June 25,  2014

Recognizing Roots



Walking the grounds of the marina at Houston County Lake to create photos seemed the perfect pause to reflect on "Life, Phase Three," which is the term that I use for life after retirement from higher education. That rain would chase me back to the cabin to write and relax is all the more perfect.


The first time that I visited the lake was 45 years ago. In this one place, I have perspectives on a significant part of my life. Of the five other people that I came to the lake with 45 years ago, four have passed away. Time is fleeting, whether is measured in decades or between thunderstorm outbreaks. Time is precious. And life is to be experienced with joy, love and purpose. Sometime the purpose is bold, sometimes sublime.


My "new" life of writing, public speaking, photography and coaching/mentoring had its roots decades ago, even before my first trip to this place.


All this to say, that we should pay attention to the roots that form in life; some feed us, and some are tap roots. It serves us well to look at our lives and consider the things that nourish us and those that stabilize us. We should look through the depth and breadth of our lives; the answers are always there. We can also recognize places to return to in order to pause, recharge and re-direct.


Long live the all-too-short journey!













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