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NEW! School Climate & School Discipline: A Guidance Package

The U.S. Department of Education (ED), in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), released a school discipline guidance package on January 8, 2014 that will assist states, districts and schools in developing solutions to enhance school climate, and improve school discipline policies and practices.  Read More
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Safe and Healthy Schools Center

DIRECTOR: Tracy Herlitzke
Phone: 608-786-4838

NORTH (CESAs #5, #9, #12)
Coordinator: Lynn Verage
Phone: 715-453-2141

WEST (CESAs #4, #10, #11)
Coordinator: Carol Zabel
Phone: 715-720-2145

CENTRAL (CESAs #2, #3, #6)
Coordinator: Jackie Schoening
Phone: 920-236-0515

EAST (CESAs #1, #7, #8)
Coordinator: Christine Kleiman
Phone: 920-465-2139
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School-Based Suicide Prevention Training-4 Locations
  • January 22, CESA #6, Oshkosh
  • February 21, CESA #1, Pewaukee
  • April 9, CESA #7 Green Bay
  • Click here for more information
January 2014

Safe and Healthy Updates
50th Anniversary of Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health
submitted by Tracy Herlitzke, WISH Center Director
It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since the  the first Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health!  Thankfully due to the work of many tobacco advocates, so much has changed to reduce youth and adult smoking rates as well as exposure to second hand smoke. 

Last week, seven leading public health and medical organizations today called for a new national commitment to end the tobacco epidemic for good. the organizations called for bold action by all levels of government to achieve three goals:
  1. Reduce smoking rates, currently at about 18 percent, to less than 10 percent within 10 years; 
  2. Protect all Americans from secondhand smoke within five years;
  3. Ultimately eliminate the death and disease caused by tobacco use. Read More

Interventions for a Student Who May Be Frustrated

submitted by Christine Kleiman, Regional Coordinator


If a student is frustrated they may:
  • Be rude to others
  • Refuse and snap at offers for help
  • Stomp, pound fists on desk, throw pencil or paper, etc
  • Blame others or things for problems
  • Be touchy and reactive
  • Grimace, frown, or appear angry
  • Appear flushed, tense, irritated or fidgety
Before you start an intervention think about "what is the function of the behavior"? In other words what is the student getting from behaving this way? Are they frustrated because the work is too hard? Do they have problems starting assignments? Are they easily overwhelmed? Have a private conversation with the student; make them aware of their behavior, tell them you care and want to help, let them have a say in the choice of interventions.

A few other things to remember:
  • Try multiple interventions
  • Each intervention should be tried for a minimum of 4 weeks, & more than 1 intervention may be implemented at the same time
  • Collect and track specific data on each intervention tried & its effect
  • If your data indicates no progress after a minimum of 6 months, you may consider moving to tier 2 interventions
  • Interventions to try with a student who is frustrated:
  • Assign a buddy or partner to help the student on school work
  • Break down the assignment
  • Break down directions
  • Give clear and concise directions
  • Have the student count to 10
  • Practice deep breathing with the student
  • Give choices
QPR Makes Suicide Preventable
submitted by Lynn Verage, Regional Coordinator

Suicide takes over 750 lives in Wisconsin each year. It accounts for almost 1 in 5 of all deaths among Wisconsin youth. However, suicide is preventable. QPR (Question, Persuade and Refer) is a program that is designed for youth and adults. It is easy to learn these steps to help prevent suicide.

  • Question- learning how to see the signs of suicidal thoughts and asking the important question-"Are you thinking of killing yourself?"
  •  Persuade-offering hope and alternative solutions
  • Refer-knowing how and where to go to help the person get help

The Wisconsin Safe & Healthy Schools Center, in partnership with DPI and Mental Health America of Wisconsin's Garrett Lee Smith Memorial, is offering FREE one hour trainings in QPR. Take this opportunity to train middle and high school youth and staff on three life-saving skills, Question, Persuade and Refer.

Contact your regional coordinator to schedule your training today! 

2014 WISH Professional Development Opportunities


Please visit our website calendar often for updates and to register for events.

1/20/14-2/14/14School Climate 2.0*
Online Course
1/21/14PREPaRE: School Crisis Prevention and Intervention
Turtle Lake
1/27/14Helping Students Through Trauma and Loss
1/28/14PREPaRE: School Crisis Prevention and Intervention
2/4/14PREPaRE: School Crisis Prevention and Intervention
2/13/14 & 2/27/14
School SBIRT Training (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment)*
2/14/14Helping Students Through Trauma and Loss
2/25/14PREPaRE: School Crisis Prevention and Intervention
3/12/14PREPaRE: School Crisis Prevention and Intervention
West Salem
3/19/14 & 4/9/1412 Highly Structured Individual Behavior Interventions*
Chippewa Falls
Using Restorative Practices and Circles in a School Setting*Oshkosh
PREPaRE: School Crisis Prevention and Intervention
PREPaRE: School Crisis Prevention and Intervention
6/19/14-6/20/14PREPaRE Part 2 Crisis Intervention and Recovery: The Roles of the School-Based Mental Health Professional*
*Graduate Credit Available
All events are contingent upon a minimum number of participants needed to hold event.
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