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Canadian Simmental Association Enewsletter
March 2013
In This Issue
Wheatland Cattle Company has generously donated two semen lots in their upcoming sale in support of the Young Canadian Simmental Association program.


Three doses of Wheatland Bull 680S (Reg#660762, LER 680S) and three doses of Wheatland Bull 131L "Teddy" (Reg#580821, LER 131L), will be auctioned off during the Wheatland Cattle Co. Focus On The Future Bull Sale on March 28,2013 in Alameda, SK. 
View catalogue page here.
Thank you to Wheatland Cattle Co. for their contribution to the YCSA program.  
Canadian Simmental SNP Parentage Transition
As you should now be aware, at the most recent Board of Directors meeting the Canadian Simmental Association (CSA) directors authorized the transition of parentage validation from microsatellite DNA testing to single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) DNA testing. SNP parentage verification came into effect November 15th, 2012. The cost of transition to this new technology is being partially offset by funding provided by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Innovation Program. Parentage verification samples that are submitted and processed between November 15, 2012 and March 31, 2013 will allow CSA to leverage these additional funds. It is for this reason that is imperative that members submit parentage verification samples prior to March 15, 2013. As a result it is strongly suggested that you contact the CSA office by March 1, 2013 to allow time for delivery of your sample kits.
Parentage verification will now be done at a cost of $45 per animal using the Geneseek Genomic Profiler (GGP) panel. In addition to parentage verification, this level of testing allows the genomic data to be used within our research training populations and genetic evaluations, ultimately ensuring maximum value for you as a member. As a result of this transition the estimated turnaround time on parentage verification tests will now be 3 to 4 weeks. Please ensure samples are submitted to allow ample time for tests to be completed.
Once again, we strongly suggest members submit parentage verification samples prior to March 15, 2013 to assist with the smooth transition to this new technology and to allow the CSA membership to fully utilize funding to offset the cost of the transition. We appreciate your support as we move to this next step in improved services being offered by CSA

For further information and to order your parentage forms please contact the CSA office.
To view the Notice in PDF format, click here.
BEEF INNOVATIONS 2013 - JULY 15 & 16, 2013
Mark your calendars - You won't want to miss this!
The Canadian Simmental Association is hosting the BEEF INNOVATIONS 2013 Symposium in   Calgary, Alberta July 15 & 16, 2013. This is a must attend event to gain a better understanding of the changing science of genetic improvement and how your business can utilize genomic technologies to capture more value and improve your competitiveness. 
This Symposium will be held in conjunction with the CSA Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, July 17th, and the YCSA National Classic on July 16th - 18th.  This is a week of Simmental celebrations you will not want to miss.
For further information visit www.simmentalinnovations.com and www.simmental.com.
Calendar of events - click here.


Mark your calendar for the Canadian Simmental Association Annual General Meeting.  The week of July 15-19th is a week of celebration for the Simmental breed.  The week begins on Monday with the BEEF INNOVATIONS 2013 Symposium. This two day event will focus on bringing information on genomic technologies and research within the beef industry to those who will ultimately determine its value through adoption - the breeders and their customers. The main objective of this symposium is to connect world-renowned genomic researchers with those who are and will be utilizing these technologies within their businesses. Wednesday, the CSA will host the Annual General Meeting, and the week will wrap up with the celebration of youth in this industry at the YCSA National Classic.


July 14 - Calgary Stampede Super Sunday

July 15 & 16 - Beef Innovations 2013

July 17 - CSA Annual General Meeting

July  16-18 - YCSA National Classic, Okotoks, AB


Event Headquarters

Sheraton Cavalier Calgary

2620 32nd Ave NE

Calgary, AB

Tel: 9403) 291-0107


For complete agenda and further details please visit www.simmental.com or www.simmentalinnovations.com.

Total Herd Enrollment (THE) Billing (1st Installment)
Total Herd Enrollment (THE) participants will be invoiced the 1st THE installment on April 1 for 2013 enrollment. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. For members with a credit card on file at the office, fees will automatically be billed to your credit card. The 2nd THE installment will be invoiced October 1.
Please note that in the event an enrolled cow is shipped or sold between installment billings, the second installment is still due and payable by the member who enrolled the cow. For further information/instructions on Total Herd Enrollment, please go to www.Simmental.com under Registry/Total Herd Enrollment. 

Do your Herd Sires have DNA?
Now's the time to make sure all your natural service sires have been DNA tested. If you have purchased any bulls recently, it is your responsibility to ensure they have DNA on file in accordance to CSA bylaws.

