August 26, 2013

Home to Learn



The lyrics are great; their use inspired me.

"I'm going to make this place your home..."

I am sitting at the dedication of Turner College and Career High School in Pearland, TX as I write this, and the song Home by Phillip Phillips loops as the crowd gathers. I hope everyone is listening. For me, it is the greatest affirmation of what teaching, learning and school can and should mean to young adults as life begins its bloom. Could there be a better message to provide young people than this?

Pearland is not my home nor my school district (if I still had kids in school), but that matters not a whit when I see the vision and sense of humanity expressed in the brilliance of the Turner concept, and it deserves to be recognized. Great things will be done here by people who honor the legacy of a great man (Robert Turner, former superintendent of Pearland ISD) while also honoring the potential of each young person who enters. I cannot help but be moved.

"Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
They'll fill you with fear..."

I envision young people entering Turner, accepting the challenge of taking an alternate path to college (with college courses while in high school) or a path to technical careers: Certainly there are fears and energy. The message to settle down and the encouragement to ignore the negative forces are two things that every high school student can probably not get enough of.

What I saw was more than a great model for helping young people find a path to life and to careers that enable them to be the best Selves they can be. It reminded me of what education, teaching and learning should always be about, no matter the age or the venue.

Let us all remember this when we are in a time or place to guide, mentor or teach...

"Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm going to make this place your home."



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