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Last Chance for your Day of Ahhh

Spa Day - Sunday May 5
Registration Closes tomorrow, Friday at 2:00 pm

With packages at only $36
Everyone Can Attend!

Goody Bag 2013

Plus All attendees receive a Goody Bag filled with more than 20 different organic, natural and healthy products.
The Goody Bag is almost worth the price of admission! 

We have Goody Bags for up to 12 more attendees. Register Now!

At any price, you WILL enjoy your
Day of Ahhhh.

Double Delight -> Only $36: Join us after 3:30 pm and enjoy.
  • 3:30-5:00 - Relax & Schmooze
  • 5:00-6:00 - Rabbi Marc's Meditation & Yoga
  • 6:00-6:30 - Singing & Chanting
  • 6:00-6:30 - Wine & Cheese
Click Here & See What's New This Week
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Read about our Spa Day Practitioners
Spa Day CC Banner  
Spa Day Auction
Can't come? No problem.
You can bid and win anyway.

More than 150 Items for Auction
THOUSANDS of dollars in donations
Steal a Deal, and Support Your Spiritual Source

Jenae will bid on your behalf (and no one else will know your maximum)... And you may win the item for less than your maximum. Of course, you may be outbid and not win at all, but if you don't bid, you can't win!

Click here to view auction items
  • Spa Services
  • Cosmetic Treatments
  • Spa Skin & Hair Care Products
  • Restaurants, Food, Wine & Dining
  • Jewelry (oh, baby!)
  • Instruments - Some signed by Rabbi Marc with an inspirational message
  • Music & Voice Lessons
  • Art
  • Parties
  • Designer Handbag
  • Car Washes & Oil Changes
  • Organic Pet Food
  • Westin Hotel
  • Spiritual Reading by Halley Elise
  • And more!
Chose the items you want to bid on. Then click LEFT BID button, fill out and email form to [email protected]. She'll take good care of you. After the event, you will receive an email listing your winnings. How much fun!!!

Call Jenae with any questions: (954) 290-9896.
Email LEFT BIDS to Jenae BEFORE Shabbos.  

Spa Day CC Banner  
Cash for Gold!
At Spa Day

Cash For Gold
Walk out with a big, fat check!
Look through your jewelry box for unwanted gold such as tangled chains, orphaned earrings, broken jewelry, old class rings - anything made of gold you no longer want or wear. Bring it all to Spa Day. It will be evaluated by a professional GoldFellow® gold buyer. 
Lots of TAO members have used this Service. On top of your getting very competitive prices, GoldFellow will make a donation to TAO.

Do you want to sell some gold, and you're not attending Spa Day?
Call Jenae now! (954) 290-9896.

Are planning to bring gold to sell?
Please email [email protected]
so we can set up your appointment.
Spa Day CC Banner  
Can't Attend Spa Day?
Sponsor someone who wants to
and can't afford it.

Registration Closes at 2:00 Friday, May 3

You can still support your temple, the source of your spiritual growth, and bring joy to another human being. What a mitzvah.
To sponsor someone, you may choose Anonymous or Recognized sponsorship.
You may also choose to select the person to sponsor or ask the temple to select the person.

Affordable, supportive sponsorships are available at $36, $54, $72 and $86.

To sponsor one or more people, click here. Then scroll to the middle of the page, and select "Sponsorships."

Registration Closes at 2:00 Friday, May 3
Thank you, and bless you
for blessing another

Spa Day CC Banner  
Spa Day for Only $36
A Huge Win-Win Proposition

Registration Closes at 2:00 Friday, May 3

You win, because - whatever package you choose - your stress will melt away. That's why we call this a Day of Ahhhh. Your muscles relax, your mind quiets, and you slip into a state of serenity and sweetness. With every package, you end your day singing and chanting with Rabbi Marc followed by the release total relaxation brings as you enjoy Wine & Cheese before your departure.

TAO wins, because close to 100% of of your admission, raffle tickets and auction purchases supports the work of Rabbi Marc and TAO. Reserve now.

Spa Day's Greatest Deal 
The $36 Double Delight 
Due to upgrades, it's really a septuple [7x] delight. 

