It's a National's Shout Out!


There are only 47 more days until the National Specialty in Minnesota.


Just a reminder to all of you who are coming and don't have your AKC/FSS number yet.....Get those in to Mindy ASAP and put on the envelope ASAP Nationals. She will get your info out in a jiffy so that you can participate in the whole weeks' worth of events.


Highlight web page of the week: Show Entry


Let's take a look around this page. The first lines you will read are these:


When entering online, all of your selections will be saved to your shopping cart, no matter what page you "Add to Cart" from.

 Non-Dog choices are on this page; Conformation and Herding Entries can be accessed via the side menu or the links at the bottom of this screen.  

Class sponsorships and catalog advertising can be accessed via the side menu as well. 

The 3% "tax" is the PayPal processing fee.


So what can we book on this page? All the seminars, grooming space, MDR1 test kit, choice of lunch at the herding trial, choice of lunch at the national show, BBQ dinner, Banquet dinner, your nationals catalog, t-shirt and travel mug.


Each time you "add to cart" it will open a new page to add more to your cart just go back to the "Show Entry" page and add another item to your cart. So, for instance I want to add all 4 seminars to my cart. I just look under "seminars" click on the drop down tab and see all the seminars offered including one that says All Four Seminars. I click on that one and add it to my cart. Then I go back to the "Show Entry" page that is open.


Now I want to add grooming space so I click on the "grooming space" drop down tab and click on stall, add to cart. But I want 2 stalls so I go back to the Show Entry tab and click on stall, add to cart. Now in my shopping cart I have all 4 seminars and 2 stalls in the grooming barn.


Now I need a few meals. I want to go to the banquet and so do my husband and 2 kids. So I click on the drop down tab under the Banquet and click on buffet, add to cart. Go back and do this 3 more times and now I have 4 seminars, 2 stalls in the grooming barn and 4 banquet meals booked under my name.


I hope this helps. I know I was confused when I first tried this out but once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy.


Of course if you want to download and mail in your premium you can always find that under the Forms and Links tab. Just download the premium and fill it out, send it in with your check and you're done. J


If you have any questions, please direct them to either

Sharon Sloper - 

 or Therese Stoebner -  

and we will be happy to help.


Tee Shirts and Travel Mugs

Everyone will want at least one of each so order now!

T-shirts are only $15 each and the travel mugs are only $12.50



Catalog Ads:

July 15th is the deadline to take out an ad in the catalog. I would love for everyone to get something in for this year's Nationals catalog!

Here are a few of the ways you can participate and have a wonderful time doing so


Goodwill Ambassador Stories and photos

Remembering Our Old Friends Stories and photos

Puppy photos for our Hope for the Future page

Canine Humor Funniest thing that ever happened to you and your dog- stories!


Don't forget to buy a Catalog Ad too


National's web site is at:


Logo #2 

That's it for this week's edition of the Nationals Shout Out.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Nationals!


The North Star Miniature American Shepherd Club



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