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Economic Development eNews | August 25, 2015
Local company's phone app 
is a hit with emergency workers
A new smart phone app getting rave reviews by fire departments and emergency responders was created right here in Leeds Grenville.

The Who's Responding app by Fluent IMS (Information Management Systems) Inc., a Brockville-based company owned by Elizabethtown-Kitley volunteer firefighter Jamie St. Pierre, is an app "designed by firefighters for firefighters." 

Since its launch in January, the list of clients using the app has grown to include more than 200 volunteer fire departments, emergency and search and rescue agencies from across North America. Many Leeds Grenville departments are using it.

Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Chief Jim Donovan has nothing but praise for the app. He says it made a difference "immediately" to operations within the department, including better accountability and data for incident reporting. It tells him in real time who is able to respond and tracks response vehicles on the road. "It maximizes manpower and minimizes vehicle response. It's such a great tool because the more knowledge you have before arrival on the scene, the better," Chief Donovan says.

The lead programmer on the project was Shane Curless. The app can dispatch messages, give a responders' list, provide incident mapping, map markers, GPS tracking, mass texting, radio streams, availability message and location tracking. It offers the responder an automated courtesy message to let their family know they're on a call. The app also lets you know about road closures and where hydrants and water sources are located. 

Jamie St. Pierre launched Fluent IMS right out of college eight years ago. The company also provides web-based business management services. Its custom framework allows businesses to automate many of their standard tracking, training, learning, support and reporting needs in a single cloud-based system. Fluent IMS has more than 50,000 users from various international companies around the world.

Learn more about the app at Who's Responding and more about Fluent IMS on their website. 

Top feature photo: Company owner Jamie St. Pierre and executive account manager Donna Carty are shown at the Elizabethtown-Kitley Fire Station 1 in Lyn. They are volunteer firefighters so they are well aware of what the smart phone app should offer to first responders

The inset photos above and below show some of the app's features. 
Business Attraction
Request for Local Business Information

A Quebec based Styrofoam recycling firm has approached a municipality in Leeds Grenville on the feasibility for a potential start-up company.
We are looking for local businesses that could utilize the finished product or outputs from the recycled base.  The base could be reshaped into different forms and configurations suitable for applications in building or agricultural processes.  Please send a confidential email to the Economic Development Manager to assist with the attraction of this business.
Funding Opportunities

Changes made to application process
Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport are combining the Tourism Event Marketing Program (TEMP) and Celebrate Ontario programs. This is to streamline the application process so only one application form is required.
Event organizers interested in marketing funding to promote in-province and out-of-province overnight visitors to Ontario will now be able to apply for support under the 2016 Celebrate Ontario program.
Applicants will be able to apply to the program for marketing support, event enhancement support or a combination of both.
The combined program will launch in early September, so check the Grants Ontario website for updates.
For more information about the Celebrate Ontario program, please contact Blair Harris, your Regional Tourism Advisor for Leeds Grenville.
Call for Nomination
Business of the Year Award
Augusta Township Economic Development and Tourism Committee are seeking nominations for their sixth annual Business of the Year Award.

The criteria for nominations is; that the business has demonstrated or developed innovative business practices, services or products and/or has been in business for several years making a significant impact on the economy or the community.  Learn more.

Nomination forms will be received at the township office or via e-mail until September 11th at 4:30 pm.

Save the Date for the Business of the Year Luncheon on Friday, October 2nd, 2015 when the winner will be announced.

Career Transformations

Victor Dorey worked at a local plant for 20 years and made the transition to a Certified Financial Planner.
Former plant worker turned a layoff 
into a career in investment planning
Victor Dorey was an industrial electrician for two decades at a local plant until layoffs changed everything. The company provided advance warning and Victor used the time wisely to launch into a new field of work - financial planning.

"I walked through the (guard house) gate for the last time (at the plant) and four days later I started my own business with no clients," says Victor of his career transition. He completed his accreditation as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and then faced the challenge of building his clientele. Today, nearly six years later, Victor continues to help clients plan for the future. He believes strongly in raising financial literacy so clients can make informed choices. He has no regrets about changing his career.

"An engaged advisor can help 200 families a year," he says. He is also a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). Victor works under the Investors Group banner with Division Director Lisa Bell and says: "At Investors, we all own our own business." 

For those wanting to start a small business, Victor recommends doing your due diligence. "Spend time, know your support mechanisms and your funding opportunities." For people looking for a financial planner, he urges people to ensure they are working with an accredited advisor. He supports the Financial Planning Standards Council document A Matter of Trust: Protecting Canadians' Financial Futures, which calls for the adoption of a single, unified set of standards for financial planners.

Learn more by visiting Victor's website.
Workshops and Seminars
LinkedIn for Business starts off fall seminar schedule
Thursday, September 10, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Small Business Centre
91 Cornelia Street West, Smiths Falls

This seminar delves into how you can use LinkedIn for business.  See more information or register.
Share your events
We want to hear from you!  Anytime you are hosting a workshop or seminar, please send us the details via e-mail.