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We've been in Rome two days and the city is rife with rumors about who  will be elected Pope. Some say if white smoke appears today (Wednesday) it is likely that a candidate supported by  curial power brokers, such as Cardinals Scherer, Scola, or Sandri will be elected.  If the election is delayed until Thursday or beyond, a compromise candidate such as Cardinals Ravasi, Schönborn, Braz de Avis  or even Americans such as Wuerl or O'Malley will be elected.

For more on papal candidates from NCR's John Allen click here

I have been busy giving TV and print  interviews and networking with worldwide advocacy groups, particularly Women's Ordination Worldwide who sponsored a moving prayer service yesterday asking for open discussion of women's ordination. The event was covered by CBS Los Angeles and included an interview with me later in the day about our work for women deacons and highlighting the priest shortage. See great video coverage here

Here are more links to my recent media interviews covering our mission
ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (Friday March 8)
CBS Sunday Morning (on optional celibacy) 
Pondering the Pope and the Gender Divide

We haven't given up on delivering documentation of over 25,000
postcards and letters asking Vatican officials and local bishops to restore the Church's early traditions of permitting married priests and women deacons  
but it may have to wait until after the papal election since all Vatican offices are on hiatus at present.

Later today, I head to St. Peter's to watch for white smoke and be available to media. (about 6:00 Rome time, 1:00 EDT)  I am posting regularly from Rome via email and you can also follow us on Facebook Like us on Facebook and Twitter Follow us on Twitterduring the conclave and the pilgrimage.!


We are grateful for donations from many supporters to help cover unexpected costs associated with an expanded presence in Rome.

There is still plenty of time to donate if you are able! 

Please do keep us...and our Church... in your prayer.


Chris Schenk CSJ


P.S. Our pilgrimage to sites of early women leaders begins Friday..If you are interested in learning more about archaeological evidence for early women leaders click here. And email us if you would like to go on the pilgrimage next year.


And you can order our Women Leaders in Early Christianity CD and Presenter's Guide to view and learn about many of the sites we will be visiting in Rome  



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