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The conclave is just a week away. Our March 14-21 Pilgrimage to Rome sites of early women leaders will, by God's providence, be happening in the midst of events surrounding the papal transition.
I arrive in Rome a week from today and am very happy to be taking with me documentation of over 25,000 postcards and letters asking Vatican officials and local bishops to restore the Church's early traditions of permitting married priests and women deacons  

We are grateful for donations from  many supporters to help cover unexpected costs associated with an expanded presence in Rome.

There is still plenty of time to donate if you are able!

Already we have attracted significant media attention (see right side bar and below)  
I just gave an interview to CBS Sunday Morning about the need to restore our early tradition of celebrating both married and celibate priestly calls. A ten minute segment is scheduled to air Sunday March 10. Watch your local listings for times.

Two TV networks have expressed preliminary interest in covering our pilgrimage to sites of early women leaders. Stay tuned and
read pilgrimage details  here.
I have been gratified and quite surprised to suddenly hear high ranking cardinals call for expanded roles for women. Cardinals Kasper and Lehmann recently suggested opening quasi-diaconal roles to women and on Sunday, Cardinal Sandri said that women must have more important roles in the Church.

It's hard to know what to make of the sudden attention to the "women's issue" in the run up to a papal election. Could it be that enough Cardinals are concerned about the Church's discriminatory practices that this has become an important consideration in selecting the next Pope?  

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Please do keep us...and our Church... in your prayer.


Chris Schenk CSJ


P.S. If you are interested in learning more about archaeological evidence for early women leaders click here. And email us if you would like to go on the pilgrimage next year.


And you can order our Women Leaders in Early Christianity CD and Presenter's Guide to view and learn about many of the sites we will be visiting in Rome  



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