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Columbia River Insurance Services is a professional agency dedicated to providing our clients with the best insurance protection and service possible. We will strive to use the industry's most superior products while maintaining affordability.


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Columbia River Insurance Services


At Columbia River Insurance Services, we are professional advisors and consultants. Our goal is to provide customized solutions to meet your personal, business, and health needs. Our goal is to be your trusted business adviser.  We are independent, which means we have access to hundreds of markets, so we are not tied just one insurance company. This gives us the flexibility to bring together the best possible coverage, pricing and services. We help you identify your risks and bring the right insurance solution.


Between our two offices, we have a staff of 13 professional licensed agents, with 140 years of combined years of experience.  Please remember that we are a local agency, and expert in what we do. Using us does not cost you any more. 

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance provides protection for claims arising out of the manufacturing or sale of products, food, or other items to the public. If you sell or manufacture a product that has a defect and it causes injury, the resulting damage would be covered. If your company provides any products to the general public, then you need product liability or completed-operations coverage. If you have a business owner's policy, you may have the coverage.


It is important to understand that even if you don't actually manufacture the product, but only sell it, you may have to defend yourself in a lawsuit. Insurance covers claims for bodily injury and property damage.


If you design, manufacture, sell or distribute a component or end user product, you need products liability insurance.  The same applies to any business, or individual, that manufactures a product even if the product's manufacturing is subcontracted out buy another operation.


The insurance cost is based on total sales, type of product, intended use, and other items. If your company needs products liability insurance, or if you are not sure if you need the coverage, I can help you identify your risks and create effective solutions. I can tailor products and services to fit your individual needs.  

Carjacking Prevention

Being the victim of a carjacking is not something you think about, and the probability of this happening is low. Carjacking is a violent crime that is on the increase in the US.  There are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood.

Carjacking usually takes place in the following locations and situations; parking lots, intersections, self-service gas stations, garages, and ATM'sHere are a few prevention tips:

  1. Be aware of who is around you
  2. When returning home close your garage door before getting out of the car
  3. Keep doors locked
  4.  Always park in public place
  5. When stopped in traffic, leave enough room to maneuver around other cars
  6. Drive in the center lane if possible to avoid being pushed onto the shoulder
  7. Keep valuables out of site
  8. Above all, don't resist an armed suspect. Your car isn't worth risking personal injury

Medicare Enrollment for Those in Group Plans

Medicare "special enrollment periods" are designed to give certain individuals with extenuating circumstance time to enroll. One of these circumstances is for individuals who are currently enrolled in group health plans.


Are you 65 or older and covered under a group health plan? This could include a plan in which you are enrolled through your spouse's employer. You have a "special enrollment period" in which to enroll for Medicare Part B. The "Special enrollment period", allows you to delay your enrollment under certain conditions. This gives you the option of waiting to enroll in Medicare Part B and paying the 10 percent premium surcharge for late enrollment. Here is what the rules allow you to do:


*Enroll in Medicare Part B any time while you are covered under the group health plan based on current employment

*If your employment ends, you can enroll in Medicare Part B during the eight-month period that begins with the month your group health coverage ends, or the month employment ends-whichever comes first. You must enroll by the end of the eight-month period or you will have to wait until the next general enrollment period, which begins January 1 of the next year.


If you are eligible for Medicare at age 65, your initial enrollment period will begin three months before your 65th birthday.


There is a lot of information for you to consider regarding Medicare enrollment; that is why you need to have an experienced professional help you through the process. I am ready to work for you.