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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
September 2016
In This Issue


Embryo Transplants
For calves propagated by embryo transplants by the owner of the donor dam in the event more than one calf results from a single flush, one animal per flush must be parent verified. If more than one sire is used, each resultant calf must be parent verified.
If embryos are sold by the owner of the donor dam, one embryo offspring out of the group of embryos sold per individual must be parent verified.

Understanding the DNA Parentage Process - and Result Reporting
It's important to understand the complete DNA process, so let's take a moment and walk through how DNA parentage results are reported from the lab to the CSA, uploaded and then emailed/mailed to our members.
Lab Reports Results to CSA
During business hours two times each week Delta Genomics uploads completed test results to their online information system named LIMS (Lab Information Management System). The CSA office then checks LIMS and downloads any results that are available. Results are uploaded to our Herdbook and the results are reviewed for accuracy. If the sire/dam of the animal being tested has DNA on file with CSA, the lab will run a comparison to the parent(s) and determine whether the animal verifies to sire/dam.There are three critical areas on the parentage report: sire qualification, dam qualification and sire/dam qualification as a mated pair.

There are 4 possible outcomes if both the sire and the dam have DNA on file with CSA
  • the animal qualifies to both sire/dam
  • the animal does not qualify to sire/dam (result is an exclusion)
  • the animal qualifies to dam, but does not qualify to sire - (result is an exclusion)
  • the animal qualifies to sire, but does not qualify to dam - (result is an exclusion)
Once the records are uploaded/submitted, an animal that is registered/on file and marked as an exclusion, is automatically suspended pending DNA verification or a pedigree update.  Also suspended - are any progeny from the excluded animal that are registered/on file in the CSA Herdbook.
If only one (or the other) sire/dam has DNA on file, the animal that was tested is only compared to that parent. If the parent animal does not qualify, the exclusion procedure is followed as described above.
If neither parent has DNA on file, the animal's DNA result is simply placed on file and uploaded as a permanent genotype.

Member Notification
Once the DNA results arrive electronically from the lab, we reconcile the results and ensure that the data integrity is intact. If the tested animal is registered in the CSA Herdbook you can navigate to our website (www.simmental.com) and view the animal pedigree by choosing - Searches | Pedigree Search. When viewing the web page the result designation(s) are listed directly below the animal name.
DNA parentage certificates are then generated and emailed to members (as attachments) when results are required immediately. The certificates are also mailed out to the member the following business day.
What happens if the parentage results indicate the animal did not qualify to the parent(s)? 
1. If it's an ET animal, we will ask you for other mating possibilities.
2. if it's a single birth animal we will ask you to review your breeding records and forward any other sire/dam possibilities so they can be forwarded to the lab for consideration.
If you were the breeder on this animal, and you have checked your breeding records and stated, "No, there are no other possibilities" then you have the option to submit a *second sample on the animal.  This is referred to as a "Retest".
If there are other sire/dam possibilities, those will be forwarded to the lab for comparison, this process is called a "Revision".  Revisions are evaluated every hour and are returned electronically to the CSA office.  If the animal qualifies to the revision sire/dam, the pedigree is updated and the animal is unsuspended.
If the animal/ET was purchased, you will need to check with the seller/breeder/sales management team and ask them if there are other possible matings.  If they respond as mentioned above, you have the option to submit a *second sample on the animal.
 *Please note - If you submit a second (Retest) sample you are automatically invoiced for the second DNA test.
Keep in mind, each exclusion case is unique and in certain cases, forces us to leave our comfort zones and consider even the most remote of possibilities. For some people it's helpful to think of DNA as a challenging puzzle and with that in mind, it often takes more than one person to sort out how all the pieces fit together.Take a moment and consider all the people involved in the process of flushing a donor dam or AI breeding a dam. The wrong semen straw gets pulled for the flush, the petri dishes on the flushed donors get switched, the ET straws get mislabeled, the dam is bred with two straws and it doesn't get written down, the wrong dam loads in the chute first and it doesn't get written down or caught. The list goes on and on. None of us ever like to admit that we are all human and mistakes do happen but we can make you a promise that as issues arise, the CSA will work diligently with you each step of the way  to resolve and try to make real world sense of the situation.

