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                                    Fall 2014 

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Development Update

Our 2014-15 Annual Fund Campaign Is Underway 
Every Gift Makes A Difference

As the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts, Wolcott's Annual Fund is used to meet the areas of greatest need throughout the school. Donors may choose to support Wolcott in ways that are specifically meaningful to them, such as by giving directly to:
  • Tuition Assistance Program
  • Lunch Assistance Program 
  • Science Equipment
  • Technology Equipment
  • The James Tyree Center

To make a donation, receive more information or speak with someone directly, please contact Kelly Ramos, Director of Development, at kramos@wolcottschool.org.

Out on the Town
Don Giovanni at the Lyric Opera House
Students spoke backstage with Andrea Silvstrelli, accomplished Italian Opera Bass.

Court Theatre
English students attended a       performance of Native Son.

Chicago Humanities Festival
Wolcott is proud to partner with the Chicago Humanities Festival. Students will attend the festival and meet Marjane Satrapi, author of Persepolis.

Mexican Fine Arts Museum 
Spanish classes explored the Day of the Dead exhibit at the Mexican Fine Arts Museum in Pilsen.

Teens & Technology
Technology expert Marje Monroe and students discussed today's
most popular apps, why texting is addictive and how technology affects teens, families and relationships.
College Corner

"So many colleges visit Wolcott every year. I know through my relationships with hundreds of college admissions officers that they are impressed by the dedication of our students and the rigor of our curriculum."

Marybeth Kravets, Director of College Counseling

A Four-Year Approach to College Planning

Our College Planning Program is student-centered, collaborative and integrated into the entire four-year high school experience. Access to comprehensive college support allows students to be in control of their college search and makes the process more manageable. Here are some of the colleges visiting Wolcott this season:

Beacon College

Boston University

Curry College

American University

Miami of Ohio University

Wolcott School: Join Us for a World of Difference
Wolcott School: Join Us for 
'A World of Difference' Video
 Head of School Happenings


Election season is in full swing, both outside the school and at Wolcott.  As our candidates for student government delivered their campaign speeches, several recurrent themes emerged: the importance of responsive leadership, open collaboration with teachers, strong listening skills and desirable snacks in the vending machines.  Coincidentally, these priorities relate to an issue of paramount importance to me -- building a positive school culture with a community of students and adults whose relationships with each other are grounded in trust, collaboration, integrity and good cheer.


Whether gleaned from campaign speeches, Fireside Chats or faculty meetings, it is clear that all of us at Wolcott - students, faculty, administration, parents and guardians - share the same aspirations for a strong and positive school culture. In order to achieve this goal, I am constantly reminded that we need to be attentive to needs both great and small.  We must expand on the idea of responsive leadership as well as meet the concrete need for readily available, teenage-friendly after school snacks.


Opportunities for active learning also contribute to building a positive school culture. At Wolcott, these opportunities abound. On any given day, American History students may be debating whether Christopher Columbus should be tried for exploitation of the indigenous people, English 3 students may be debriefing about a performance of Native Son at the Court Theater, or Advanced Spanish students may be walking across the street to read to a bi-lingual kindergarten class at our neighboring Talcott Elementary. Students thrive when they are exposed to a variety of dynamic learning experiences. Spend time at Wolcott and you will come to the exact same conclusion. 


Quite often, parents and guardians report to me that their students are succeeding at Wolcott in ways they have not experienced in the past.  Students who were reluctant to take academic risks are now active participants in class. Students who were inclined to stay in the audience are approaching the podium to deliver speeches. I attribute these changes to the commitment we have all made to Wolcott and to fostering its supportive and welcoming environment. A special congratulations to all Wolcott students and faculty for a great start to this academic year!



Dr. Miriam Pike
Head of School
Wolcott's Fireside Chat 

The Freshman Class discusses school culture with Dr. Pike as part of a year-long series of Fireside Chats.
From the Admissions Office

It is a wonderfully busy time in the Admissions Office. Prospective families are inquiring about and visiting the school in record numbers. We have participated in 15 high school fairs around Chicago. 
Here are two questions I receive with great frequency:


What are the important dates to know?

Open House for Prospective Families

November 12, 2014 at 6:30pm

Priority Application Deadline

December 15, 2014

Curriculum Night for Prospective Families
Thursday, February 19, 2015 


Where do our students come from?

The short answer is everywhere. 

The long answer is that our students travel from near and far to be part of our diverse and close-knit community. Click here to read more.


Contact Rachel Spiro, Director of Admissions, for more information or to schedule a tour at rspiro@wolcottschool.org or 312-610-4925. 

Apply Now for the 2015-16 Academic Year
We are currently accepting applications for 9th, 10th and 11th grades. Our priority application deadline is December 15, 2014. 
For students considering a change this academic year, we are currently accepting applications for 9th and 10th grades. 
Club Highlights

Wolcott's Robotics Team was accepted into the Illinois First Tech Challenge Rookie Grant Program. 

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, students in D.I.A.L. (Diversity, Inclusion, Awareness, Leadership Club) sponsored a viewing of Tales of Masked Men, which explores the world of Lucha Libre-Mexican wrestling. 
From the Learning Strategies Team
Daphne Sajous-Brady, Learning Strategies Coordinator

October is an exciting time for the Learning Strategies team.  Throughout the month, we have been working with students to finalize their individual Learning Plans and support them as they present these plans in formal meetings with their parents, faculty and college counselor.

The substantive value of these meetings cannot be over-stated. Students are required to self-identify and reflect on strengths and areas of growth, set goals and thoughtfully present and discuss their ideas. These Learning Plans, an integral part of each student's experience, uniquely differentiate Wolcott from many other schools or programs.


In each Learning Plan, students select two focus areas of strength that they would like to further develop and two focus areas of challenge that they would like to see improve. With guidance from Learning Strategies faculty, Wolcott students partner with teachers throughout the school to develop their focus areas, and in some instances, partner with others outside of school to increase their skill set and knowledge. Click here to read more

The James Tyree Center 

 Upcoming Events
November 9
November 21
November 22
March 16-17
April 22-23

The James Tyree Center develops outreach programming and leading research on adolescent educational development and learning differences.

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