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June, 2015
2015 Special Olympics: The Parade of Athletes 
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Patric Barbieri

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat    


For those of you who grew up in the 70's, I am sure you remember these words well, "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat." These words were uttered by Jim McKay, the host of the Wide World of Sports on ABC. Every Saturday we were riveted to our chairs watching the clips of athletes overwhelmed by joy in victory, or you witnessed the terrifying crashes of race cars or athletes in despair from defeat. The most famous one of them all was the ski jumper from Yugoslavia who took a spectacular fall, twirling off of the ski jump and crashing into the spectators. Who could forget that? 


What is important to take away from from watching these moments in sports is not whether an athlete won or lost. These athletes had the courage to compete knowing that they could win or lose, but they were going to put it all on the line. Even when they lost, they got back up and tried again even if they were injured. It isn't winning or losing that motivates them to compete, it is the competition itself. It doesn't matter if it is a team or individual sport, the "thrill" is in the competition. If they were really "defeated", they would never compete again. Many athletes will tell you that they feel this thrill by just stepping onto the field or approaching the starting line.


During the Special Olympics we are watching our athletes compete through difficult physical circumstances and fighting through it. This takes courage and determination, and they are enjoying every minute of it. It is not about winning and losing, it is about competing. So whether a person is going for the world record or participating in a event in the Special Olympics, I believe we can all feel the same "thrill" whether we win or lose. When you step up to the line, take your stance, and run down the track while spectators are cheering you on, it releases the same endorphins as an athlete competing at the highest level. 


One of the many reasons we hold the special olympics every year is to give our students the opportunity to experience this thrill!


If you have not had a chance to view the pictures click here: 2015 Special Olympics Slideshow 

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  • June 17: LABBB Chenery Graduation 1:00p.m.
  • June 18: LABBB High School Graduation: Museum of National Heritage, Lexington. 6:30p.m.
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Biggest Loser Rob Guiry talks about Healthy Habits at Fox Hill
By: Laurie Arcovio, Teacher, Fox Hill Elementary

Students in Fox Hill's grades 3-5 classes have been studying nutrition as a way to develop healthy habits in their daily lives to prepare their bodies for being successful both in school and at home. The students learned about the food pyramid, discussed healthy and unhealthy food choices, determined what main nutrients their bodies need (proteins, carbohydrates and good fats), and learned about the importance of exercise along with healthy eating. Throughout the unit, students kept a daily food journal to track their eating habits, and analyze their food choices.  


Fox Hill then received a visit from Rob Guiry who was a finalist on ABC's The Biggest Loser.  Rob talked to the students about the differences between healthy and unhealthy food choices. Rob emphasized the importance of eating healthy foods and exercising daily. He talked about the changes it made in his life and related his weight loss to terms the students would be able to identify with. He lost over 200 pounds, which is equivalent to about 16,000 Oreos! 


Rob was an engaging speaker, as he led a group discussion and worked with the students to practice some exercises that they could do at home or in the classroom.  As spring and summer progress, the Fox Hill 3-5 program looks forward to using our strategies and knowledge to continue to make healthy choices regarding food and exercising. 


By: Andrew Delano, General Manager, Sebastians

Here at Sebastian's on Network Drive in Burlington, we offer the LABBB co-op a chance to learn how a high volume, successful corporate dinning account operates. Within the kitchen walls of Sebastian's, the students are provided with real world training and given the opportunity to participate in daily business operations.On any given day, LABBB Coops are tasked with numerous jobs including kitchen preparations, front of the house merchandising, catering, sanitation and other vital account operations.


Although every day is different in the hospitality industry, what remains consistent is the way our team works to build character through hard work and consistency. We challenge the students to achieve their goals, and push them towards success through empowerment, constructive coaching and discipline.

Each student brings a unique dynamic to our team here at Sebastian's Network Drive and we are continuously learning from each other on a daily bases. 


