May 3, 2013 | Issue 16

Every year, more energy-efficient products make their way into the architectural glazing marketplace. In this issue, we take a look at warm-edge, or high-performance spacer technology and the role it plays in creating more efficient window systems.

Warm-edge, or high-performance spacers have gained popularity in recent years as window systems have become more efficient. The product is adopted as part of a holistic package to create more efficient windows.

Greenest Commercial Building In The World
Technoform supplied TGI-Spacer for the recently completed Bullitt Center in Seattle (under construction above). The project is touted as the greenest commercial building in the world.

New 1-inch TGI-Spacer
Technoform introduced a one-inch TGI-Spacer designed to deliver warm-edge performance with added acoustic advantages. Read the news release here.
manufactures the high-performance TGI-Spacer used by ITI Glass. The company has seen steady growth in sales during the last few years that coincides with a growing interest among commercial building designers in more efficient window packages.


Chris McMahon, Technoform product manager and Construction Specifications Institute member says the popularity of low-emissivity coatings and argon gas in insulating glass units, along with thermal framing systems has driven sales of his company's TGI-Spacer.


"We see a trend towards better window systems that demand better glass packages," said McMahon. "Warm-edge spacer is part of the total package."

The term "warm-edge" refers to the thermal interaction between the glass, framing system and spacer at the sealed edge of an insulating glass unit. TGI-Spacer is constructed using a polymer-coated stainless steel that is less conductive than aluminum. This results in reduced interior condensation and heat loss, and warmer glass temperatures for better insulating performance.


"Energy flow will go through the path of least resistance," said McMahon. "So if you have a good low-e and thermal frame in a window system, a warm-edge spacer helps mitigate energy flow through the window system even further."

TGI-Spacer's unique construction also features a continuous metal backing, which is ideal for creating a durable seal and better argon retention.

main-photo-descriptionMain Photo: TGI-Spacer by Technoform is available in black, white, light grey, bronze, champagne and dark grey. Learn more at  
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