June 25 2012

Did You Receive The Club? 




Looking for yesterday's Listen to Life about the club? Don't forget to "follow" at www.listentolife.me.  It is posted. 


Last week was supposed to be my last reminder, but a few readers said...


1.  "I can't find the 'follow' tab."    It tends to show up on the bottom right, just on the maroon section of the page.


2.  "I registered but didn't receive a notice about the newsletter."     Once you register, Wordpress will send you an email from which you must confirm your registration.  If you did not confirm via the email, you are not set as a subscriber to receive the newsletters.



I hope this helps.  Please encourage others to subscribe, too. 














Dion McInnis
Celebrating All People in Images and Words 


A Guide to Seeing ...
By Dion McInnis



Listen to Life cover 



Daddin' book cover and link


Check out this review on Daddin'. 


And this one!



Both these books are now available for Kindle!