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Since opening our doors in 2010, Jill's House has provided 432,629 hours of respite. 


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Family Raising Twins with Special Needs Twice as Grateful for Jill's House
Family Spotlight: Meet The Tupponce Family
Make a mental list of everything involved in caring for an infant. Then imagine the infant is a fifteen year old girl. Then repeat.
The respite you provide helps Luther and Jabij Tupponce be better parents for all three of their incredible kids.
If the thought makes you feel overwhelmed, you're beginning to empathize with Luther and Jabij Tupponce. Their daughters, Avesta and Genevieve, are identical twins with Angelman's Syndrome.

"They're missing the chromosome that allows you to speak, think deeply, and solve problems," explains Jabij. "They have poor fine and gross motor skills, poor balance, an abnormal gait, and a seizure disorder. Their care is really demanding, and they need it at the same time. Getting them ready to do anything is a production.

"Usually, when the girls are home, my husband is with one and I'm with the other--helping them eat, take medicine, clean up, brush teeth and get ready for bed. And my son eats dinner alone," said Jabij. "But, when the girls are at Jill's House, we can eat together. I also sleep better when the girls are at Jill's House and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed.
Avesta (left) and Genevieve enjoy their weeknight sleepovers at Jill's House.

"The school night program has been a lifesaver for our family. When we're in the middle of our care routines, I don't have time to think about how much we're doing. We just do what needs to be done. But when I stop--when we're not responsible for every aspect of their care--I think, 'Wow! We do a lot!' Respite is a big help to us." Read more.


What Families Are Saying

"I have to tell you that my brain and body start to relax just looking FORWARD to Jill's House. Knowing that a visit is coming up soon makes the days before it almost as sweet as the visit itself. The anticipation (for our son and for us) is another gift that you ALL at Jill's House give to us. THANK YOU!"

"Each visit to Jill's House is so precious for our daughter and for us. Thank you, thank you for the blessing you are to us. I actually think Jill's House stays have made it possible to preserve our marriage--no exaggeration."

Thank You for the Impact You Made in 2014
Bridger enjoys the special one-on-one attention he needs. Thank you for giving him and his family the gift of Jill's House.

We're so grateful for your support. Here's what you helped us accomplish last year:
  • Provided 4,390 overnight stays: 3,228 during Weekends at Jill's House and 1,162 during Weeknights at Jill's House School Partnership program.
  • Accommodated 2,595 daytime child visits during school breaks.
  • Delivered 1,800 hours of pool time to our kids--by far their favorite activity at Jill's House!
  • Transported children to and from our 11 school partners on 1,776 bus trips for 22,724 miles.
  • Served 15,120 nutritious meals to our children during their stays.
  • Trained volunteers with the skills they needed to give 8,842 hours of their time and talents to support our caregiving staff, nurses--and most importantly--our children.
  • Continued our ministries in Colorado Springs, Los Angeles and Austin and provided for Indianapolis and Phoenix ministry launches in 2015.
  • Prepared nine Jill's House Fellows and 20 interns to lead the next generation of professionals caring for children with special needs and their families.
  • Served children with 122,475 hours of loving care in safe places made just for them.

These numbers are powerful because they mean acceptance, healing and peace for the 500+ families we've served since we opened in 2010. Our families often thank us but, truly, they are thanking you. In their own words, here's how you've helped them:


My son is accepted..."I am so thankful for the opportunity Jill's House offers for our son
to be fully embraced for who he is, despite his disability. Thank you all for loving him as

a demonstration of Christ's sacrificial love for all of us!"

My husband and I nurture our marriage..."We feel guilty when we are not trying to engage our son at home. But when he's at Jill's House we have time to talk, reflect, and discuss many things. We just can't say enough about how wonderful Jill's House is!" Read more.


To learn more about ways to support Jill's House, visit or contact Denise Daffron at

Preview of the 2015 Celebration of Special Children
Martina McBride was our featured entertainer in 2014, with Amy Grant in 2013. The 2015 celebrity entertainer will be announced soon.

