nuncio christmas card
Send a Christmas Card to the Nuncio  and
Support the Sisters! 

Send a Christmas Card to the Apostolic Nuncio!

(and Archbishop Sartain, Bishop Blair and  
Bishop Paproki too!)

Dear Friends of FutureChurch


This Advent, please let Church officials know of your continuing concern and support for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious as they pursue dialogue with the Vatican about the unjust mandates imposed upon them.


The Nun Justice Project  coalition is asking us to send Christmas Cards to the Apostolic Nuncio and U.S. Bishops delegated to implement the mandate.


Complete messaging information and addresses are  

all available here. 


Thanks for all you have done, and have a blessed Advent and Christmas season.


With gratitude and hope,


Chris Schenk CSJ and all at FutureChurch


P.S. As members of the  Nun Justice Project coalition we are monitoring the situation closely and will keep you informed about other ways to support the sisters as the process unfolds. 

View photos and videos of  Sister City vigils here   

If you haven't already please record your pledge to direct or redirect a financial contribution to support the sisters, and write to church officials  about how US sisters are being treated.

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Send a Christmas Card to the Nuncio and 3 U.S Bishops

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