Are you collecting semen on a bull?
AI sires must be parentage verified in order to register their progeny. If you are entering a bull into an AI facility, drawing semen on-farm, or even considering drawing semen on a bull in the future, please make sure your bull is or can be parentage verified by pulling hair on him and his dam so you will be able to readily parent verify him.
Spring 2013 EPD
The Spring 2013 EPD have been released and are available on the CSA website, or CSA search site at http://search.simmental.com. Information on breed averages and percentiles can be found at http://www.simmental.com/epd2.htm . 

Breed Average EPDs - click here to view Spring 2013 Breed Average EPDs


EPD Accuracies

It is important to review the accuracy values when looking at EPD.  There are several types of EPD published by the CSA and the accuracy value tells us the type and amount of information included in the EPD.

  • Pedigree Estimate - PE: These EPD are an average of the Sire and Dam EPDs.  They are only calculated from Sires and Dams that have numerical accuracies for their EPD.  In the event that a dam has a PE EPD, the calculation would use � of the sire + � of the maternal grandsire's EPD.  If the sire has a PE EPD, and/or the dam and maternal grandsire have PE EPD, the animal would not receive a PE EPD.  Instead it will have an EF EPD calculated.  The PE EPD only includes pedigree information.
  • Numerical Accuracy - 0.01 to 0.99: These EPD are calculated in the genetic evaluation and include performance data and pedigree information.  Typically, animal's with their own performance record included will have EPD with accuracies ranging from 0.15 to 0.35 depending on the trait.  Animal's with higher accuracy levels are likely to have progeny data included in the EPD.
  • Embryo & Foreign - EF: These EPD are calculated on animal's that do not have pedigree ties or data in the evaluation.  They are calculated as the average of the average EPD for the birth year of the parents.  For example a calf with a sire born in 1999 and a dam born in 2008, would receive an EF EPD that is the average of the Simmental populations born in 1999 and 2008.  There is no pedigree or performance information included in this calculation.


Ultrasound Rebate

The ultrasound rebate program is still in effect.  A CSA member account credit of $10 is available for all scans collected on animals in a valid contemporary group.  Cattle must be weighed and scanned and the images must be processed through a certified lab.  Cattle should be scanned between 320 and 430 days of age.


Scrotal Measurements

The CSA actively encourages members to submit scrotal measurements on their yearling bulls.  This information is extremely valuable in the calculation of scrotal size EPD.  Scrotal size has been found to be moderately heritable and improves the ability of yearling bulls to pass a semen evaluation.  Measurements can be submitted via the online system or on the yearling data collection forms.  It is recommended that bulls pass a breeding soundness evaluation prior to use.


Breed Improvement Meeting

The CSA breed improvement committee will be meeting in March.  If you have items of a breed improvement nature or questions, please feel free to contact BIC Chair, Fraser Redpath.

Deadline for Spring Simmental Country: April 1st, 2013.
Contact Darryl, Jane or Margo to reserve your spot today.
Congratulations to Simmental Breeders
We would like to congratulate all of the Simmental Breeders for the tremendous results so far this sale season.   In the Spring Simmental Country there will be a sales report section.  Please send in your sales results to have them included. 
Buyers receiving the Commercial Country Magazine
We have received inquiries on how breeders can make sure their commercial buyers receive a copy of the Commercial Country magazine.  Every commercial buyer who has a bull transferred into their name receives a free issue of the Commercial Country, therefore send in your transfers.  Not only does this put your buyers on the list, each transfer on all animals sold for breeding purposes makes statistics more accurate.  You can also contact Margo to ensure your buyers are on the list.  Please note, commercial buyer mailing information is strictly for the mailing of the Commercial Country only.  As per CSA Policy, we do not release these names or lists to anyone.
Simmental Country EBlasts
Compliment your advertising initiatives with a Simmental Country Eblast!  Send your advertising directly to your target market's in-boxes. With our new Electronic Promotions Package, we will send your advertisement to our contact list, link your advertisement to the What's Happening, and hyperlink your advertisement in the magazine.  Contact Darryl, Jane or Margo to find out how Simmental Country can assist in your marketing efforts.
What's Happening
For a listing of Simmental Events visit our Simmental Country website.
National Classic Announcement
The Alberta Young Simmental Association is proud to be hosting the 2013 National YCSA Classic on July 16-18th. The Classic will be held in conjunction with the 2013 Canadian Simmental Association Annual General Meeting. Please visit our YCSA website and Facebook page for the latest information.  This will be a great opportunity for some friendly competition, meeting new friends and learning new things.
Look for us on Facebook under Young Canadian Simmental Association. Stay connected and be the first to know about upcoming events and opportunities. 
Please send any membership announcements to Margo Cartwright at [email protected]
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