June 11, 2013

Inspiring Stories



(This is part of a series of "reruns," of previous issues of the Listen to Life newsletter.  Many or most subscribers were not around for the beginning issues.  Please enjoy.)


Our lives inspire stories-fiction and nonfiction-and those stories inspire others.  They shape lives, imaginations and dreams.  We cannot relegate the stories nor starve the creative process that surrounds them, or is birthed by them.


This weekend I gave two presentations to parents who were attending a major event for middle school girls interested in math, science or engineering.  My topic addressed the power and affirmation that their own stories provide their daughters' dreams.  We discussed the various ways that parents can share ideas, dreams, toils and troubles.  I shared "Charlie Stories," which were on-the-spot fiction pieces told to my sons at bedtime.  Charlie was a caterpillar who always found his friend (whichever son I was telling the story to) at just the right time, providing a friend, conversation and good company.  The stories always revolved around something going on in their lives.  There was a lot of nonfiction in that fiction, and my boys and I all grew from the experience.  Life inspires; inspiration grows our lives.


Four hours after my last presentation, I sat in a theater watching "Finding Neverland," the based-on-truth movie about the inspirational people and events that led to the writing of Peter Pan.  In the imaginative dreamland of the fictional Neverland are roots in nonfiction, complete with love, anger, life, death, hurt and joy.  Inspiration surrounds us.  When we open our eyes to it, we create.  We create images, stories, music, dance, food and a multitude of other expressions.  Those expressions touch others who see them as inspirational and the cycle continues. 


Don't believe for a moment that you are not inspiring; don't close your eyes for a moment to the vast, inspiring forces that surround you.





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