If you have any questions/concerns on a particular DNA case please do not hesitate to email cansim@simmental.com or call 403.250.7979.and speak to our Registry Department.


Member Submission Deadline Dates for Genetic Evaluation
In order for data to be included in CSA Genetic Evaluations, it must be received by the CSA office by November 1st for the Spring Evaluation and by May 15th for the Fall Evaluation.

November/December 2016 Simmental Country Issue Deadline - October 1st!!!
Contact Ryan or Jane to reserve your spot today!!
November/December Advertising Special
Quarter page ads on special for $250 (normally $625) for those consigned to the Royal Elite Sale or the Simmental Agribition Sale!
Simmental Country Online
To view Simmental Country and Commercial Country issues online visit the Simmental Country website. 
Membership Announcements
Please send any membership announcements to mblack@simmental.com.
What's Happening
If you'd like to have your sale or event listed in 'What's Happening' in Simmental Country and on the website please send to Meghan.
For a listing of Simmental events visit the Simmental Country website.
Contact Bruce Holmquist if you are interested in attending the Simmental Simbrah Congress of the Americas in Guadalajara Mexico October 10-15th.
Funding to assist with some of your travel costs may be available.
2016/2017 Board of Directors
President - Dylan Foley, Ontario
1st Vice President - Heather Creamer, Nova Scotia
2nd Vice President - Craig Matthews, Ontario
Directors - Cathryn Thompson, Alberta; Paige Holmquist, Saskatchewan; Wyatt Millar, Saskatchewan; Carson Rodgers, Manitoba; Krista Whelan, Quebec.
Thank you to retiring board members Sophie Wotten, Sara Van Sickle and Cooper Snider for their dedication and service to the YCSA.
Thanks to the Friends of Canadian Simmental Association, $12,000 in scholarships will be awarded to deserving applicants. Applications are now available on the CSA website and the deadline is September 30th.
Scheduled 2016 Provincial Classics
Maritime YCSA Classic: Sept 23-25, 2016 Windsor, NS

Like us on Facebook under "Young Canadian Simmental Association and you can stay connected to the YCSA and follow us through the events and be up to date on opportunities that are available!

The Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation is pleased to announce that they will be awarding the following scholarships in the 2016 - 2017 academic year to promising students pursuing a degree or certificate at an accredited institution: 
  • 2 Friends of Canadian Simmental Scholarships - $3,000 each
  • 2 Dr. Allan A Dixon Memorial Scholarships - $2,000 each
  • 1 Trevor Vance Memorial Scholarship - $2,000

The Friends of Canadian Simmental Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting youth in agriculture and their goals of advanced education. The scholarship program is one of the ways that our Foundation intends to support youth and the future of the livestock industry. The Foundations commitment to youth development is demonstrated through the increase in scholarships in the past few years from $6,500 to $12,000 in 2016.
Eligible applications will first be considered for the Friends of Canadian Simmental, then those remaining for the Dr. Allan A. Dixon. Memorial and the Trevor Vance Memorial scholarships. The deadline for applications is September 30, 2016. You may only be awarded each of the titled scholarships once and two in a lifetime, but will be considered for the others not previously awarded.The application form for all of the scholarships can be found on our website at www.simmentalfoundation.com You only need to complete one application to be considered for all of the scholarships.
To submit your application or for more information please contact us at:    
Friends of the Canadian Simmental Foundation
#13-4101- 19th St. NE
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2E 7C4
Toll Free: 1-866-860-6051
Fax: 403-250-5121

Office Holiday Schedule
The CSA office will be closed for the following 2016 holidays.
Labour Day - Monday, September 5th
Thanksgiving - Monday, October 10th
Remembrance Day - Friday, November 11th
Christmas (in lieu) - Monday, December 26th
New Year's Day (in lieu) -  Monday, January 2, 2017    

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