 For just $36, you get...
  • 1 & 2: Yoga & Meditation
  • 3 & 4: Singing & Chanting (led by Rabbi Marc)
  • 5 & 6: Wine & Cheese
  • 7: Goody Bag (worth the price of admission) filled with full and travel size organic and natural products (with infinite thanks to Irene Yovu)
Goody Bag 2013 
The Goody Bag is nearly worth the price of Admission!

Admission for $36 Double Delight is 3:00 - 6:30ish pm. 

Other affordable, relaxation packages:
$54: Lunch & Lounge (Admission after 10:30. Gourmet Spa Lunch, Wine & Cheese, Singing & Chanting, Goody Bag)
$72: Double Delight PLUS Lunch & Lounge (Admission after 10:30. Gourmet Spa Lunch, Double Delight Yoga & Meditation, Wine & Cheese, Singing & Chanting, Goody Bag)
$86: All Classes, All-Day Admission (Admission after 9:30 includes Gourmet Spa Lunch, Double Delight Yoga & Meditation, Wine & Cheese, Singing & Chanting, Goody Bag PLUS all classes and lecture).
There's a package in everyone's price point.
Treat Yourself. Support Your Rabbi and Temple.

Registration Closes at 2:00 Friday, May 3


Spa Day CC Banner
Sunday, May 5 (this weekend) is Spa Day

Read What's New This Week!
Registration Closes, Friday, May 3 at 2pm

Many thanks to our Major Sponsors:

Services Still Available...
17 more attendees receive Goody Bag filled with organic, natural and healthy products.
  • One Facial
  • One Cranio/Sacral
  • One Massage
  • Two Reiki
  • One Ayurveda Consultation
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Foot Detox
  • Two Mani/Pedi's
  • Triple Mask (Hair, Face, Body)
Chair massages available all day... $1/minute
10 minutes, $10 - 15 minutes, $15 - 20 minutes, $20

Registration Closes at 2pm on Friday, May 3

Spa Day is almost as luxurious as a 5-star spa. Give this day of pampering to give to someone you love, and create memories that last for years.

Give (or receive) the Gift of Ahhhh
  • Celebrate Mother's or Father's Day
  • Celebrate your Birthday or Anniversary
  • Celebrate "I Love Me Day" -- You deserve it
Classes/Lectures (Subject to change)
  9:45 - Stress Melter
11:00 - Ayurveda Lecture
  3:00 - Zumba
  3:30 - AquaYoga
  5:00 - Double Delight: Yoga & Meditation w/Rabbi Marc
  6:00 - Singing/Chanting w/Rabbi Marc
  6:00 - Wine & Cheese
* * * * * * * * * *
Registration is Required!!!
Registration Closes 2pm, Friday, May 3

Questions or Donations

newsletterOur Newsletter  
We hope you like the new format.  We're working to make it easier to find all the great information!  
Kindly direct ALL INQUIRIES to the office.

Our Website... has been updated.
  Feel free to log on for current TAO news and articles.

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The following people may need help remembering they are whole and healthy. Please, when you are with them and when you think about them... see them as whole and perfect.

