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Volume 5, Issue 61                                                 November 2013

I wonder if NASCAR Car Owner Rick Hendricks knew he was hiring the best when he decided to hire unknown and unproven Race Car Driver Jimmy Johnson in 2001. 

Johnson won his sixth championship in 2013 and has broken almost all the records. He's  also been recognized as Athlete of the Year and Driver of the Year.

Johnson had a solid background in racing, but so do thousands of others who want the job of Race Car Driver.  How did Hendricks know to take a chance on this young unknown?  Was it luck, intuition or something else?

How Do You Know?
Like NASCAR Car Owners you have many candidates with solid experience vying for your positions. Many look good on paper and sound good in the interview.

So what's the secret for hiring the best?  How do you know which candidate will be your next 'Champion'? Looking at why people 'crash and burn' on the job sheds insight on where to put your focus, when hiring, so that you can hire your next champion.

Why People 'Crash and Burn' on The Job
While there are many reasons why people do not rise to the level of "Champion" or high performer after being hired.  Studies tell us that the main reason people fail in a job is... CONTINUE READING.

(In this month's article I share one tool/secret you can begin using right away to help you hire more Champions.  You'll see three sample hiring templates, 26 important personal skills and two steps to help you look for these intangibles.  Get all the info, here.)

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This Month's Just for Fun Video
This month's theme is about hiring champions by focusing MORE on intangible personal skills, and LESS on background and experience.

This is a silly and fun video from the silly and fun movie: Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  The main character is Ricky Bobby - played by comedian Will Ferrell.

Ricky Bobby crashes and burns in a hilarious way in the movie. He definitely DOES NOT have the personal skills of a champion, but he is very funny!
(2 minutes, 4 seconds)


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