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Challah for Hunger in the News


Challah for Hunger is an initiative that brings people together to raise money and awareness for social justice--through challah bread. Challah for Hunger chapters bake and sell challah bread.  Each chapter donates half of its profits to the 

American Jewish World Service (for their work for the refugees fromDarfur) and chooses locally where to donate the other 50% of profits. 


The more than forty chapters, on college campuses throughout the U.S. and beyond, engage young people in community, tradition, hands-on baking, activism, and philanthropy. 


Hillel of Silicon Valley decided to take part in this initiative by baking challah three times during this academic year. Most of the Challah for Hunger chapters sells their challahs to the students living on college campuses. The majority of our students don't live on campus so we decided to adjust the program and get our amazing local Jewish community involved. The community embraced the project and we had 48 orders for our first Challah For Hunger baking day!


If you had come to the Hillel House on Thursday, September 27th, you would have experienced the delicious smell of freshly baked challahs that permeated the house. All during the day, students, staff and even Board President Bonnie Slavitt Moore came together to bake 48 challahs (plain, sesame seed, and chocolate and raisins were the flavors). The energy and excitement was palpable as the group blended ingredients to make into dough, watched the dough rise, braided the challahs, and brought the golden loaves out of the oven. The funds raised by the sale support both local and global organizations that fight world hunger. We are proud and want to thank all the volunteers who devoted time to this mitzvah, and of course to all the community members we bought our challah!

Back by popular demand!

Challah For Hunger 


Making a mitzvah can be as easy as eating challah! Four times during this academic year Hillel students will bake and sell challah.  


The proceeds will be donated to a local Jewish charity.   

On Thursday, December 6th our students will bake challah at Hillel, and the following morning, December 7th,  we will deliver challah to all those who pre-order. You will be able to enjoy your challah during Shabbat or Hanukkah!


Interested?  Purchase challah and do a mitzvah!  

Here are your challah choices: 

  • Plain
  • Cinnamon-raisin 
  • Sesame Seed 

To order a challah, please contact Vanina at


If you have any questions or would like to help us bake challah on Thursday 12/7 from 11-8pm please contact Jessica at 

Challah orders must be received by Monday, December 3rd. Challahs are $5 each.


You can pick up your order at the Hillel House (44 S.11th St, San Jose CA 95112) during Friday, December 7th between 10am to 4pm. We can also deliver the challah to you on Friday, December 7th for an additional charge of $3.


Thank you so much for making the first Challah for Hunger such a success. Please find an article about it at the bottom of this email.

Bring a toy, help a child!
Hillel of Silicon Valley is helping Jewish Family Services to collect toys for the holiday season. If you work or study close to downtown San Jose, Hillel is your location to drop off a toy. We will be collecting toys during the week of November 26th until Friday, November 30th. Hillel is open Mon-Fri from 9:00am to 6:00pm. If you have a question about this initiative, please email 


Hillel of Silicon Valley, 44 S. 11th St, San Jose CA 95112.