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During this holiday season we would like to say thank you to all our clients. We wish you a very Happy Holiday.

Why Background Checks Are Important

A recent report issued by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) places the cost of employee fraud at 7% of annual revenues. Employers with less than 100 employees saw a median loss of $200,000 according to the ACFE.


Employers need to have an understanding of the many types of fraud most commonly used by employees to steal from their employers. 

  • Theft of inventory- This is commonly known as shrinkage of inventory. It is not limited to just materials or goods, it also applies to office supplies and even office equipment.
  • Vendor kickbacks- Employees set up over payments from vendors then receive payments in cash or in the form of goods and/or services, including trips.
  • Padded expense accounts- Employees can pad expense accounts, use fake receipts, and even purchase personal items.
  • Embezzlement- Employees simply siphon off money from a business, by setting up fake accounts, stealing cash, or forging checks they deposit into their own accounts.
  • Phantom vendors- Employees set up phony businesses and produce fake invoices. This can also be in partnership with a vendor that is paid for work not performed.

Performing background checks for all new employees is a very effective way to make sure you are protecting your business.   

Why Insure Your RV?

If you own a boat, RV or other recreational vehicles you should consider adding them to you insurance portfolio. Here are a few reasons to consider adding your RV and other recreational vehicles to your policy:

  1. If the RV is not added to the policy you will not have coverage for bodily injury or damage to the RV itself.
  2. If your RV breaks down on a trip and you need road side assistance or towing, the costs will be out of pocket if you don't have the right insurance.
  3. If you are in an accident you want a claims adjuster who understands RV's and the unique issues around repairs and replacement. Having your RV insured with an experienced RV insurer can help resolve claim issues quickly.
  4. If your personal property is stolen out of your RV or boat it won't be covered without the right coverage. 

Group Health Insurance for Small Business

Health Insurance can be one of the most important benefits a company can provide to its employees. In some cases, the only reason an individual stays with a company is to get health insurance coverage. Having even a minimal or basic plan can also help your company attract higher quality employees. Businesses with as few as two employees can provide health insurance to their employees.  Here are a few key points to consider when considering small group health plans:


Who is Eligible? - Usually employees working more than 30 hours per week can be eligible.


Price- Premiums will vary depending on coverage and plan design.


Who Pays?A company can offer a number of options including partial payment of premiums or 100% payment of premiums.


What you will need to provide to obtain coverage- You will need to provide your company name, address, employee information, and an application.


It is important to get to know and understand the Federal HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA has very specific requirements regarding your obligation to protect the privacy of employee's information.


You will have many more options and companies from which to choose, if you use an independent agent to help you develop a health insurance program. Call me today.