Renee Hock, Diane Zeller, Ron Himelblau (brother of Shirley Shelpman), Alan Lipsky (Brother of Sheryl Lipsky)
, Diane Zeller, Paul Avenati (friend of Sheryl Lipsky Reback),
Dennis Barry,
Gertrude Birchwood (Myrna Wolf's mother-in-law), Leslie Brinkman,  Chava Lila bat Masha Aviva, Yehudah Cantor, Brianna Dalnas, Evan Jacob Demarb (son of Haddassah Nafdallah - friend of Anne Goldberg), Robbin Garrison DiCiacco, Ralph Dozer, Rick English (Carole McConnell's son-in-law), Murray Evans, Rita Feuerman (Rhonda Hey's mother), Brian Fusco, Kate GeMeiner, Gila bat Sora, Eliezer Ben Chava Glaser,Grace Gleissner, Barbara Gotsopoulos, Jared Gordon (Jenae Rubin's cousin), George & Sylvia Greene (Renee Greene's parents), Jerry Grove, Myrna Greissman, Leon Heller, Kamruz Hosein, Andy Iannaco, Esther Jungreis, Paul Kay, Phyllis King, Pamela Klein, Ava Kugelman, Andy Leeds, Judy & Louis Levy (Sue Reisman's parents), Jacob Marvin, Billy Mauer (Velvul ben Leah), Meira bas Shandel Chana (Shana Heppner's daughter), Audrey Nevins (Ann Kurtzman's sister), Susan Quasha (sister-in-law of Phyllis Tess), Rachel bat Nechama (Rick Vogel's sister), Saul Reiter, Wayne Rogers, Sara Rosenbaum, Joy Rosenbloom, Joan Rosenwasser, Jean Sokol Rosner, Jake Rutsky, Jackie Sabatucci, Royce Sagenkahn (Jenae Rubin's friend), Lynn Schlitt, Rebecca Schwartz (Rivka Maiden's cousin), Marla Silverman, Shauel Randell, Marvin Sheplow, Simcha ben Sarah-Iris, Frayda Sinnreich, Debi Sweeney (Alan Kurtzman's daughter), Toba Basha bas Chana, Shirley Ullman, Caren Vivado, Shaul ben Ida & Chana Rifka bat Hinda (Hindy Stegman's parents)

Please contact the office with requests for additions to this list. We respect your desire for privacy and only list with permission. Also, please notify the office to remove names from this list.
Do a Mitzvah...

"Professional" Clothing needed...

Jacci King is putting together a "closet" for her adult students that need interview clothing.  Please donate your old suits, shirts, ties, handbags, accessories, shoes and help these worthy students to get great jobs. To donate contact Jacci by clicking here. 


Donate Children's Clothes & School Supplies.

Sue Reisman teaches in an extremely impoverished area.  The kids (through 8th grade)  need everything.  It's a great reason to clean your closets and offices. Pens, pencils, paper, glue sticks and on. All sizes of clothing accepted!  Let her know you'll help.


Click here to send Sue an email

TAO's Adopted Family
An important part of living a Jewish life is to offer tzedaka and chesed - charity and loving kindness.  With this in mind, TAO has adopted a family through the Touch A Heart Foundation.
How can you help? You can make a call and say hello, or maybe stop by for a visit.  If possible, you could bring some groceries or cleaning supplies; maybe think of them when you see the 'Buy One Get One' deals at the local market. There is no gesture too small or too large for this needy family.

If you are interested in helping this family in any way, please call Renee at 954-888-1408 or by email at [email protected]
Give Tzedaka 
TAO Gives Back  

We are proud to contribute our efforts, time and dollars to help the community.


TAO increased our level of support to Kolot - JFS organization to end Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community.  


TAO supported Touch A Heart Foundation by adopting a family  - a grandmother and two grandsons for next year. 


  Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart


Click Here to Place Your Heart to Heart Message and reach over 1000. From your heart to ours.   


TAO Classifieds
Looking for Work


Wayne for a Day!

Wayne Rogers is available for a variety of services that include:

  • Everglades Tours
  • Five-Course Thai meal
  • Spanish conversation... and more...

Call Wayne at 954-564-5954 or 954-383-7189 

and see how he can help you. 



Experienced office assistant seeking immediate part-time work. Great with filing, telephones and general office responsibilities.  Trustworthy and reliable.  Contact Angela at 954-534-6740    


Legacy Video Creations

Leave a lasting legacy for your children, grandchildren and generations to come with a

Legacy Video Creation by Anne Goldberg. Give the gift of you - your history, your story, your music, your thoughts and what you want future generations to know and hold dear.

Visit my Facebook page for more info.    

or Call Anne at 954-536-8008 




Place Your Ad Here

TAO members looking for employers and employees are welcome to place an announcement in this newsletter at no charge. Employers wishing to give Tzedakah are invited to do so. Email your announcement to [email protected] 



Job Opportunities
Members post job opportunities for FREE! Call the office: 954-888-1408.
Member Benefits

There are many great 
FREE & Member Only (MO) 
events when you're a member of TAO: 
Sukkot Havdallah (MO) 
Shabbat Retreats (MO)
Wisdom Classes (Free) 
Women's Spirituality Group (MO) 
Men's Spirituality Group (MO) 
Sunday Salon (MO) 
New Year's Day Shabbos (MO)   
Do you love the sweet Shabbos reminder calls from 
Rabbi Marc?


