                                 13                                           11.4 %

RAMP OPTIONAL - Ramp breeds may be examined on

the ramp at the judge's discretion on the day of the

show. If the judge chooses to examine a breed on the

ramp, all entries are examined on the ramp.

They are never on the ramp in Group or Best in Show.           11                                            9.6 %

RAMP EXPECTED - Only two breeds are designated

this way (bulldog and basset hound) and requires the

approval of the AKC Board of Directors. Dogs would still

be examined on the floor in Group and Best in Show.                4                                             3.5 %

TABLE and RAMP OPTIONAL - Breeds designated this

way may be examined on the table, ramp, or floor, solely

at the discretion of the judge on the day of the show.             27                                           23.6 %

FLOOR - Floor breeds are always examined on the

floor.                                                                                                             19                                           16.6 %

No Response(s) 1 <1 %

                                                                                                Totals            114                                         100%





MASCUSA Board of Directors