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Last week Cardinal Sean O'Malley barred internationally recognized priest-shortage activist, Fr. Helmut Schuller, from speaking on Catholic property in Boston.  
Sch�ller is scheduled to speak on July 17 as part of a national The Catholic Tipping Point tour to 15 U.S. cities sponsored by ten progressive Catholic organizations, including FutureChurch.

The Boston Archdiocese is downsizing its 288 parishes into 135 clusters because of a severe priest shortage. It is surreal that discussion of creative solutions to the clergy crisis are now being "banned in Boston"  (though local organizers quickly  relocated the talk to a nearby venue). 

Read statement from Catholic Tipping Point coalition here

With other members of our coalition I've been busy giving media interviews See a sampling below.  (God does have a way of writing straight with crooked lines. The publicity will likely help our turn out.) 

Church infrastructure shrinks as Austrian priests tours U.S. 

Cardinal Sean O' Malley bans Austrian Priest  

What Catholics know about power.  

Boston cardinal nixes priest talk at parish

Please do keep Fr. Sch�ller and all of our local and national sponsors in your prayers.



Christine Schenk, csj 
Executive Director

PS..Fr. Schuller's presentation is being digitally videotaped midway through his visit.  We plan to make it avaialable online for those unable to attend. 
The Catholic Tipping Point
Conversations with Fr. Helmut Sch�ller

"Creativity, Courage & Conscience--

Re-Imagining Church Governance

And The Voice of the Laity"

Internationally acclaimed Austrian priest activist,
 to tour fifteen US cities  July 16-August 7
For dates and cities,
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For more info:  
*Sponsored by: Call To Action, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, CORPUS, DignityUSA, FutureChurch, New Ways Ministry, National Coalition of  American Nuns, Quixote Center, Catholics Speak Out!, Voice of the Faithful, and Women's Ordination Conference  

The Catholic Tipping Point

Conversations with
Fr.Helmut Sch�ller
InIternationally acclaimed Austrian priest activist,
 to tour fifteen US cities  July 16-August 7

For info dates and
 click here 

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