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                                     Winter 2013
Wolcott Classes of 2016 and 2017
Did you know that one third of our students take the Metra to school? Our Wolcott shuttle bus picks up and drops off at the Ogilvie, Union and Millennium train stations. 
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Wolcott students at the Court Theatre's production of An Iliad

English II students spent a unit studying the art of storytelling. Students examined this oral tradition by reading the ancient Anglo Saxon epic of Beowulf. Students met and worked with contemporary spoken word poets and shared their personal narratives with classmates. (Interest in this art form led to the creation of Wolcott's Spoken Word Poetry Club.)  To culminate the unit, students attended An Iliad, a one man show of Homer's The Iliad at the Court Theatre. As one student noted, 'I was amazed that one actor could tell so many stories from so many different perspectives. I would recommend this fantastic show to all of my friends.'

Upcoming Events
January 25th
Executive Functioning Workshop for educators and other professionals. Hosted by the James Tyree Community Center at Wolcott School. Contact Nancy Seiler at nseiler@wolcottschool.org, if you are interested in registering for this workshop. 
January 27-31
Internship Week. Students will explore a variety of careers and hear from professionals across the Chicagoland area.

Tuesday, February 4th
7:30 - 9am
Informational meeting for prospective parents and guardians. Please join us for coffee and conversation with Dr. Pike. RSVP to rspiro@wolcottschool.org. 

Wednesday, March 19th
Universal Design for Learning
Presented by Jimmie Smith, Director of the Learning Effectiveness Program at University of Denver. Hosted by the James Tyree Center at Wolcott School. More information to come. 
2013 Chicagoans 
of the Year

Every year, Chicago Magazine recognizes amazing Chicagoans who make extraordinary things happen. We are thrilled to celebrate Jennifer Levine and Jeff Aeder, who were selected as Chicagoans of the Year for their educational pioneering efforts in founding Wolcott School. They were honored along with four others, including Buddy Guy, at an awards' ceremony at the Peninsula Hotel on December 3, 2013. Read about it here or pick up a copy of December's Chicago Magazine. Notable past recipients include Oprah Winfrey, Studs Terkel, Scott Turow and Roger Ebert. 
Chicagoans of the Year, Jennifer Levine and Jeff Aeder.
Head of School Happenings

I would like to extend my gratitude to our families, faculty and administration for their support at our 2nd Annual Open House for Prospective Families. A standing room only crowd joined us to learn more about our school, meet our faculty and gain a better understanding of how Wolcott's strength-based instructional methods provide a comprehensive college prep curriculum for high school students who learn differently. Attendees met many of our students who served as ambassadors and shared their personal experiences about how Wolcott delivers education differently. 
  • In English II, students described how their analysis of 'Beowulf' was enriched by studying the text through multiple sources, including original translations, audio-books, graphic novels and video clips.  
  • In Physics, students recreated classroom experiments. They explained how their understanding of physics was expanded through experiential learning, access to recorded lessons by their teacher and videos they made of their own work as well as their online textbook.
  • In Spanish I, students demonstrated their growing fluency and explained how much they enjoyed acquiring a new language through immersion techniques, including storytelling and performance. 
Responsive teaching and active learning take place in every classroom, every day at Wolcott. We strive to develop lesson plans and activities that teach to the strengths of our students and regularly survey the students to gauge which techniques are most effective for them. 

We look forward to sharing our innovative approaches, dedicated faculty and dynamic students with more families as we continue to build and grow Wolcott School. We invite you to share our school with anyone who may be a good fit or interested in learning more. 
"One thing I love about my classes at Wolcott is that we study the material in a way that is more in depth than any school I've ever attended before -- learning becomes much more intellectual, interesting and meaningful." Wolcott sophomore
Admissions Update 
Are you interested in learning more about Wolcott? For an insider's view, please join us for Curriculum Night. 

Wolcott School Curriculum Night 
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 7pm
Attendees will participate in abbreviated classes led by our faculty and students.

These hands-on sessions will offer a window into our curriculum and philosophy of strength-based teaching. The program is designed for current 7th and 8th graders, high school transfer students and their parents/guardians. 

Apply Today! Download an application here or contact Rachel Spiro, Director of Admissions, at rspiro@wolcottschool.org or 312.610.4925, for an application or to schedule a tour.
Integrating Math and Physics
Wolcott Science
Physics teacher Kenny Bae and Algebra I teachers Henry Davis and Ray Llanes work closely to integrate their curricula. The goal is to make math and science more engaging, alive and relevant for students. Mr. Bae gives a simple example "When the principle of 1 step variables was taught in Algebra I, we applied it to Physics when manipulating Newton's 2nd Law and exploring the relationship of force, mass and acceleration." The collaboration of faculty across the curriculum has resulted in an impressive work product. From creating Rube Goldberg machines to constructing hovercrafts to building launching devices, students have been using discussion, technology and hands-on learning to grow their problem solving and critical thinking skills. 
Wolcott's 1st Annual Showcase
The house was packed for Wolcott's 1st Annual Showcase of Talent as the Wolcott student body regaled our community with spectacular performances. Students chose their own acts, including voice, piano, ocarina and clarinet
performances, a shred guitar riff with a bass accompaniment and dramatic readings. Students also showcased their work in visual arts and video game production. The grand finale was an original piece written, scored and performed by the Wolcott Vocal Ensemble in honor of their beloved teacher, Ms. Leslie. 
Wolcott School's 2013-2014 
Annual Fund Appeal is Underway 
Wolcott School has changed the educational landscape of Chicago. We depend on community support to make this life changing opportunity available to high school students. The Annual Fund Appeal is essential to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the cost of helping each Wolcott student gain self-awareness, confidence and resilience as well as the academic, social and communication skills needed to flourish beyond high school. 
"Since coming to Wolcott, I've begun to rethink my future and its possibilities. After years of feeling unsuccessful in school, I now realize how much I am capable of achieving." 
                   - Wolcott student

All gifts will make a difference. For more information or to participate in the Annual Fund Appeal, please contact Kelly Ramos at kramos@wolcottschool.org or (312) 610-4927. 

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