Nationals Friday Shout Out
Every Friday we will bring you updated info about Nationals 2012!

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It's a National's Shout Out!


There are only 62 more days until the National Specialty in Minnesota.


The premium is coming soon but until then......


Here are a few of the great things you will want to see, do and sign up for.


Goodwill Ambassador


Nationals are getting closer!  We need your stories for our Good Will Ambassador award.    I know there are a ton of wonderful stories out there, let's get them sent in!  We want to hear about these great dogs and what they do. 


NOW is the time to start collecting stories for this year's Goodwill Ambassador contest!!


The winner will be announced at Nationals in Minnesota, and the dogs will all be mentioned at the banquet and the Nationals catalog will include each and every story!


Goodwill Ambassador Invitation


Dogs are many different things to many different people, but once in a while a very extraordinary dog passes through our lives.  He may have been the one dog that made an alzheimers patient smile for the first time in years or a dog that lay at the feet of several shy preschoolers as one by one they gained the courage to read to the little mini american dog. Maybe he is owned by a family member or a friend but if this special mini american has touched the life of one person or a thousand people, we want to hear your story!
   There is no act of kindness too small to submit, because the lives touched by our precious mini americans are all worth sharing.  We will present every one of the stories at Nationals.  All dogs will be recognized with awards and will be honored during one of the Nationals events and the winner of the 2012 MAS Goodwill Ambassador Award will be presented a very special award.
Karen and Mike Oldfather will be sponsoring this award for 2012.


Eligible dogs must be registered with FSS/AKC as a Miniature American Shepherd.

A group of volunteers will be reviewing the stories. Please keep the stories and photos to two pages.


Send your stories and if possible include a few photos to

Karen Oldfather at

or mail to

Karen Oldfather

43066 Rd 759

Lexington, NE 68850


DEADLINE for submissions is Aug. 1st, 2012


 Here is a list of just a few of the things our special dogs might do!


Helps someone who is deaf hear the phone, door etc.
Companion for an elderly person
Companion for a child with emotional challenges
A dog that has helped to fill the void of a lost family member
Therapy dog who visits abused children's homes
Therapy dog who visits nursing homes
a R.E.A.D certified dog
A TDI certified dog  
A dog that has done a heroic deed that included a service to a person or community
A dog whose friendship and presence gave an autistic child the courage to speak
A dog who found a lost Alzheimer's family member who had wandered away
A dog who alerted someone to an impeding danger
A dog who brings smiles and laughter to a classroom full of children with disabilities
A dog who's presence gives children the courage to read and to speak in a group of people
A dog who is mascot of a team of special Olympic athletes
A dog who has inspired someone to continue life and to live it to its fullest.
A dog who makes a person decide that life is worth living and they get up each day to a wagging nubbin. 



Highlight seminar of the week


Grooming for the Show Ring presented by Karen Keller and Cindy Taylor

Wednesday, August 22 6:00-8:00 pm outside on the lawn at the Lexington Suites host hotel


This seminar is a hands on seminar.  We will demonstrate grooming from wet to ready in front of the class.  Following the grooming demonstration we will offer individual instruction on your own dog.  Items to bring to this seminar:  A clean dog, grooming table, basic grooming supplies and a fun attitude.


About Karen and Cindy

Since the early 70's, Karen has been a third generation breeder/owner/handler of Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds in partnership with my grandmother (Jeanine Perron) and mother (Cindy Taylor) of Taycin Kennels. In 2005 Karen made the decision to pursue breeding with a new kennel name, Timeless, in order to focus on the smaller sizes of our wonderful Australian Shepherds.  We are now at four generations of breeding dogs for hobby, family, sport, and enthusiasts.  We all are committed to raising quality dogs for quality people.  One of our beliefs is that you should show your dog in a natural state.



We will have a prize drawing at each of our seminars but you must be present to win!

Seminar sign-ups are coming soon so be on the look out!


Did you know that the largest mall in the United States is located right here in Minnesota? It is! Plan on coming in a day early or staying an extra day and visit the Mall of America.


  Mall of America


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That's it for this week's edition of the Nationals Shout Out.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Nationals!


The North Star Miniature American Shepherd Club