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  August 2015
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Message from the Executive Director

Patric Barbieri

Dear LABBB Community: 

For both the new and returning members of our LABBB community, I want to review our essential principles of the LABBB experience. We believe in continuous improvement. LABBB is constantly evolving, and these principles are extremely important to us as we begin our 2015-2016 school year.


First things first. Communication. Each year we make changes in LABBB to improve our services and to facilitate open communication with all our our families. It is important to us that each family feels comfortable to call and ask questions, seek clarification, give support, or provide feedback that will help our programs improve. We are not only service providers, we are also a resource for our families. 


Our mission is to promote academic, social and career independence. Let us keep this in mind as we begin a new year of making constant improvement together. To do this we must work as a unified team. The strength of a team is what creates success for our students.


We believe all our students should be part of the least restrictive environment. All of our classrooms are located within the LABBB member public schools and this is what defines our philosophy. Our students are also included into our local communities through vocational work opportunities at area businesses, and as participation in an active curriculum takes them to various community locations to learn to generalize their skills. LABBB is also integrated into Middlesex community college. We are part of a grant call the Inclusive College Enrollment Initiative (ICE). This program gives our students the opportunity to be part of a college environment.


Each student will define their own unique vision. We will be on the journey as a team. We will challenge and we will take risks that will move us closer toward meeting this vision. 

A Community for Life

You are now part of the LABBB Community and we will be a resource for life. For example, earlier this summer a parent called us for assistance 21 years after her son graduated from LABBB. She did not know where to turn and she reached out to us for support. This parent was confronted with a very serious matter. It doesn't matter if a student graduates this past year or in 10 years, we are building a community that can support each other for life.

Recreation News and Events

By: Paula Rizzo, Integration and Recreation Coordinator

If you have new ideas to offer, please email them to [email protected]. We are always looking for new ideas and opportunities our students will enjoy!

The Power of Networking

By:  Donna Goodell


Do you have a business connection that would be interested in partnering with LABBB?


As you all know, networking is a powerful tool whether you are looking for a good mechanic, doctor, dentist, or a new job. Our LABBB Community is large and strong, and creates a wonderful network, not only for our parents, but for our students.

LABBB is continuously seeking new work experience opportunities for our high school students to learn the skills necessary to be gainfully employed at the highest level of independence possible when they are ready to graduate. The best way to do this is in integrated community business settings.


As parents of our current high school students know, LABBB works to provide our students with opportunities to generalize their current skills and learn employment skills in a competitive business environment with the support of our vocational staff. We currently have wonderful business relationships with many local employers and organizations, but we are in need of more and different opportunities. As you can imagine, our students have extremely diverse interests, and to the extent possible, we strive to secure learning opportunities in a wide variety of occupational areas. 

Our business partnerships are mutually beneficial to the employer and to our students. If you have a connection you can share, just to allow the opportunity for an initial conversation about how LABBB can support the business/organization and how they can support LABBB, that would be wonderful. No obligations. Just a conversation.


Together, we can make a difference!


No lead or connection is too big or too small. To become an active member of our LABBB Business Networking Community, please contact Donna Goodell at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you.

LABBB Welcomes 3 New Program Coordinators for our 2015-2016 School Year
LABBB has three new program coordinators that we would like to introduce to you. We are excited to have them as part of our team. 

Kim Ganley

I have been fortunate to have worked with the LABBB Program for 22 years.  In 1993, as I was finishing my Masters Program at Lesley University, I began my career at LABBB.  I was a Special Educator for five years at our Lexington High School program.  In 1998, LABBB expanded to Bedford High School where I played a dual role as both educator and administrator.   I have been teaching in Bedford ever since. I am thrilled to be in an administrative position again, working to promote the learning and growth of all the students with whom I work.

Kim will be the Program Coordinator for our Bedford and Burlington High School Programs.

Steve Goodwin

This fall will mark the beginning of my 24th year working in public education.  I first taught for nine years at the LABBB Collaborative (within the Lexington High School, Chenery Middle School and Belmont High School LABBB Programs) as well as in the Danbury (CT) Public School system.  The majority of this time was spent as a moderate and intensive special educator.  For the next thirteen years, I served as the Principal of three schools (Carlisle Public Schools - PreK-8 in Carlisle, MA; Lynch Elementary School - PreK-5 in Winchester, MA; Sprague Elementary School - K-5 school in Wellesley, MA).  Last year, I returned to LABBB and served as a Vocational Counselor at Lexington High School supporting students aged 16-22 to find competitive employment, as well as the Interim Program Coordinator for the LABBB classrooms at Chenery Middle School (Belmont, MA).  

Steve will be the Program Coordinator for our Arlington High School and Chenery Middle School Programs.

Skip Avery

I am thrilled to rejoin the LABBB Collaborative Staff where my educational career began 20 years ago.  LABBB is an amazing program with a wonderful reputation for educational excellence.  I taught at the LABBB Collaborative for five years at Lexington High School and Belmont High School.  The next five years I was a middle school special educator at Carlisle Public School.  The last nine years have been in the Winchester Public Schools, where I was the lead teacher in a sub-separate elementary classroom and a special education supervisor.

Skip will be the Program Coordinator for our Butler and Wellington Elementary School, Ottoson Middle School and Belmont High School
Parent Letters Introducing New Coordinators and Vocational Counselors
In addition to communicating this news to our LABBB Community, individual letters will be sent to the respective parents whose son or daughter goes to these specific LABBB programs. Each of the letters will introduce your new Program Coordinator. If your son or daughter is at the high school, you will also be introduced to your Vocational Counselor. 

If your son or daughter's program is not listed below, you will have the same program coordinator as last year. 

Communication and Contacts Links

August Parent Mailings
This is a reminder that all new and returning parents were sent a mailing on August 7. Please return all of these important documents which include updated emergency cards and health forms as soon as you can. 

We appreciate you taking the time to make this a priority for your son or daughter, as we want to make sure we have these items in our files for the safety of all our students. 
Parent Resources and Events
School Cancellation

All LABBB programs follow the school cancellations in their respective towns.

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