Unified Theater Presents "A Teenage Life"
By: Meaghan Henneberry, Teaching Assistant, Career Directions


  "Get ready...Cuz here we come!"  The students of Unified Theater have been working very hard these past two months rehearsing and practicing for their skits and songs for our upcoming play titled:  "A Teenage Life" coming June 26th 7:00pm at Bedford High School Auditorium. The theme of the play focuses on the internal thoughts, conflicts and daily routines of a teenager at a High school.  To help make the play entertaining, our students have selected pop songs reflective of teenage culture and incorporated them into various skits.  In this process of preparing for our big production, our LABBB students have been persistent, dedicated, open minded actors and actresses.  So, please save the date and don't miss out on this awesome show!! 


Trish Costa & Meaghan Henneberry, Theresa Solden (BHS Senior student)

Tickets are $10

Doors Open @ 6:30 PM

Refreshments will be sold

Location: Bedford High School Auditorium

Recreation News
By: Paula Rizzo, Integration and Recreation Coordinator








The LABBB/Lexington Special Olympics was a great success this year. We had 227 athletes and 250 volunteers.The day started off cool and sunny. It was a perfect temperature for the athletes to compete. The event included LABBB member districts Arlington, Bedford, Burlington and Lexington High Best Buddies chapters helping out the athletes. 

The Lexington Minuteman Color Guard and Lexington Police Chief Mark Corr led the parade of athletes onto the track. The athletes entered to cheering fans and were followed by four Lexington Officers and LABBB senior, Joseph Woodworth, carrying the olympic torch. The day was filled with many fun events on the track, the field, and in Olympic Town under the tent. We had athletes with their faces painted in exotic animals crossing the finish line. 


This event is a highlight for many people in the LABBB Community. This event is a community event including: Parents, friends, police, faculty members, superintendents, principals, high school volunteers and adult volunteers who come to help anyway they can.   


The LABBB/Lexington Special Olympics would not be what it is if not for all the people involved to support it every step of the way. The planning starts in January and ends with final meeting after the Special Olympics. 


Thank you to everyone that was involved by volunteering or stopping by the 2015 Special Olympics at Lexington High School. 


June/July Recreation Activities



June: 1:  LABBB Around Town Dining, Tony C's  

June  4:  LABBB Thursday Movie Night     

June  8:  LABBB Middle School and Arlington High Trip to King's Bowling

June 12: LABBB Monthly Mini Golf   

June 17: LABBB Chenery Graduation

June 18: LABBB Graduation at Lexington Museum of Our National Heritage    

June 23  Pawsox trip for LABBB High School Students 

June 24: Newsies Musical at Boston Opera House for LABBB High School                     Students.

June  26: Unified Theater, Bedford High School 7 PM, Tickets $10.00

July 1:  Carnival Trip for all LABBB students      



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Special Olympics
By: Patricia Thorpe, Teacher, Fox Hill Elementary

Our Special Olympians were welcomed with rousing applause by their First grade classmates and their teacher Mrs. Doyle.  The First grade class made a beautiful banner, creative cards, and congratulated them with giant balloons to show the boys how proud they were of their hard work, determination and outstanding efforts.


The children had so many questions for the Olympians.   The First grade athletes answered questions about their spectacular day and proudly showed off their medals to their classmates.  It was hard to tell who was more excited the Athletes or their classmates? 

Aluminum Tabs at Francis Wyman
By: Maria Cormier, Teacher, Francis Wyman Elementary

The Children in the LABBB Elementary classroom at Francis Wyman school in Burlington ran their annual aluminum tab collection for the Shriners Organization of Wilmington.  The Aluminum tabs, collected with the help of the Francis Wyman community, will be recycled. The money from the tabs will be donated to the Shriners Burn Hospital in Boston. 


Mr. Roger Metcalfe, from Shriners, came to our school to collect our tabs. The donation helps the Shriners to bring children from all over the world to their Boston hospital free of charge. This year, the LABBB Collaborative elementary program collected over a 100 pounds of aluminum tabs.


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