You're invited to our Celebration of Special Children. This evening of inspiration for Jill's House brings together more than 400 guests to celebrate the impact of Jill's House on the courageous families and inspiring children it serves. A special performance by a nationally-renowned entertainer and the McLean Bible Church Orchestra will highlight the elegant evening along with an exquisite dinner, inspirational stories of restoration and Light of Hope award presentation.

Graciously co-chaired and produced by Bob and Joyce Johnson of The Johnson Group, the gala will take place at the Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center on Saturday, May 9 at 6:00 pm. Thank you to our Steering Committee members: Bob and Susie Buck, Randy and Cheryl Byrnes, Rui and Karen Garcia, Dave and Amy Hunt, Billy and Denise Oorbeek, Wayne and Catherine Reynolds.
Read more.

To sponsor the event, reserve a table or learn more, visit or contact Teresa Lee at


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Donors Bless Our Fellows
A bike ride through downtown DC helps all nine fellows return to work with fresh energy and joy.

Our donors support Jill's House in creative ways, using their God-given resources to serve so many. At the beginning of each summer, Jill's House welcomes nine recent college graduates to serve at Jill's House through our Fellowship Program. The fellows quickly become the core of our childcare team--working 40-60 hours per week, including two 8 or 12 hour shifts each weekend. They're a blessing to the kids and families we serve. But who serves and blesses them?

Jill's House launched the Fellows Program in June 2011. The first class came from all over the country and needed somewhere to live during their year-long Fellowship. One gracious family learned of our situation and generously donated three two-bedroom apartments, providing a place for our fellows to rest and rejuvenate after serving our kids and families.

The fellows now had a place to live. But what about furniture? Around that time, a friend of Jill's House called and wanted to help college students get involved at Jill's House. Her timing couldn't have been better. She jumped right to work. Read more.

To learn more about creative ways to give to Jill's House, visit or contact Denise Daffron at or 703.639.5663.


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Lon Solomon Featured in Recent Issue of World Magazine

Lon Solomon, Jill's dad and co-founder of Jill's House, was featured in a recent issue of World Magazine. He explains how raising Jill made him a better husband, father and pastor.

During the interview, he said, "I never used to cry, but now when parents tell me a story of their child, or even an aging loved one, I get it. God broke me down so I became more usable to Him." To read the full article, click here.


Volunteer Understands Unspoken Words

Rose (left) and Jill's House guest Katie enjoy reading together after school.

Rose Jallits was an Access Sunday School volunteer at McLean Bible Church for almost 10 years before she began serving at Jill's House. We asked her to share about her experience.


What do you do at Jill's House?

I'm a buddy volunteer. I help the childcare staff and play with the kids. I've been serving for about five months, and I'm beginning to recognize some of them. I can walk through the play areas and say hello to almost every child by name. That's been really fun!


You've been so faithful to the disability community. What makes you want to serve?

Disability has always been a normal part of life for me. I had an older brother with cerebral palsy. There were seven of us kids growing up and I know that was sometimes hard for my parents. But there was always so much love. I suppose that's part of why I serve. I know that parents raising kids with special needs have a long list of things they never stop worrying about. And care-taking is only one of them. Jill's House temporarily lifts that responsibility, allowing them to focus on those other things they need to do. Read more.


To learn more about volunteering at Jill's House, visit or contact Mary Rachel Robbins at


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Upcoming Events

The Big Band Dance to Benefit Jill's House


April 11, 2015


Mark your calendar to dance the night away to the big band sounds of Radio King Orchestra in the ballroom of a private home in McLean.

May 9, 2015

Join us at the Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center for an evening of inspiration at this black-tie event honoring the courageous families and children Jill's House serves.

The Ride for Jill's House



June 11, 2015


A 100-mile motorcycle ride through Northern Virginia raises funds to serve more families. Includes breakfast, lunch and a day of fun and inspiration.


For a complete listing of events, visit or contact Teresa Lee at
Are you about to graduate college with a nursing, social work or special education degree? 
Do you feel a particular call from God to work with children with special needs and to love them as Jesus does? Apply now to gain real-world experience as a Jill's House Fellow or Intern. For more information, visit

Jill's House Fellowship Program


We are now accepting applications for Jill's House Fellows and Summer Interns. To apply, send your resume to The deadline is February 28.

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