Will you sponsor the calls for the next 12 months?  What a mitzvah it will be to support this lovely practice.  

Please call the office with yourdonation, or click here to            donate online 

Please indicate "Reminder Calls" in the message box if donating online. Thanks... LOTS! Your sponsorship will bring much joy to our community. 
TAO wants to celebrate Birthday cake YOU! 

Let us know the day and date (we don't need the year) of your birthday and allow us celebrate you.  After all, YOU are what makes US special. 


Karma Seven
1255 S. Pine Island Rd.
(NW Corner of SR 84)
KarmaSeven Day Spa -
Beautiful, upscale serene. Lose yourself in any of these services:
  • Hair (Cuts, Color, Highlights, Lowlights, Ombre: Styling including Extensions)
  • Nails (Manicures, Pedicures, Shellac)
  • Facials (All Skin Types, Acne, Eyes, Gentlemen)
  • Massages (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Swe-Thai, Reflexology)
  • Waxing (Full Body)
  • Hydrotherapy (Steam, Scrub, Mud, Volcanic Ash, Cleopatra Bath), Make-Up (Make Over, Consult, Brides, Bridesmaids)
  • Spray Tan (Bronze and Spray Tan with Skin Treatments)
Spa Day packages, monthly online specials and gift cards available.
At TAO's Spa Day, KarmaSeven is providing Facials, Waxing, Make Up/Make Over and many Massage Therapists. And everyone who purchases the Day of Zen package receives a hair cut and blow dry and KarmaSeven Day Spa as a gift.

Aimee Davila - Reiki, Ayurveda 

The Serene Touch: Tap into nature's healing power through bodywork therapies, food/lifestyle, yoga, pranayama meditation. Ayurveda products, herbal supplements balance your body/mind.
(305) 796-4426

Halley Elise - Empowerment Psychic 

Focuses on you, your contentment, your fulfillment in life. The usual applies such as telling you if you will marry or where your career is going. In addition, you get information regarding your future and the power to make right now, along with your future, as good as it can possibly be: Love, Money, Family, Health, ALL of it!!
(561) 755-2166

Peter Fox (LMT) Healing Hands: 

Fusion of Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki and other energy healing. Deeply relax, remarkably therapeutic.
(954) 336-6158

Christine Huynh - Shellac & Gel Nails

Liquid Gel, Gel, ANC Dipping Powder, Pink & White, Acrylic, Spa manicure/pedicure, Shellac. Top-of-the-line products.
1749 N. University Dr, Plantation
(954) 452-8233

Cynthia Segal - Intuitive 

Through intuitive energy, you get answers to questions and information and guidance to empower you to create the future you want now. Session is recorded!
(305) 389-1887

Jacquie Thompson - Uressentials Mobile Services 

Unique at-home SPA serice, committed to greatly impacting those living with pain and discomfort with proactive approach to health and wellness that allows you to look and feel great so you can life a healthy, stress-free, worry-free life.
(305) 733-4759

Dottie Zveibil - CHT, NLPP, RM, CAP

Reduce stress. Reprogram your patterns. Master NLP, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and Aromatherapist. Regression.
(305) 586-1745



Robert Zveibil - Reiki

Intuitive energy worker, using Reiki as a conduit to reduce stress and align within to your natural state of well-being.
(305) 586-1745


Shabbat Services
(First and Third Friday of each month)
Next Service:
Friday, May 3rd
7:20pm at Artserve

Shabbos Candles
Be a part of joyous, meaningful, spiritual prayer at ArtServe.

Following Service, join us for our Oneg Shabbat and enjoy socializing with our wonderful community.

This is Jewish Renewal.
This is TAO.
Welcome home.

Members and non-members are always welcome to our services. Share the joy and connection of our holy, sweet community.


Click to PRINT PRAYER BOOK. Learn the Friday night prayers, and come sing with us.
Next Service Saturday, April 27 at Artserve

Members, please help us welcome guests (wearing red name badges) by offering them a warm greeting and a TAO hug.

