March 9, 2015

Meet with your bishop

Dear ,

Thank you for your support of the 2014 Open Letter to United States Bishops.

When you signed the letter you indicated willingness to meet with your local bishop. We have hundreds of people across the US interested in meeting with local bishops.

 I have attached resources to assist you in requesting and preparing for this meeting.

Our goal is to secure meetings with bishops across the country to discuss the reality of sacramental life for Catholics and the need for new models of leadership in our church.

If you could please reply to this email and let me know two things:

1. Are you planning to pursue a meeting with your local bishop?

2. Would you like to connect with others in your diocese and work together to secure a meeting?


Attached please find a copy of the open letter, tips for scheduling a meeting, talking points, sample letter to your bishop if he will not meet with you, and articles for you and your bishop to review.

 We are hoping to have meetings this spring and summer in advance of the fall USCCB assembly.

Thank you for your commitment to the future of leadership in our church,


Liz England
Program Coordinator

Attached (materials are also available for download on
Bishop Meeting Materials- Open Letter Bishop
Bishop Meeting Materials- Tips for Meeting with your Bishop
Bishop Meeting Materials- Talking points for discussing married
Bishop Meeting Materials- Draft Letter to Bishop
Bishop Meeting Materials- America Magazine
Bishop Meeting Materials- Archbishop Pietro Parolin
Bishop Meeting Materials- Pope Francis on Priest Celibacy
Bishop Meeting Materials- Pray Tell on Bishop Krautler

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We seek changes that will provide all Roman Catholics the opportunity to participate fully in Church life and leadership.