Note:  Deb is leading a pilgrimage in Greece with Sr. Carolyn Osiek until  October 18th when she will be back in Rome for the final days of the synod reporting again.  
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You should know -- Who's Who is the Circuli Minoiri

October 10, 2015
by Deb Rose-Milavec

Who is shaping the small language group reports?

The Holy See Press office released the Circuli Minores membership list on paper just before I left for Greece on October 9th, but it did not seem to be published online.  So below is the list are all the participants in the English speaking and German speaking groups.   The French, Italian and Spanish groups will be listed in the next post. 

The first week's small language group reports are out.  While you read over the texts, it is good to be aware of who is in the group, who is moderating and who is relating the information for the report.

It also makes sense to remember that not all voices are treated equally in these groups. Beyond voting rights, there are a variety of personalities, often accompanied by privileged status who have a disproportionate influence on the direction of the discussion and the composition of the reports.  It is probably unavoidable, as well as obvious to most (Pope Francis warned about the hermeneutic of conspiracy), but it is still good to remember as these reports are shaped each week. 

English Group "A"

Cardinal George Pell - Moderator
Archbishop Joseph Kurtz - Relator

Cardinal George Alencherry
Rev. Richard Kuuia Baawobr
Rev. Michael Brehl, CSSR
Bishop Silvio Siripong Charatsri
Archbishop Blaise Cupich 
Bishop Joseph Dinh Duc Dao
Bishop Charles Edward Drennan
Cardinal Oswald Gracias
Bishop Peter Kang U-IL
Bishop John Baptist lee Keh-Mien
Cardinal Soane Patitia Paini Mafi
Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa, SMM
Bishop Tarcisius J.M. Ngalalekumtwa
Bishop Renatus Leonard Nkwande
Bishop Joseph Shipandeni Shikongo
Archbishop Richard William
Archbishop Philip Tartaglia
Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson
Bishop James Maria Wainaina Kungu

Fr. Philippe Bordeyne
Dr. John Grabowski


Ishwarlal Bajaj
Penelope Bajaj
Agnes Offiong Erogunaye
Maria Gomes
Jadwiga Pulikowska
Jacek Pulikowski

Fraternal Delegates
Eminence Hilarion
Fr. Dr. Roy A. Medley

English Group "B"

Cardinal Vincent Nichols - Moderator
Archbishop Diarmiud Martin - Relator

Bishop Francis Alleyne, OSB
Bishop Anton Bal
Archbishop Stephen Brislin
Archbishop Peter Loy Chong
Archbishop Filipe Neri Antonio Sebastiao Do Rosario Ferrao
Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Bishop George Frendo, OP
Bishop Daniel Eugene Hurley
Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz
Archbishop Gerard Tlali Lerotholi, OMI
Bishop Xavier Johnsai Munyongani
Archbishop John Baptist Odama
Bishop Harold Anthony Perera
Bishop Selvister Ponnumuthan
Archbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, CM
Archbishop Menghesteab Tesfamarian, MCCJ
Bishop Camillus Raymond Umoh
Archbishop John Wong Soo Kau

Dr. John Kleinsman

Brenda Kim Nayoung
Buysile Patronella Nkosi
Meshack Jabulani Nkosi
Anthony Paul Witczak
Catherine Wally Witczak

Fraternal Delegates

Eminence Anba Bishoy
Rev. Ndanganeni Petrus Psaswana

English Group "C"

Archbishop Eamon Martin - Moderator
Archbishop Mark Benedict Coleridge - Relator

Bishop Jude Ayodeji Arogundade
Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, SDB
Bishop Charles Allieu Matthew Campbell
Bishop Tsegaye Keneni Derara
Cardinal John Atcherley Dew
Bishop Gilbert A. Garcera
Archbishop Dominic Jala, SDB
Bishop Fransiskus Kopong Kung
Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro, MCCJ
Bishop Zolile Peter Mpambani, SCI
Bishop George Murry, SJ
Bishop Matthew Man-oso Ndagoso
Fr. Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, SI
Bishop Tomash Bernard Peta
Abbot Jeremias Schroder, OSB
Bishop Andrews Thazhath
Bishop Romulo G. Valles
Cardinal Donal William Wuerl

Prof. Pia Matthews

Jacob Mundaplakal Abraham
Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea
Sharron Cole
Moira, McQueen
Maria Socorro Ocampo Villafania
Nelson Silvestre Villafania

Fraternal Delegates
Rev. Tim Macquiban
Rev. Timothy Thornton

English Group "D"

Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins - Moderator
Archbishop Charles Chaput - Relator

Bishop Joseph Arshad
Bishop Anthony Fallah Borwah
Bishop Kurt R. Burnette
Cardinal Daniel DiNardo
Bishop Peter John Haworth Doyle
Archbishop Jose Horacio Gomez
Bishop Borys Gudziak
Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt
Bishop Paul Ponen Kubi, CSC
Bishop Hlib Borys Sviatoslav Lonchyna
Cardinal John Njue
Bishop Jose S. Palma
Archbishop Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle
Bishop Benjamin Phiri
Bishop Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatimodjo
Bishop Antoine Tarabay, OLM
Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal
Bishop Lucas Van Looy, SDB
Bishop Joseph Anthony Zziwa

Fr. peter Paul Saldanha


Ketty Abaroa De Reende
Dr. Pedro Jussieu De Rezende
Maria Harrie
Sr. Marueen Kelleher
Wisam Marqus Odeesho
Salim Suhaila Toma

Fraternal Delegates
Fr. Robert K. Welsh

German Group 

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, OP - Moderator
Archbishop Heiner Koch - Relator

Bishop Franz-Josepf Hermann Bode
Bishop Benno Elbs
Cardinal Walter Kasper
Cardinal Kurt Koch
Fr. Gregoire Laham, BS
Cardinal Reinhard Marx
Cardinal Gerhard Muller
Bishop Ladislav Nemet, SVD
Bishop Teemu Sippo, SCI
Bishop Andras Veres
Bishop Stanislav Zvolensky

Rev. Michael Sievernich, SI

Prof. Aloys Johan Buch
Petra Buch

Fraternal Delegates
Eminence Andrej
Rev. Thomas Schirrmacher

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