Remember to bring non-perishables for those less fortunate.

Location: ArtServe
1350 E. Sunrise Blvd (in the public library)
Enter on 14th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Today's Parsha
May 2, 2013 - 22 Iyar 5773
Behar: Leviticus 25:1-26:2
Bechukotai: Leviticus 26:3-27:34

A census is taken of the sons of Levi, and their unique roles are delineated.

Understand the interconnectedness of all parts of yourself, while defining your unique role in the larger theater of humanity.

Weekly Inspiration

RM quote 5 3 2013 use
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Coming Up at TAO Calendar 1 
May 3 
Friday night services at Artserve 

May 5
Spa Day!  A Day of Ahhhh!
May 6 
Women's Spirituality Group North,
Vicki Lichtman facilitating

May 7

Wisdom Class
with Rabbi Marc ... All are welcome!

May 11 Saturday Meditation Retreat - Member Privilege!

May 20

Women's Spirituality South                        Trudi DeGrazia facilitating 


Welcome to TAO
  R'Marc & R'Phil Drumming
We are a warm expression of joyful Judaism, with meaningful ritual and universal Truths rooted in Torah, Kabbalah and other traditional & mystic Jewish sources.  We draw deeply from communal wisdom and spiritual traditions in accordance with the ongoing process of the living Torah. 
TAO stands for Temple Adath Or. Our founding rabbi, Rabbi Shoni Labowitz, used great intention in choosing this name, as in Hebrew it means People (or community) of Light.  And whether the members were drawn to the name, or simply just lived up to it, TAO is, indeed, a community of light.

Embark on a journey to your Jewish soul through music, dance, chanting and meditation.  This is not your parents' schul!  Come and experience the warmth of Jewish Renewal - and community - TAO style. 

TAO Videos 
Meditation Retreat: Impact of Stillness > Watch 
Shema & Self Image > Watch 
Friday Night Service > Watch  
Meditation Retreat > Watch 
Drumming Services > Watch 


Click here to learn more about TAO  

Our Condolences

Condolences to Amichai Heppner and his family on the loss of his dear and beloved wife, Shana Heppner.

Condolences to Ellen and Jon Kushner on the loss of Jon's father Dave Kushner.  Our prayers go out to Dave's wife Betty and their children Jon, Ellen, Mike, Bill and Rachel, and Grandchildren Hannah, Abby and Sam.  

TAO Community Journey  
Learning, Living and Loving Israel 
June 12 - 22, 2014*

Start planning now!  Kate GeMeiner is the first to sign up and start her 
TAO Israel Savings Plan.
Sign up now so you can be part of this thrilling trip with your TAO community. The itinerary promises a deep and satisfying experience at the extraordinary price of $1250 plus air.    
Join us.  It won't be the same without YOU.  Call the office at 954-888-1408 for details.  
CLICK HERE for details

* Optional additional 4 days Chesed add-on. Click above for more information 

Rabbi Marc reaches out RabbiBlogTalkRadio 
Rabbi Marc
Personal appearances
Check back weekly!

Where to See Rabbi Marc 
& the TAO Orchestra 

Check back soon!
TAO orchestra 
Partner Happenings
Please check back for events sponsored by TAO's partner organizations 

hands on beach
Wisdom Class
Wed, May 8 with Rabbi Marc
Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30 p.m

Parsha Study - Facilitated by Meyer Weiss, prior to Wisdom Class from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 
TAO's Kabbalah Wisdom Class - is an entry point to a soulful, mystical, and purposeful life. In learning to live a life seen through the lens of Kabbalah, we become attuned to looking deeper and finding meaning.  


At TAO, we see the hidden wisdom of Kabbalah as one of the keys that unlock an empowered, conscious existence. Each class is a combination of music, discussion and lecture designed to unravel these veiled depths of liturgy and prayer so that they become accessible, meaningful and useful in daily life.  There is no need to bring anything special, only a thirst for insight, friendship and levity.  This is a stimulating, spiritual circle of like-minded seekers of truth led by Rabbi Marc Labowitz. 


