Nationals Friday Shout Out
Every Friday we will bring you updated info about Nationals 2012!

It's a National's Shout Out!


There are only 54 more days until the National Specialty in Minnesota.


The premium is AVAILABLE FOR:

Herding (Wednesday, August 22)

Puppy Sweeps (Thursday, August 23)

Non-Regular Classes (Thursday, August 23)

Regular Classes (Thursday, August 23)

Agility (Fri, Sat and Sunday, August 24-26)



Here is the link:


Note: the trial secretary and web developer  will be on vacation all next week without internet access.  She will get to any and all questions as soon as Ishe gets back.


The registration form registers the dogs, but you will still need to use the payment buttons to pay for classes and meals, etc.  I'll add something to the top of the page as well.


Highlight web page of the week:



 Grooming Barn Reservations



Due to the popularity of the show, reserved space will sell out fast.

Please only reserve as much space as you may need.

  • All reservations must be in writing, using the Premium List

registration form, or by on-line reservation. NO telephone or email                                        

requests will be accepted.                                                                                          

  • Reservations will be handled on a first-come, first                                                         

serve basis.

  • You may choose from two types of spaces:

o A 5x10x3 foot stall

o A 5x10 foot open floor space

  • Requests for particular space or to be set up near another

exhibitor will try to be honored but cannot be guaranteed.

  • Spaces will be available from 8/22 - 8/26.
  • Cost: Stall $20, Floor Space $10





  grooming barn





Costume Contest 



costume 2

Join us after Conformation on Thursday for a Barbecue! We will be in the VFW covered picnic area to eat. Following we will have the annual Costume Contest and draw for Raffle items. The Costume Contest is always a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people!




Time To Have A Little Fun!     

Costume Conformation Class Sponsored by NEMASC

costume 1

This class isn't for the best looking dog, it is for the funniest, most creative, most outrageous or ingenious dogs and owners.  Grab a camera, a costume and a friend who doesn't mind being embarrassed.




Costume Class Guidelines

*All participants must be in the ring at one time per category.

*There will be one winner in each of the categories listed below with a prize for each category.  *There will be placement ribbons given for 1st-4th place for each category.  These ribbons shall be standard non regular flat ribbons for 2-4th place and the winner of each category receiving the first place rosette and award.

*The judges' decisions are final.

*All dogs must be on a leash and under control.

*Participants will be asked to move around the ring for inspection by the judge/judges.

*Dogs must have a costume.

*Handler may or may not wear a costume.


Most Original Winner:  This is to be determined by the judge/judges as the costume that took the most thought and creativity.

Most Outrageous Winner: This is to be determined by the judge/judges as the costume that is the most comical, colorful, and "over the top".

Best Pair Winners:  This is to be determined by the judge/judges as the best participants of two or more dogs with one handler in costumes with a unifying theme.



Remember that this is solely for fun!  Please do not stress your dog if it is not comfortable with a costume and remember the costume should not be constricting to the dog.  Dogs's attitude will be considered in judging!

NEMASC is sponsoring this fun class and providing all of the prizes! 



National's web site is at:


 Logo #2


That's it for this week's edition of the Nationals Shout Out.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Nationals!



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