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November 2013
In This Issue
Include Your Date and Order Your Copy
The Canadian Simmental Association is producing and distributing this promotional calendar to all of the Canadian Auction Markets for the 2014 year.
Do you have an event you want included on this calendar? For only $50 you can have your event listed on a calendar in every Auction Market in Canada. Deadline for dates is November 15th, 2013.
Would you like a copy of your own?  While quantities last, these calendars are available to members for only $10 each. 
Contact us today to book your date and order your copy.
Darryl (403) 803-6532 * Jane (519) 317-5263 * Margo (403) 250-5255
Email: [email protected]




Total Herd Enrollment Deadline
Deadline to submit your 2014 Female Enrollment (Total Herd Enrollment) at the best rate is December 15, 2013. The fee for enrollments received at our office by this date is $22/head for Purebred and Fullblood, and $12/head for Percentage females. Members submitting enrollments by the deadline will be invoiced in two equal installments: the first on April 1, 2014 and the second October 1, 2014.


Enrollments received between December 16, 2013 and February 15, 2014 will be charged an additional $5/head enrollment fee. Cost to enroll after February 15, 2014 is $38/head (applicable taxes will be added to all prices.) Members enrolling after the deadline are invoiced the entire fee for enrollment on April 1, 2014 or at time of submission.

If you purchase or register any females after the Female Enrollment forms were printed in early October, please add them to the end of your list..


Enrolling Partnership-owned Dams: 

Partnership-owned Dams do not print on the pre-printed Female Enrollment forms. Nor, do they show up under the "My Pre-Posting Inventory - 2014" listing for our Online participants.


Please remember to email the animal ID to the Registry staff prior to the December 15th deadline. We will then manually enroll the Dam(s) for you and they will be included in the first installment billing on April 1, 2014.


Online Simmental.com user 

Over 45% of CSA members are now using the online computer system representing 75% of THE cows. Online Simmental.com users also benefit by saving $2/head for each Purebred and Fullblood cow enrolled online, providing they submit their enrollment by the December 15 deadline.


Percentage required for purebred status.

Producers purchasing bulls from the United States or semen from American bulls should be aware of differences that exist between Canada and the United States in the percentage of Simmental required to qualify for purebred status. The Canadian Simmental Association requires a male to be 15/16 Simmental to reach purebred status while the American Simmental Association accepts males who are 7/8 Simmental or less by Canadian standards as purebred. As is regulated by the Federal government through the Animal Pedigree Act, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that these bulls meet the requirement of being 15/16 Simmental if they wish to register that animal in the Canadian Simmental herd book as a purebred.. 


CSA Releases North American Fall 2013 EPD
The CSA is pleased to announce the release of it's new North American EPDs. The EPD are calculated as part of a North American genetic evaluation conducted by the American Simmental Association. The multi-breed evaluation includes data from the Canadian and American Simmental and EPD from Canadian and US animals are now directly comparable. Regular users of Simmental genetics may notice some differences in the overall appearance of the numbers presented, however animals rank very similar to previous growth evaluations.


Deadline for the January Commercial Country: December 1, 2013.
Contact Darryl, Jane or Margo to reserve your spot today.
What's Happening
For a listing of Simmental Events visit our Simmental Country website.


2014 YCSA National Classic - July 25-27th, Elkhorn Resort, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Start making plans to join the YCSA at the 2014 National Classic being held in conjunction with the 2014 CSA AGM at the beautiful Elkhorn Resort in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba this summer.  Stay tuned to the YCSA website and Facebook page for further details. 


Semen and Embryo Donations to Benefit the National YCSA

The Young Canadian Simmental Association would like to thank the breeders for their generous donations of semen, embryos and a sports jersey, with all sale proceeds going to the YCSA program. Thank you to the Sales Management Companies who will be selling these lots at sales across the country this fall. 


Thank You from the YCSA for the following donations:


Greyledge Simmentals for the embryos by Greyledge Della X TNT Top Gun R244 which were sold at the Partners for Progress Sale , Saturday, October 19th.

Bohrson Marketing Services for the doses of TCF/RCC Temptation GJ640; and

Donovandale Farms for the 3 doses of Wheatland Bull 468 P which were sold at the Royal Elite Sale, Friday, November 1st.


There are still two more opportunities to support the YCSA program. 

Bouchard Livestock has donated a Shologan Roughrider CFL Jersey which will sell at the Canadian Western Agribition Sale, Wed. Nov. 13th.

5Corner Cattle Co.has donated 10 exportable straws of Mader Honey Badger to be sold in the Shades of the Prairies Sale, Monday, December 9th.


For more information on these lots please contact Emily Grey or visit the sales catalogues for each of these sales. 



Stay connected and up to date with YCSA events and results.  Look for us on Facebook under Young Canadian Simmental Association. Watch for your photo from the 2013 Provincial and National Classics.

The Canadian Simmental Association is a proud sponsor of this event.



Please send any membership announcements to Margo Cartwright at [email protected].



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