Join us Wednesday nights 7pm at Posnack JCC and taste the sweetness of this millennial-old knowledge brought to life by Rabbi Marc and observe how the world becomes a 'sweeter place'.   


Non-Members: $10 donation at the door 

Members:         $10 donation appreciated



David Posnack JCC - Pine Island & Stirling Roads in Davie - Main Building, Room #146  


wsg song

Women's Spirituality Group

Monday, May 20 
7:00pm Sharp (so come early)
Always the 3rd Monday of the month in Plantation 
Monday, May 6 - Trudi DeGrazia, facilitating 
7:00pm Sharp (so come early)

Always the 1st Monday of the month in Delray 
Women's Spirituality Group is a sacred circle of spiritual women who want to grow and share their souls. Participation requires no prior experience, just an open heart and willingness to be in the company of loving, accepting friends. We neither solve problems nor give advice; we listen and learn, love and accept.  It is a beautiful way to make friends and deepen relationships, both with other women and with yourself.  Join us North or South or both and feel the love.

WSG is a Member Privilege.
Non-members may attend twice before joining TAO



Click Here for Location & Directions WSG SOUTH

Myrna Wolf's home 


To be included in the email list for WSG SOUTH, please email Rhonda Hey - [email protected]   

2013 Dates WSG NORTH

June 3 

RSVP and/or questions about this group, please contact
[email protected]

To be included in the email list for WSG NORTH  please email or call Susan Kivowitz at [email protected] ~  561-509-9188.     
Men's Spirituality Group photo

Men's Spirituality Group

Next Session May 7th Continuing the discussing of how the biblical story of David and Bathsheba can relate to modern life.
Come home to the brotherhood of men. All TAO men are invited to this unique, strictly-male opportunity. Each session is for eight weeks and discussions cover topics such as: procrastination, the power of money, creating happiness, and past lives. This is a safe and sacred space where you can be yourself.

Please note that once a new eight-week session has begun, the group is closed to new members until the next session begins.


Facilitator:  Lowell Gannon
Contact Lowell if you have any questions.

954-240-1944 or [email protected]  

Second Floor Conference Room at Office:
10200 West SR 84, Davie 33324. 

From Nob Hill Road, just south of SR 84, turn as if you are going into Burger King and follow the road as it curves to the right. We are just west of Imperial Lighting. There is ample parking.

Please arrive a few minutes early as the front door to the building locks at 7pm.    


954-888-1408 or [email protected] 

Members Only logo


Men's Spirituality is a Member Privilege 
Non-members may attend once. 


W Praying

Saturday Morning Meditation Retreats
Saturday, May 11 

Retreat into a sanctuary of silent inner reflection and sacred presence.  Allow the hour to sooth and relax you through quiet prayer, euphoric chanting, gentle (Renewal-style) yoga and holy meditation - all in the tranquil, loving environment of the rabbi's own home and in the company of your TAO community.  You know the benefits of meditation for your physical and mental health. Come and join us for this glorious hour, led by Rabbi Marc.

Meditation retreats - usually the 2nd Saturday most months. 
2013 Dates - June 15 
Location - At the home of Rabbi Marc and Paulina  

The Meditation Retreat is a Me
mber Only Privilege
Non-Members by Invitation only 
Yahrtzeit Plaque Yahrtzeit Plaque
In the Jewish tradition, we externalize our beloved departed by honoring their blessed memory.  Our Yarhzeit Plaque is a permanent memorial of family members and loved ones who passed on (parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, children, friends.) 

Add your loved one to the Yahrtzeit Plaque. 

Call the office for details.  954-888-1408   

Photos thanks to the talent of Elyn Zerfas



Tree of Life Tree of Life  

Express the unique spiritual grace and energy that reflects the loving Oneness that is our Tree of Life. The gift that honors your loved one(s) is a perfect way to celebrate the simchas you want to commemorate.  From weddings to bar mitzvahs, births, graduations or anniversaries, a leaf on TAO's Tree of Life is a beautiful way to say "I love you."

