Papal Leadership for the 21st Century:
Pastoral, Reform-Minded Pope
Write U.S. Cardinal Electors Today!

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I send below our media release about FutureChurch's new

Position Statement on Papal Leadership for the 21st Century.

You can read the full statement. Then, we hope you will write U.S. Cardinal Electors.  


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For Immediate Release:


FutureChurch Seeks Election of Pastoral, Reform-Minded Pope

Encourages U.S. Catholics To Write Cardinal Electors


(Cleveland) On Thursday February 14, the Board of Trustees of FutureChurch unanimously approved a position statement detailing challenges in the church and the qualities needed in candidates for the next Pope.


Entitled "Papal Leadership for the 21st Century" the statement asks for a "reform-minded" Pope who will address the need for change in an array of church practices. The group urges election of a candidate who would "encourage consultative structures that involve Catholic people in decisions that directly affect them; practice subsidiarity, reduce unnecessary centralization of authority, value due process for alleged errors, encourage accountability and transparency, and value access to the Eucharist [the Mass] over an exclusively male celibate priesthood. "


Full position statement and addresses of Cardinal-Electors available at


"Given the power struggles that resulted after Pope Benedict tried to address Vatican financial scandals and clergy sex abuse, it is clear that reform of Church governance is desperately needed," said FutureChurch executive director, Sr. Christine Schenk.


"Somehow, we've got to help the Roman bureaucracy remember they are there to serve the 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, " said FutureChurch board member Mary Louise Hartman. "Millions of Catholics have no access to the most sacred gifts of Catholic life, the Eucharist and the other sacraments."


"Canon law tells us that Catholics have a right to the Mass, but in countries like Brazil, eighty percent of all Sunday services are services of the Word because there are no priests. This has got to change," said Schenk.


"We have an obligation under canon law to 'make our views known on matters concerning the good of the church,'" said Hartman. "So we are asking our members and supporters to write the Cardinal Electors immediately and offer their views about what is needed for Papal Leadership in the 21st Century."


Sister Chris Schenk, FutureChurch Staff, Board Members in Rome during Conclave. FutureChurch's March 14-21 pilgrimage to archaeological sites of early women leaders in the Church sold out three months ago. Sr. Chris will lead the pilgrimage as planned and will be in Rome She will be available by email and cell 216-513-3647. Calls from U.S. require international access of 011-1 In Italy the access is 00. For pilgrimage info March 11-28 .

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