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Please help us gather 5,000 more signatures for married priests and women deacons.


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From March 11-23, I will be in Rome with FutureChurch program coordinatior, Liz England, two board members and 30 others for a pilgrimage to archaeological sites of women leaders in the early Church.  We want to meet with Vatican officials and deliver the current list of all who signed our Open Letter and e-postcards for optional celibacy and women deacons. So far there are nearly 20,000 signers.


Please help us add 5,000 additional signatures between now and March 10.


If you haven't already, click Optional Celibacy E-postcard to show your support for permitting both a married and celibate priesthood in the Catholic Church.  


And click Women Deacons E postcard to help end the silencing of Catholic women by allowing women to preach at Mass.  


If you HAVE already signed the E-postcard or Open Letter will you forward this message via email or facebook to ten of your friends?



In 2012, as a direct result of our Open Letter to US Bishops, over 400 Catholics sought meetings with Bishops in 42 U.S. dioceses at the time of their ad limina visits to Rome. The purpose was to discuss optional celibacy and women deacons. Read the media release and a comprehensive report of meeting outcomes and letter responses here.

Gratefully, [and my apologies for any cross postings] 
Christine Schenk, csj
Executive Director


P.S. If your passion includes building the critical mass for women's ordination to the priesthood, click on FutureChurch's A Million Voices  project for information about grassroots educational resources, suitable for parishes and small faith communities. See the free online essay  Conscience, Dissent, and the Non Ordination of Women and listen to the podcast"Can a Woman Receive the Sacrament of Orders?".


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