Call the office for details. 954-888-1408
Sponsor An Oneg Shabbat Gut Shabbos

Let's face it.  We love our oneg.  We love it not only because we're Jews and we love to eat, we love it because it brings us together and creates a space for us to catch up with, and hug, one another.


When you celebrate your birthday, anniversary, promotion; or say thank you to, or honor someone special by sponsoring a Friday night or Saturday Service Oneg Shabbat, your message of love is heard by all who are there and we all share in your joy.  (And the food is so much better!)  So  celebrate your simchas with your community!


(By the way, sponsoring an oneg is a great way to promote your business.  Rabbi Marc will personally acknowledge and thank you for your contribution at services and, it's advertised in this newsletter.)


Full and partial sponsorships are possible.   


To sponsor an upcoming Oneg,

call the office: 954-888-1408 


Tikkun Olam Tikkun Olam
(Heal the World) 

TAO cares about your health and that of the earth.  Check here weekly for useful tips that save money, conserve resources and protect both you and our precious planet. 

All-Purpose Cleaner  
Use on any non-wood surface.

1/2 cup borax
1 gallon hot water

Mix until borax is dissolved; mop or spray and wipe surfaces.


Floor and Wall Cleaner
Use this on any floor, including wood, and on walls.

1 cup white vinegar
1 gallon hot water
1 tablespoon to 1/4 cup liquid soap (optional)
1 to 2 tablepoons pine or lemon oil (optional)
For extra cleaning power, add liquid soap. Add pine or lemon oil (essential oil of lavender or rosemary are less-intense alternatives) to condition unlaminated wood floors. Mix all ingredients and clean floor or walls with mop or damp rag. Follow with a clean-water mop if you use soap.


Glass Cleaner  
Shine on without toxic ammonia-based products.

1/4 cup white vinegar or
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 cups water
3 to 4 drops liquid soap (optional)

Mix and spray or wipe on; for the best shine, use old newspapers!

Galia, Ocean and Kole Funds 
In the spirit of Tzedakah, Paulina and Rabbi Marc set up three funds at TAO - a Galia fund, an Ocean fund and Kole Fund. When you share your sweetness to celebrate Galia's birthday (December 6), Ocean's birthday (June 28) or Kole's birthday (June 24) and other occasions, please donate to one of these funds rather than buying gifts for the children.  These funds are used to send toys and other needed items to Jewish and non-Jewish organizations that serve children, including Jafco.

Paulina and Rabbi Marc will be informed that you gifted their children and performed an act of Tzedakah in their honor.

Donate to Galia, Ocean or Kole fund for this tax deductible gift.


staff Join a Committee

Do It Anyway!

Participating on a committee enriches your life, builds meaningful relationships and strengthens our community.  Call a Committee Chairperson or the office 954-888-1408 



Board of Directors


    Rabbi Phil Labowitz
    Rabbi Marc Labowitz

     Rabbi Shoni Labowitz

Honorary President
     Dr. Florence Ross*

     Sandy King

     Bob Heaton

Board Members
     Anne Goldberg
     Pam Kelner
     Robert Zveibil

Immediate Past President
     Anne Goldberg   

Committee Chairs 
Chessed/Social Action
     Janice Weintraub

High Holy Days
     Dee Sacks

     Shirley Shelpman

Spirituality Groups
     Men - Lowell Gannon   


     Women - Myrna Wolf

Nichum (Bereavement)
     Kate GeMeiner

Friday Oneg
     Angela Gershenwald      

     Eileen Grove
     Richard Grove
     Fleur Heaton
     Nancy Mendelson




Saturday Oneg
     Trudi DeGrazia
     Angela Gershenwald
     Eileen Grove

     Nancy Mendelson

     Marcia Peschitz


Zionism: Our Voice

      Rick Vogel


Ron Gotlin


Choir & Musicians  
     Maria Daszkal
     Bob Heaton
     Rebbetzin Paulina
     Michelle Alva
     Laura Launer

     Esther Levy

     Rick Wolfe 


Administrative Director
     Renee J. Greene

Office Manager
     Dee Sacks


* of Blessed Memory 


        TAO - Temple Adath Or, The South Florida Center for Jewish Renewal

10200 W. State Road 84, Suite 218 ~ Davie, FL 33325
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